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C2039 is a battle

When he saw the woman running over, he instinctively wanted to turn around and leave. Unfortunately, a hand around him tightly grasped his finger, and he could not leave even if he wanted to.

"Chen Xin, why are you here?" Tie Xun pretends to be surprised and asks her.

"I came to see the movie with my best friend, Fu Xun. Who is she? Why are you holding hands? " Chen Xin, a girlfriend, questions Tang's identity.

Tang's beautiful eyes narrowed, but he stared at tie Xun.

"She's my girlfriend, Tang Weixin." Tie Xun's desire for survival is very strong, so he quickly introduced it with a smile.

Chen Xin's eyes were startled. "Tie Xun, you're a liar. When did you find your girlfriend? Two months ago, you asked me to be your girlfriend and go home with your mother. Hum."

After hearing this, Tang Weixin turned around and left without turning back.

"Hey, Chen Xin, don't talk about it. I paid you." Tie Xun saw Chen Xin deliberately said so ambiguous, immediately urgent.

Chen Xin looked at Tang Weixin, who had gone far away, and at the bottom of her eyes flashed a smug look: "small sample, fight with me."

Tie Xun quickly catch up with Tang Weixin, and Jun's face is worried: "Weixin, don't go first, listen to my explanation."

"There's nothing to explain. Tie Xun, I can't see it. You're very playful." Tang Weixin was really angry. She was not so angry when someone punched her. But why did she just listen to that woman's words, and her heart felt so tight that she couldn't breathe?

"I paid Chen Xin to pretend to be my girlfriend and talk to my mother at home. It's not true. Will you stop being angry?" When he saw that she didn't pay attention to himself, he said in a hurry.

"When I'm blind? As a woman, I think she really likes you. If there are so many people like you, you must be very proud. Tie Xun, I will be angry with myself, because I like you first, but I will not be fooled by you. " With that, Tang Weixin stopped a taxi to leave.

"Idealism, don't leave. Don't leave like this." Tie Xun silly eyes, fierce from behind a hug her.

The man's solid embrace, the strong hormone breath on her body, tightly wrapped Tang Weixin. Suddenly, she found that she had the strength to escape. Suddenly, without the strength, her body became soft.

Tang Weixin is surprised by the great changes in her heart. She is very good at martial arts, but why can't she open his arms?

"Idealism, I'm sorry. I didn't expect this thing would make you angry. Chen Xin likes me. I feel it, but I I swear to God that she was my friend and my colleague. I stayed abroad for several months because of the revenge. I was afraid my mother would be confused, so I transferred 500000 yuan to let Chen Xin come to my house to chat with my mother and go shopping. It's not the kind of relationship you think. " Tie Xun anxiously explained in her ear that her arms were folded and hugged more tightly.

"Really?" Tang Weixin thought that she would leave, but she could not escape from his arms, and would like to hear him explain the whole thing clearly. She knew that this time she was really planted in the hands of this man.

Tang Weixin takes a deep breath and turns around. Suddenly, she sees Chen Xin and two girls running out quickly. Tang Weixin's eyes are shining, and a dark light is passing through the bottom of her eyes. She quickly picks up her toes and kisses the thin lips.

Tie Xun back a stiff, ecstatic drooping eyes, feeling the gentle breath of women.

Chen Xin saw this and hated to stamp her foot: "what a shameless woman, a public place, should do this shameless thing."

Two women beside Chen Xin were also indignant and scolded her.

Tang Weixin didn't know how to kiss at all. He just attached his lips to a man's thin lips, but how could he be satisfied with such a dragonfly like kiss? He immediately deepened the kiss.

Tang idealistic Mou color a quiver, subconscious want to push away him, tie Xun Mou light a dark, quickly released the hand, dare not force her.

Tang Weixin goes to see the direction behind him again. Chen Xin has left. Tang Weixin's beautiful eyes flashed a little uneasy and jealous. She is still the first time to try. To be honest, she feels like she has no confidence in the past.

"Don't go to the movies again?" Tie Xun saw her face relaxed and asked her softly.

"Look, why don't you look? You can't waste money." Tang Weixin immediately picked up his eyebrows and said.

"Well, let's go." Tie Xun immediately took her hand and walked to the cinema.

Tang Weixin found that the palms of the man were sweating, and she bowed her head and smiled. In fact, she could tell whether the man was true or false. She was not a general woman. Her years of experience in criminal investigation made her see people accurately.

Entering the cinema, Chen Xin and her two girlfriends were sitting in it. Chen Xin saw two people come in hand, and she turned a white eye.

Chen Xin is also a rich woman, and she is a colleague with tie Xun. She first looks up to tie Xun's face value, then admires his talent, and finally falls into his personality. In addition, the family conditions of the two people are not very different. Chen Xin feels that tie Xun is a natural couple with her, and she does not dare to be eager for success. For so many years, she has been with him as a friend, which can moisten things Silent care, or let tie Xun find the cat tired, tie Xun gradually cold her, until two months ago, tie Xun find her to help a small favor, pretending to be his girlfriend with his mother, Chen xinjue's own opportunity to come, is thinking about the next time to see him on the confession, but who knows, tie Xun body side someone.

The movie is an action movie. The love between the protagonist and the heroine is very sincere and touching. Many people cry at the scene. It's the scene of the heroine in danger. When the heroine is in order to save her from being injured, the scene of life and death is even more sad.

A lot of women nearby cried out. Fuxun subconsciously leaned over Tang Weixin's side, and his fingers gently fumbled at her knees. At last, he did not catch her hand, but stretched his fingers to her leg.

"What are you doing?" Tang weixinmeimou stares at him, and Fuxun looks down at the position he put his hand in. He looks embarrassed and pulls it back.

"Why didn't you cry?" Tie Xun curiously attached to her ear asked low, also want to see her pear flower with tears for comfort.

"What is there to cry about? The fighting scene inside is too fake. The way for the male Lord to find the female Lord is too stupid. Who will die if he doesn't?" Don's heart slowly pasted in his ear and said.

Tie Xun: "..."

Is she a woman? Don't you just watch a movie? Even with her major.

After the movie, two people came out. Chen Xin deliberately opened a two million plus sports car next to her and sat in it. She looked at Tang Weixin with her hands around her chest. She thought that she must not have a good family background. If she saw her own sports car, would she feel ashamed and feel that she did not deserve to be bound.