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Liu Xi shook his head, feeling sorrowful on her behalf: "Wandering, to be honest, you are truly pitiful. Fortunately, the heavens are kind to you, even though you have experienced so many sad things, but they have also granted you two lovely little angels. Most importantly, they are the children of the Quarterly.

When Tang You You thought of his two cute children, he was not that depressed.

"I believe that you will definitely be able to deal with her. It's up to you. If this single task is completed, then those women in the office will have nothing to say." Liu Xi was clear that Tang You You's action of jumping into Ji Xiao Han's embrace last time had caused a rumor to spread. Even though she was stopping this kind of thing, with her mouth on them, there was nothing they could do about it.

The two of them were conspiring to uncover the bad woman.

At that moment, in a hotel, Li Fang Fang was lying in the arms of the, the two of them had just finished exercising, and were sweating profusely, enjoying the feeling of satisfaction after the event.

Li Fang Fang twisted a strand of her hair, and with a pair of shrewd, fox-like eyes, she spun around a few times before lovably opening her mouth, saying with great grievance: "Lam Tung, Tang You You will wear my small shoes, do you want to control it or not?"

Lam Tung had a satisfied look on his face just now, but when he heard Tang You You's name, he was startled and immediately sat up.

"Aiyo, what's wrong!" Li Fang Fang did not expect him to suddenly sit up. She was also surprised for a moment, and immediately asked him in a sweet voice: "Whether you care or not, if you don't, I will take care of it myself."

"Fang Fang, who allowed you to touch Tang You You? Don't you know that she has a backer? You still dare to touch her? Even if she wants you to wear ten pairs of shoes, you have to hold on, unless you don't want the job anymore. " Lam Tung said as she stared at her sternly.

Hearing that, Li Fang Fang was startled, then she sneered: "You said her backer, could it be Liu Xi? She is just the head of the department, what are you afraid of her for? Don't you know me? I don't like to be wronged the most. Even after following you for so many years, you still aren't willing to let me suffer any grievances. "

"Heh, you're too naive, what are you afraid of, a Liu Xi, she still has to please me, forget it, stop it, I won't say it, I won't speak of this anymore, but I'll warn you, if you make a move on anyone, don't provoke Tang You You, you can't."

Li Fang Fang didn't like hearing these words, so she immediately snorted with dissatisfaction: "I can't afford to offend you, you're the person in charge of Only Idealism, can you? Or do you not love me at all? Have you taken a fancy to that little bitch Tang You You? "

Li Fang Fang immediately began to cry, looking completely heartbroken.

Lam Tung immediately described Tang You You, he was indeed a beautiful woman, but now, he probably did not even have the guts to think about it.

"What are you talking about, making trouble without reason." Lam Tung immediately left the bed and took out a cigarette, "Fang Fang, I don't love you, why did I invite you here? Why don't you use your brain to think about it? "

If you love me, then prove it now that you have expelled Tang You You. I hate her when I see her, she has a pure and harmless look every day, hmph, she even robbed my customers, she really hates it, Old Lin, I don't care, I don't care, you have to kick her out, that way, we can love each other for a long time … "

"Li Fang Fang, are you done yet? If you knew who her backers were, you wouldn't think so. " Lam Tung was annoyed by this woman to the point that her head hurt. He liked her back then because of her cute appearance, but now he hated her because of her unreasonable look.

"Who is it?" If you don't say it, I'll take it as if you don't love me. Hmph, Old Lin, I've followed you for so many years, what have you given me? "If you refuse to help me this time, I will …"

"Li Fang Fang, do you really have to make a fuss? "Alright, I will only tell you one person, you must keep this a secret. If you tell this to me, not only will you be unable to stay, it will also implicate me. At that time, both of us will be in for it." The Lam Tung said hatefully.

"Who is it?" I've never seen you so timid even when you were stealing from me. " Li Fang Fang had a look of disapproval.

"It's the second Young Master of the Ji Family, Ji Yue Ze!"

"What?" Sure enough, this name still scared Li Fang Fang silly. She opened her eyes in disbelief, thinking that she had heard it wrong, "Say it again, who is it?"

"Ji Yue Ze, can you hear me now? He's the younger brother of the Quarterly. If you want to touch Tang You You, then you must not go easy on him, understand? " Lam Tung said angrily.

Li Fang Fang covered her mouth with her hand, as if she found it hard to accept this answer, "No … Impossible, how could Tang You You know a Big Star like Ji Yue Ze? Is she and Ji Yue Ze similar to us? "