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Tang You You had accepted three orders in the morning, so today's time wasn't wasted. She ran to Liu Xi's office to catch her breath.

Liu Xi looked at her and couldn't help but smile: "What's wrong? You're suddenly so famous, and you still can't get used to it? "

Tang You You shook his head: "No, it's just that I feel like I'm being attacked!"

"This is how you work in the design industry. You have to get used to it. After a long time in this industry, you will realize that actually, it's not that big of a deal." Liu Xi walked over, patted her shoulders and comforted her.

"I should be overreacting. I will slowly get used to it. Godmother, can I take a leave of absence this afternoon? I have something to do! " Tang You You thought about going to see a therapist, so he could only ask for the fake one.

Liu Xi nodded his head: "You are now our company's great god, I can only provide you with it, what do you want to say, do I dare to disagree?"

Liu Xi also laughed: "So what you mean is, you can do whatever you want to do in the future. You are my personal designer, so you don't need to ask me for a leave of absence anymore!"

"I have so much power!" Tang You You said with great interest.

"You're our future CEO's wife, of course I have to respect you!" Liu Xi said pretentiously.

Tang You You laughed, "I'm not joking with you, I have to go to work!"

"Don't be too busy. You should be slow when dealing with these arrogant people. Only then will they take you seriously!"

"Mom, you're really a good teacher!" Tang You You couldn't help but say happily.

When Tang You You returned to his office, he called the therapist and set a time for the afternoon clinic.

In the afternoon, Tang You You called for a taxi to the doctor's room, since she did not drive over, she had no choice but to drive over.

When they arrived at the doctor's office, Dr. Liu was already prepared to treat her.

She first asked Tang You You to sit in a chair, wanting her to calm down.

Tang You You leaned on the chair, half lying, and slowly breathed. By his ears, he heard Dr. Liu's question.

"Miss Tang, has there been any obvious change in your feelings towards Mr. Ji recently?" Dr. Liu asked gently.

"Yes, I'm in love with him!" Tang You You answered very straightforwardly.

"Is that so? "Congratulations to all of you. They're finally in love." The Dr. Liu gave his best wishes from the bottom of his heart.

Tang You You couldn't help but smile, and said happily: "Thank you, Dr. Liu!"

"I'm really happy for you. You're my patient, and seeing you open your heart for love proves that my treatment has worked and is a form of affirmation of my work." Dr. Liu also smiled and replied.

Tang You You realized that her interactions with the Dr. Liu was very relaxed. It was as if the Dr. Liu was someone who was worthy of her trust. He could speak out the codes in his heart without a care, and there was no need to be afraid of them going to other people's ears.

"Miss Tang, since you have already fallen in love with Mr. Ji, it means that your heart has already accepted him. Have you ever tried to make your body accept him as well?" The question from the Dr. Liu began to come out boldly and straightforwardly.

Tang You You blushed a little. Although they were both women, how could she have the face to answer?

"Don't be shy, just say whatever you want to say. Don't worry about it!" Dr. Liu knew that she was shy and encouraged her.

Tang You You sighed softly, "Actually, I was also probing to accept his offer, but I don't know why, but every time he takes a step forward, my body would tremble uncontrollably. Even though I really want to control myself, I am completely powerless to do anything, am I feeling that something is wrong with my body as well?"

"No, it might be due to you being too nervous. Do you want to change the environment and find a romantic atmosphere to do it? It might have an unexpected effect, for example, you could put on some soft music and distract your attention. That way, you might be able to accept him more easily." Dr. Liu reminded him gently.

Tang You You nodded his head: "What you said makes sense, I am just too nervous, honestly speaking, I have never had a boyfriend, so my love experience is zero, so I don't really know how to get along with a man without getting nervous."

Dr. Liu listened attentively, and then nodded his head: "In a situation with zero love experience, you two also had two children, as a single mother, your emotions will definitely be more sensitive than ordinary people. However, you can relax now and interact with Mr. Ji wholeheartedly."

"I want to do the same!" Tang You You sighed softly.

"Then let me ask you, on that night five years ago, who was the one who sent you to that hotel?" When her mind was completely at ease, the Dr. Liu began to clear up her confusion from five years ago.

"It's my stepmother. I hurt her son. She knocked me out and sent me to a hotel!" Tang You You faced a therapist and did not care at all.

"So, do you hate her?"

"Hate, hate to death!"

"Do you want revenge?"

"I once thought about it, but after I had children, I suddenly lost that impulse!" Tang You You looked at her feelings and thoughts. Indeed, when she recalled in detail, she also felt extremely satisfied that her little brother Tang Xue Rou was also seriously injured that time.

"Indeed. As a mother, her own child is injured. She will definitely take revenge on you. This is human nature."

"I know! If someone had hurt my child, I would have fought him too. " Tang You You was only able to understand how painful it was for others to hurt their children after all.

"Are you still going to hate your stepmother?"

"I just want to be a stranger with her. I don't want to see her again in this life!"

Dr. Liu nodded his head: "Looks like you already have your own opinions and ideas on this point. I'm not worried that you won't be able to walk out of this shadow, then let's dig deeper into your past five years ago, are you free?"

Tang You You's body became slightly tense, but she still nodded her head: "Sure, go ahead and ask!"

"Haven't you been remembering that night for the past five years?"

"Yes, I deliberately avoided it. I don't want to think about it!"

"Then calm down and think about it carefully. Just what happened five years ago that caused you to have a mental breakdown?"

Tang You You shut her eyes, her fists clenched tightly. This was the first time, that she was willing to face that crazy night.

Suddenly … She opened her eyes, which shone with intense grief.

"I seem to remember!" Tang You You trembled a little. Indeed, she just didn't want to think about what had happened that night.

"What is it?" Dr. Liu knew that this was the cause of his illness and quickly asked gently, "Tell me, let me know what you're thinking."