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C1103 drinking and courage

The anger on Baizhen's face froze as soon as she mentioned her daughter. At the moment, she really wanted to die. She became a stain that her daughter couldn't get rid of in her whole life. "

can you tell me your daughter's address and contact information and I want to care about her?" Cheng Jianhong slowed down, looking sincere.

"I don't know where she is, let alone her contact information!" Bai Zhenzhen doesn't want to tell him now. She always feels that this man is a cold hearted man. She is really afraid that he will poison his daughter.

"You still don't believe me. The so-called tiger poison doesn't eat children. She is my flesh and blood. I really just want to care about her. Don't think I'm so bad." When Cheng Jianhong saw that she didn't say it, his face changed.

"I really don't know." Bai Zhenzhen can only bite this sentence. "

well, you killed Ji Xiaohan's father. I'm sure you won't be able to live for a long time. Ji's family can't be offended by people like us, but you can make it up to you. I will take good care of my daughter." Cheng Jianhong has given up knowing the contact information from her mouth, so he will not pursue anything with a dying person, get up and plan to leave. "

Cheng Jianhong, you'd better not kill your daughter, otherwise, even if I die, I will never let you go if I turn into a fierce ghost." Bai Zhenzhen was expecting him to help his daughter before, but now seeing his face like this, she finds that she really hopes too much. She hopes that this man will never find her daughter. Being a stranger is better than being a father and daughter. However,

I'm afraid her wish will fail. Since Cheng Jianhong knows the existence of this daughter, he will definitely go to her. "

you can go at ease. I'll take care of the things behind you!" Cheng Jianhong deserves to be an old fox. What he said is hard to guess.

Cheng Jianhong stood outside the police station, and the chief of the police came to see off the guests in person. Cheng

Jianhong sits in the car, frowns and says to his assistant, "still can't find Bai Yiyan?" "

I didn't find it. Bai's family has also asked. She is not in China. She may have been sent abroad." "

why is it annoying to find me a daughter at this critical moment!" Cheng Jianhong's face is green, and he is about to rise. But now there is an illegitimate daughter, like a time bomb, who can blow up his accumulated efforts for many years at any time. How can he be reconciled?

"Keep looking for me, and be sure to find her as soon as possible. No matter whether she wants money or anything, I can't let her influence my promotion!" Cheng Jianhong orders the assistant with a black face. "

I will find a way to find her as soon as possible. The mayor is at ease!" Assistant quickly flattered. In the peaceful small town outside China, time is slow. The setting sun falls on the distant mountain peak and turns the white snow on the mountain peak into golden yellow. It's a rare sight.

Bai Yiyan and Liu Xiaoxing are riding their bikes along the scenic path to their home. In

here, a bicycle is more suitable for walking than a car, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

"Xiaoyan!" All of a sudden, a car came by. Wang Xin opened the window and said hello to Bai Yiyan.

Bai Yiyan also stopped at once, smiled at him and said, "Miss Wang is finished."

"Yes, Xiaoyan, I invited some teachers for my birthday in the evening. You and Miss Liu will come to have a lively time together." Wang Xin warmly invited her.

Liu Xiaoxing's face suddenly tensed. She said quickly, "I have an appointment with Xiaoyan. I'm going to see a movie in the evening." Bai

Yi Yan knows that Liu Xiaoxing deliberately refuses for her, because this may be one of the tasks Ji Yueze has given her.

"Xiaoyan, we've been colleagues for so long. Don't you really want to come over for a seat on my birthday?" Wang Xin is already disgusted with the existence of Liu Xiaoxing. This woman is really annoying him for her bad deeds. "

well, we'll be here in the evening." Bai Yiyan can also see that Wang Xin seems to be lost. She thought to herself, after all, it's a colleague, and he will get along in the future. He's all warmly invited. If he doesn't go, it's really not good. Wang was so happy that he said the address and drove first. Liu

Xiaoxing frowned and said: "this Wang Xin is really, can't understand others' faces? I refused so obviously that he didn't give up. "

"Well, Xiaoxing, just sit in the past. Wang Xin has no other malice. Don't be angry, OK?" Bai Yiyan immediately soothes her in a soft voice.

"I'm working for young master Ji. Of course, I'll protect you. No matter who calls lengfei tonight, I'll see who dares to come here." Liu Xiaoxing said angrily. "

forget it, don't call lengfei. She's not our school teacher. When she goes, she'll be very lonely. Let's go both of us." Bai Yiyan immediately said.

"Xiaoyan, I know you agreed to go there after a meeting with your colleagues, but you are so kind-hearted. No wonder young master Ji wants to love you to death!" Liu Xiaoxing agreed with her.

Two people went to a shop in the town, bought a birthday present, and went directly to the scene of Wang Xin's birthday feast. Wang has packed a box in the only bar in the town and invited more than ten young men and women to come here. When Bai Yiyan and Liu Xiaoxing come in, Wang Xin's eyes almost stick to Bai Yiyan. Although Liu Xiaoxing is not bad, because of her contrast, Bai Yiyan's delicate and bright features stand out. She also wears elegant professional clothes, but Bai Yiyan's temperament and appearance really have a kind of capital that makes men infatuated. From

in Wang Xin's eyes, Bai Yiyan looks good from head to toe. Even one of her hair threads looks much better than other women. Maybe that's why Xi Shi appears in her lover's eyes. "

Xiaoyan, come here and sit here!" Wang Xin stood up with a red face and called her to her side to sit down.

Liu Xiaoxing immediately sat in the middle of them, and some teachers also greeted them.

Bai Yiyan drinks a drink, not a drink. One

some people laughed and talked. Wang Xin's cake came in and everyone cut it together.

Wang Xin may have drunk some wine, but when he brought the cake to Bai Yiyan, his fingers still had some irregularities and grasped Bai Yiyan's hands.

Bai Yiyan's heart was startled and she hurried back.

In the middle of the day, Bai Yiyan is going to the bathroom. Under the pretext of going out to pay the bill, Wang Xin follows her behind. He chooses tonight to express his love.