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The old lady lies on the bed and intentionally dials up the phone to Ji Yueze. When Ji Yueze hears that her grandmother is in the hospital and puts down her work, she immediately rushes over. Unexpectedly, as soon as she enters the ward, she sees Pei Ying sitting beside him. His expression changes in a flash.

"Boss..." Pei Ying hurriedly stood up in fear. Season

Yueze goes directly to the side of the hospital bed. The old lady is all right and resting on the bed. "

grandma, what's the matter with you? How come to the hospital? " Ji Yueze asked anxiously. The old lady pointed to Pei Ying sitting next to her: "it was this girl who kindly sent me to the hospital. I just asked, and I knew that she was from your company. She was a good person. You are good at cultivating others." Season

Yue Zejun's face flashed a flash of surprise and turned to look at Pei Ying.

Pei Ying is afraid to see Ji Yueze. I'm afraid that he will see through all the truth.

"Grandma, why don't you go out with no one around you? Do you know that we will worry about it?" Ji Yueze urged.

"I just got together with a few friends and wanted to take a walk. Unexpectedly, my chest hurt suddenly. Next time, I will pay attention to it. Now take me home. By the way, this girl, you should be grateful to others!" The old lady and Pei Ying look at each other. Pei Ying's eyes are grateful. Ji nodded: "grandma, don't worry. If she saves you, I will certainly appreciate her." "

No, no, no, boss, I'm just doing it!" Pei Ying, of course, has to behave, he said modestly.

Ji Yueze helped the old lady out of bed in shoes. When he came to Pei Ying, he whispered, "come to my office tomorrow morning!" After saying

Ji Yueze helped the old lady to leave, leaving Pei Ying with a very surprised face.

Pei Ying covers her lips excitedly. Unexpectedly, surprise comes so suddenly. Ji Yueze asks her to go to the office to find him. He doesn't know how to thank himself. Just think about it, he will be happy.

Ji Yueze drove the old lady home. On the way, the old lady asked unintentionally, "how are you doing recently? Busy? " "

it's very busy. Grandma doesn't have to worry. I can handle it." Ji Yueze replied in a low voice.

"Do you have any contact with Bai Yiyan?" The old lady asked directly. Season

Yueze's heart was thumping, but handsome face was still, and he said softly: "no!"

"Very well, since you promised grandma that you would not contact her again, of course, grandma will believe you, but if Bai Yiyan does not know how to pester you, grandma will not let her go." The old lady groaned angrily.

Ji Yueze frowned: "no, she's not like that!"

"You're still saying good things for her, aren't you? Ozawa, grandma's time is running out. If you want grandma to live a few more years, don't make Grandma sad. When grandma leaves, you can stay together as long as you like. I can't care about you. " The old lady said, covering her lips and crying. Obviously, she was very sad. She felt that her grandson had cheated herself.

Ji Yueze was so confused that he pulled over the car and comforted the old lady gently: "grandma, stop crying. You're in good health. The doctor said you can't get excited any more." "

you should always remember how your father died. You can't be an unfilial son, you know?" The old lady raised her hand and hit Ji Yueze heavily on the arm.

Ji Yueze's face froze with a shock.

"I will remember!" Ji Yueze bit his lips and said with shame.

"Just remember!" The old lady was a little tired at the moment. She leaned back in her chair and said nothing more.

Ji Yueze drove her back to Ji's house. LAN Yue came out and saw the old lady and her little son. She couldn't help but wonder, "Mom, how are you with Xiao Ze?"

"Grandma almost fainted on the way just now. She just went to the hospital for an examination. Mom, take care of grandma first. I'll go first!" Ji Yueze helped the old lady into the living room to sit down, and gently told LAN Yue, so he drove away.

Ji Yueze is a bit absent-minded when driving. His grandmother was in tears just now, which really hurt him. Grandma is so old and still worrying about his affairs. He is really unfilial.

Back home, Ji Yueze sat on the sofa. Now, it was dark outside the window. He looked at the watch in his hand. Bai Yiyan's plane should have taken off. "

Xiaoyan, give me some more time!" Ji Yueze poured himself a glass of wine, half leaning on the bar, looking up at the sky outside the window, muttering to himself. Inner

deep in the heart, inexplicably lonely, he bowed his head and took a sip of wine. The cold liquor was cold to his stomach. His thin lips raised a smile of self mockery. Unexpectedly, he thought he was free and easy, but finally he was trapped by the love net, unable to escape. The next morning, Pei Ying stood in the cloakroom, carrying her own clothes. She has changed more than ten sets, but every time, she feels dissatisfied. I look at the clothes I have carefully selected and bought in the whole wardrobe, the color I dislike on my face.

"By the way, I can go to Bai Yiyan's room to find a suit to wear. Ji Yueze likes her so much, and will definitely like her dress." Pei Ying thought so, and immediately turned to Bai Yiyan's room.

Bai Yiyan's wardrobe is hung with several coats, one of which is a khaki short coat with white rabbit hair on it. Pei Ying takes it and puts it on her body. The whole person suddenly becomes pure.

She runs back to her room and turns around in the adult clothes mirror. In fact, Bai Yiyan hates all the things she buys. She always feels that they are as rustic as her temperament. But now, she needs to borrow her clothes in exchange for men's eyes. It's ironic.

In order to create a sense of familiarity for Ji Yueze, Pei Ying still chose to put on Bai Yiyan's coat, and then changed a light makeup, so she went out with her bag. When she arrived at the company, she went directly to Ji Yueze's office to find him. When the assistant brought her to jiyueze's unique garden office, Pei Ying's eyes were dazzled. She had not come here before, and she saw such a refined office environment for the first time.

Thinking that Bai Yiyan used to go in and out of here, her jealous eyes turn red. Pei

Ying stands outside the office door, takes a deep breath, and then raises his hand to knock on the door.

Inside came the man's cold voice: "come in!"

Pei Ying immediately pushed the door and walked in. He saw Ji Yueze in a dark sky blue suit. He sat on the office chair with a grim face. Seeing her, he straightened up and said, "say, what do you want in return?" Pei

yingyileng: "..."