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C678. It's supposed to be compassion

Ji Yueze's deep eyes were staring at the closed door. He didn't know why he came, but his legs took root again. All flashed in his mind were those helpless panic eyes.

Hands up, knock on the door!

After a while, the door was opened by a small hand.

Bai Yiyan didn't open the door easily. She saw who was standing outside through the cat's eyes on the door wall. She was also very surprised. Unexpectedly, the person she thought would never meet again in her life appeared in her door like this.

When she opened the door, Bai Yiyan seemed to be a little nervous. Her beautiful eyes hung down, flashed across his face and asked, "Why are you here?"

"Don't you want your things back? Come with me! " Ji Yueze doesn't want to step into her small home. The tall figure still shows a touch of dignity and pride.

When Bai Yiyan heard that he was going to return her father's watch, she immediately turned around and took her coat and backpack, followed him out quickly, locked the door, and found that the man was impatiently pressing the elevator.

Bai Yiyan walked quickly, but when she got behind him, she could not help slowing down.

Man's back to her, so she had the courage to look up to see him, see his clean and fresh back, her heart tip, a slight tremor.

"Why are you going to give it back to me all of a sudden?" Bai Yiyan asked about her inner curiosity.

"It's useless for me to keep that crap. I'm too lazy to throw the garbage can." Men ridicule and dislike words, suddenly make the atmosphere now a stiff down.

Bai Yiyan heard that he described her beloved things like this, just like a knife stabbing her heart. She felt pain.

Next, both of them were silent. Fortunately, the elevator went down all the way, and no one came in.

On the way out of the community, however, many people gathered around. Some people secretly took photos with their mobile phones. When they found that the tall and handsome man around Bai Yiyan was like Ji Yueze, they guessed secretly.

With sunglasses and masks, Ji was hard to recognize for a while.

Even some people think darkly that maybe Bai Yiyan has found another man.

Sitting in Ji Yueze's sports car, Bai Yiyan still looks a little stunned. She wants to talk about her aunt several times, but she finally stops her.

Although aunt's business is also very urgent, but before the man did not return her watch, she really did not plan to annoy him again.

The sports car drove all the way to the private house of jiyueze.

While waiting for a traffic light, there was a gurgling sound in the quiet car.

Hearing this voice, both of them look stiff. Bai Yiyan is the only one. She is so ashamed that she quickly reaches out to cover her hungry protest stomach.

Ji Yueze just thought that in the video just now, all the things around the woman seemed to be food.

"Hungry?" Tight handsome face, a little ease a few, thin lips asked voice, is still cold.

"I'm not hungry. Take something first." Even if the hungry front chest is pasted on the back, Bai Yiyan still insists on taking back the food. She can eat at any time, but she can not get the food at any time. She'd better seize the opportunity while Ji Yueze is good at heart.

Ji Yueze is at the next crossing, turning the sports car sharply.

This is no longer the way back to his house. Bai Yiyan's beautiful face turned white and immediately asked, "where are you taking me?"

"Eat!" Ji Yueze said that the car had turned into the underground parking lot of a building.

Bai Yiyan frowned and said, "it's already this point. There shouldn't be any food to eat. Stop by the side of the road and I'll buy some snacks."

"Let's have the video again, saying that the woman in my season is eating instant noodles and snacks?" When the man's thin lips were lifted, he sneered.

Hearing this, Bai Yiyan looked surprised: "you What do you mean by that? "

"Won't you read the mobile news? You're famous today, you know? " Ji Yueze didn't expect this woman to ask such silly questions, sneering.

Bai Yiyan hurriedly takes out her mobile phone and sees that there is her name on the hot search list. She clicks on it and her brain blows out a blank.

Oh, my God, those hateful women have uploaded the video to the Internet.

Looking through several nearby messages, I mainly pointed out that she ate instant noodles. Even if I scolded her, it seemed to involve Ji Yueze's reputation.

"I'm sorry!" After seeing it, Bai Yiyan apologizes to him.

Ji Yueze snorted coldly: "is it useful to say sorry? You've got me involved. "

"What should I do? I didn't expect those people to be so hateful that they should be so cruel to me! " Bai Yiyan wants to come now. She shouldn't go downstairs to buy things. She should order takeout.

Ji Yueze heard her so pitiful voice, the anger in her heart disappeared in an instant.

When he had parked the car, he pushed open the door and threw a sentence at her: "get off!"

Bai Yiyan had to follow him out of the car and saw the man take out his cell phone and make a phone call. She followed him to the elevator.

Bai Yiyan seems to remember where it is. Last time, she seemed to have come with Ji Yueze. There is a private restaurant upstairs. The owner's wife and Ji Yueze have a good relationship.

He even brought her here for dinner again, but he was in a different mood.

The elevator goes up to the floor of the restaurant. Ji Yueze leads Bai Yiyan in and immediately hears a warm voice: "Ji Shao, you are here so soon. I just sent someone to cook. Wait a moment. There are some desserts here that can be paid first."

"Yes, please!" Ji Yueze's face is smiling, not as cold as before.

Bai Yiyan finally smiled when she saw him and breathed a breath secretly. Sure enough, he had a totally different attitude towards her and other women.

I really annoyed him.

What a failure!

I didn't expect that I grew up, except for my father, I would only be disgusted.

After sitting down in the seat, Bai Yiyan bowed her head and drank a glass of water. The owner's mother personally sent a dessert before the meal, but they were not bothered by the wit.

"How many do you want?" Just now in the elevator, I heard her groaning when she was hungry again. Ji Yueze was inexplicably annoyed. How did this woman survive? I don't know how to take care of myself.

"Thank you!" Bai Yiyan has long been interested in those delicate and delicious desserts. When she heard that he asked her to eat them, she immediately thanked him, reached for a piece, and opened her mouth and bit it. Xiangnuo is delicious. It's really delicious.