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Ji Xiaohan's celebration banquet was held successfully. Although there were some unpleasant episodes in the middle, in front of many guests, Ji Xiaohan was too lazy to care. However, Ji Shangqing liked Tang Youyou, but it opened the eyes of the people present.

When the banquet was near the end, the guests left and some people left the banquet began to whisper.

"It's true that Tang youYou can flirt with other people. It was said that Ji Yueze was a little tired of her? Now there's another jishangqing. It's really a mess. If it wasn't for jixiaohan to come here in time to get the glass of wine today, I don't know what kind of play he would have to make. " "

didn't it be said that Ji's uncle and nephew were at odds before? Today, it seems that most of the rumors are not fake. You can see that Ji Xiaohan poured wine directly on Ji Shangqing. Ji Lin didn't even dare to say a word. As expected, who is in charge and who has the most power. "

"I just feel that the character of Tang youyou is really bad. He has married Ji Xiaohan. How can he provoke other men? And she won't let us unmarried women live? " "

look at it. A woman like her will not look good in the end. Let's wait for a good play."

Just now, a group of women who were severely stimulated by Tang youyou have all charged Tang youyou with wanting to see her miserable end.

No way, people are red or not, mouth is long in her body, is good or bad, is true or false, it is entirely up to them, but this is not reality? If not really, who would like to see who better than their own? Don't say that strangers can't balance their mind, even if they are like sisters, they can't bear jealousy.

Almost all the guests left the venue. Tang youyou spent a night with Ji Xiaohan, and she was tired. At the moment, she would never stand if she could sit. She reached out and rubbed her calf. Although the high-heeled shoes fit well, she could not stand for a whole night.

"Tired?" The man bent over and sat down beside her, caring for her in a low voice.

"A little!" Don youyou smiled at him.

"It's really hard for you today. I'm afraid you won't be able to deal with those female guests when you help me deal with them!" Ji Xiaohan knows that today, Tang youyou is also hardworking. Those female guests will naturally come over to ingratiate themselves with her and say something to please her. As the hostess, Tang youYou can only respond with a smile, even if she is not interested in some topics, and occasionally take the opportunity to praise her. "

No, I'm still experiencing this life for the first time. I think it's quite interesting and novel!" Tang youyou replied with a smile. What she said is true. She used to only watch the background of those giants on TV. Now, her own experience is another experience. For her life, it is also a kind of filling.

"Well, you get used to it. In the future, there may be a lot of parties like this. You, the hostess, have to do enough psychological preparation and marry me, but there is no holiday. On many occasions, I need you to accompany me." Season owl cold gently holds her small hand, chuckles at her. "

OK, I'll go wherever you go, and you can't get rid of me!" Tang youyou replied with a humorous smile. "

No, let's go, let's go back!" Ji Xiaohan takes her hand and stands up. They walk towards the living room. Luo

Henning leaned back in his chair and looked at the big brother with red face and heavy breath beside him. He had no choice but to show his hands.

"How can I drink so much wine? It's killing!" It's not easy for lohnin to get the eldest brother into the car with Mu shiye. At the moment, looking at him drunk and unconscious, lohnin really doesn't know what to do.

"I have to call Yang ChuChu." Lohnin knows that at this time, it's Yang ChuChu who can't be replaced. I believe that the first thing I want to see when I wake up is her.

Luohenning directly unplugged Yang ChuChu's mobile phone, and Yang ChuChu answered it quickly.

"Uncle Luo, why are you?" Yang ChuChu's address for lohnin is different every day, because she doesn't know what to call him.

"Why do you call me uncle again? It's very clear. I'll call you my name in the future. You are the one who will be my sister-in-law in the future. " Luohenning's face is full of tears and laughter. Yang ChuChu is really a child's nature.

Yang ChuChu chuckled two times: "don't care about the address, it's so late, you call me, what's the matter?"

"My brother is drunk. I'm taking him home. Do you have time to come over? I still have to go home to take care of Mulin. She is pregnant now. I can't ignore her. But my brother's side, I can't rest assured. I think about it. It's the best way to call you. " Lohnin said with a smile. "

me? I may not be able to pass. You should stop asking for help! " As soon as Yang ChuChu heard that she was asked to take care of the drunken Luo Jinyu, she hesitated to answer as soon as she stayed. "

who else can I look for? Aren't you afraid that I'll find another woman... "

"Then you can find another woman. Anyway, I I have no problem! " Yang ChuChu's tone was full of self mockery and sadness.

"Clearly, I know my mother is too generous and wants to break up you two. But you must like my brother. You really have the heart to let other women take care of him?" Lohnen was completely speechless, which emotion these two people were in.

"Which side are you on, your mother's side or ours?" Yang ChuChu asked him tentatively. Luo

Henning was directly amused by her words: "what? You still need to stand in line. If I stand wrong, won't you come over? " "

Yes!" Yang ChuChu murmured.

"Of course, I'm on your side. How good is your relationship with my brother? Don't I know? Don't worry, I will try to persuade my mother to make them complete you two. " Lohnin said with a sincere face. "

really? Don't lie to me! " Yang ChuChu was moved.

"Come on, we're almost home. Be careful on your way!" Lohnin knew that Yang ChuChu could not be so cold and heartless.

"Well!" Yang ChuChu really couldn't control her heart. She lied to her mother that she would go to the drama group and then came out. Yang

drives to Luo Jinyu's home.

When she untied the door with her fingerprint, lohnin was squatting beside the sofa, and lojinyu drank and vomited.

"My brother is drinking too much today. He must be in a bad mood. He wants to drink to drown his sorrow!" Lohnin was cleaning up the spit on the ground, shaking his head helplessly. "

let me take care of sister Mu Lin!" Yang ChuChu watched his beloved man drunk like this, and was also very sad. He bowed his head and silently took over the mop in luohening's hand, asking him to leave first.