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C1720 love each other

Strange music came from around the campfire. There were thirty or forty young men and women around the fire. They held hands and danced around the fire together. The rhythm was simple and easy to learn.

Ling didn't find a state at first. After a circle of dancing, she gradually found a sense of rhythm. Finally, she had a chance to look back at Mu's reflection.

The fire reflected on the handsome face of a man. He was smiling. It's really rare.

Lingnuan is like a happy bird. She only feels that tonight's night is very beautiful, and she is in a good mood. Even the sky and the earth are full of laughter, which is worth recording in her heart all her life.

Mu Weicheng looks at Ling wennuan in the crowd. She is young and beautiful, full of vitality, which makes him particularly moved.

This feeling, hit the heart of Mu Weicheng, he suddenly had an impulse to carry that girl home, hide, do not want to let other men to appreciate her beauty.

Can be very sad, Mu only feel in the heart to think, but no courage to really do so.

Someone was whistling nearby. Mu looked around and found that it was Lin Bo's male students. They didn't join the dancing team. They sat and drank wine. They were full of energy.

Lin Bo's eyes almost always follow Ling wennuan, watching her dancing and singing. The red and pretty face reflected by the fire is just like a fairy, clean and fresh, without any speck.

Lin Bo drinks slowly, because he is completely attracted by Ling's warm beauty. In his eyes, only her bright smile is left.

The smile on Mu Weicheng's face has been absorbed little by little. He is a little bored. He really doesn't like other men to look at his girlfriend with this kind of eyes. It's too unpleasant.

Finally, after dancing for more than ten minutes, everyone was tired. They went back to their places to rest. Lin Bo immediately ran to Ling Nuan's side and handed her a bottle of water: "Nuan, I'm tired of dancing. I brought the water here and gave it to you."

"No, no, I'm not thirsty."

Ling warm a pair of eyes son subconsciously toward the Mu premier look, his eyes but look away.

"I'm thirsty, brother limbo. Give me a drink."

Xiaoyu is a straightforward girl, and her EQ hasn't been developed yet, so she wants to drink lingnuan if she doesn't drink it.

Lin Bo was embarrassed, but Xiaoyu asked. Of course, he didn't give it. He handed it to Xiaoyu: "OK, here you are."

Xiaoyu immediately said a happy thank you.

Ling wennuan takes a sigh of relief. Lin Bo goes back to the man's position. A man pushes him. He smiles twice, showing his shyness.

When Ling wennuan saw this situation, he knew that Lin Bo was interested in himself, just because everyone could see it.

Just as Ling wennuan watched Lin Bo's trance, she felt a strong gaze on her. She shivered all over. She immediately looked in the direction of Mu Weicheng. He was looking at himself.

Ling warm immediately raised his hand to say hello to him, showing a lovely smile.

Mu Weicheng was still stuffy at first. When he saw her smile and greeting, the fire in her nest disappeared.

Of course, he knew that none of this was related to Ling warm, but Lin Bo was pursuing her wishfully, which only proved that she was a lovely girl.

But if this thing is allowed to ferment, I'm afraid Lin Bo will sink deeper, so it's necessary for mu Weicheng to declare his sovereignty.

After dancing, a few men and women came out to sing love songs to each other. They are all brave and have a good voice. They are confident and sing very well.

Ling wennuan has been covering her mouth and snickering, because she thinks that it's really an interesting and fun thing for men and women to express their feelings by singing to each other.

Obviously, there is a chance that the male side will lose. They are immediately pushed out by several boys. They have some shy singing voice. They are pure and courageous, but they are quite funny.

Ling warm listen to also have some emotion, shy Dynasty Mu premier look at the past, but he is a serious negative hand standing there, can not see what fluctuation in his heart.

After another wave of games, Ling wennuan sat in the position and dared not go down any more, because she was not a person in the village after all, many of the Games were played by men and women, and she did not dare, nor would she, but could only be a spectator nearby.

Xiaoyu can play. Ling found that the life in this small village is not as boring as the outside world thought. They have many unique cultures of their own. Maybe many of them are not known by the outside world, but they have a long history and may be passed down in every generation.

Ling wennuan suddenly wants to travel more in such villages after graduating from University, take photos of what he has seen and heard, and record it into a picture album, so that people interested in this aspect can participate in these rare cultures at a glance.

Finally, it's time to send each other gifts. Before Ling warm could make psychological preparation, she saw a girl take a small basin she brought with her and go to the nearby stream.

"Warm sister, hurry up, take this basin to fill water, and then pour it on Mu Shao."

Xiaoyu hurriedly gives the basin she brought to Ling wennuan, but Ling wennuan stays, but she doesn't dare.

"Go quickly, warm sister. Don't be afraid."

Xiaoyu urges her with a smile.

Ling warm and stiff body, turned to see Mu Wei Cheng, Mu Wei Cheng did not know when to leave his standing position, no one shadow.

"What about people?"

Ling warms up her beautiful eyes and looks around.

Suddenly, she seemed to see a big figure in a black SUV nearby.

Ling wennuan sees Mu Weicheng's hand, unexpectedly holding a very beautiful woven grass ring, on which there are several flowers.

One of her heart melted in an instant. She held her hands nervously. I didn't expect that one day, she would experience such a profound picture with Mu Weicheng. She felt deeply loved and favored by him.

All of a sudden, she wanted to cry, just like a dream that had been saved for a long time, which became real and made her excited and red eyes.

When Ling warm mood surge, she did not find that there is a boy came towards her.

It's Lin Bo. He also prepared a wreath. He understood the meaning of this evening, so he went to prepare this in the morning. He wanted to show his heart to Ling warm tonight.

When Lin Bo passed by, Ling wennuan was red in his eyes. He sincerely handed out his wreath and said, "warm, I I want to send you this wreath, I I like you. Would you please be my girlfriend? "

Ling wennuan looks at the wreath that appears suddenly in front of her eyes. For a moment, she is shocked. When she hears Lin Bo's voice again, she is even more frightened.

"She already has a boyfriend."

Just when Ling wennuan didn't know what to do, a low male voice strongly inserted into their topic.

When Lin Bo heard the sound, he immediately turned around and saw Mu Weicheng standing behind him. He also had a very beautiful wreath in his hand.

"Teacher mu, what do you say?

You have a boyfriend? "

Lin Bo can't believe it. Mu Weicheng is Ling Nuan's teacher. Here What's the situation?

Ling warm immediately opened his mouth to explain: "I'm really sorry, Lin Bo, I really have a boyfriend, he is my boyfriend, we like each other for a long time."

Lin Bo's heart, like being thrown to the ground, broke into pieces.

"Aren't you teachers and students?"

Lin Bo looked at the two of them with a surprised look.

"Of course not. We are more like childhood relationships. He watched me grow up. He has been waiting for me and I have always liked him. Now, we can finally be together."

Ling warm eyes gentle gaze at the side of some frozen men, her words, gentle and affectionate, let Mu Weicheng some lost his mind.

Lin Bo wants to cry. He finally likes a girl, and even has such a good boyfriend. Then he is doomed to be predestined.

"In that case, I wish you happiness."

Lin Bo is very manly, that is, he can't be a lover, so he accepts to be a friend.

"Thank you!"

Ling wennuan looks at Lin Bo gratefully.