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Qiao Zhuo is standing outside the door. He summoned up his courage to come here. In his hand is a bottle of medicine wine specially brought from China to relieve swelling and promote blood circulation. He heard that people who had come to green training before said that there would be a very strict physical training course. This kind of medicine wine for promoting blood circulation and relieving pain is very needed.

JOJO was prepared to come. Of course, it was all his intention.

"How are you?" LAN Yanxi asked curiously after he was surprised.

Qiao Zhuo looked at the girl who had just taken a bath in front of him. Across the door, he could smell the unique fragrance of the girl. With her long half wet hair hanging over her shoulder, a beige robe was clean and transparent, like Jiaolan in the valley, moistened by dew. It was an impulse to have her at a glance.

"Yan Xi, after so long exercise today, your leg must be sore. This is the medicine wine I brought. It's an old Chinese medicine. It's very effective. It can relieve swelling and pain. Take it." Qiao Zhuo forcibly took back his eyes and tried not to look like an evil animal. He introduced the bottle of medicinal wine with a smile on his face.

LAN Yanxi heard that he had sent medicine and wine for him, and the defense on his face disappeared. He shook his head gently: "I didn't expect you to be so considerate, but Cheng Yuan also brought this kind of medicine and wine. I can use her. Thank you. It's late. I have to rest!"

"Yan Xi In fact, I'm here to ask you for one thing. " JOJO seemed to have expected that lanyanxi would refuse his kindness, so he could only think of a second way to create a chance to get along.

"Let's talk about everything tomorrow. You know that everyone is very tired today. I really want to have a rest. Sorry!" LAN Yanxi's face was full of languor and refused politely.

"I only need you a minute, really, Yan Xi, so late, I don't want to disturb you, but this matter is really a bit urgent." Qiao Zhuo brows bitterly, a pair of anxious appearance.

"What's the matter?" Lanyanxi was not a ruthless person at first. She could help if she just raised her hand. After all, everyone in this society has difficulties.

"Well, I have a girl who has been secretly in love with me for many years. When she heard that I came here, she wanted to come to me. You know, we belong to semi closed room training and study now. I can't take care of her when I have time. But she has to tell me that she wants to come. She can't speak English. I'm worried about her, so I told her a lie that one of my peers The person she likes, she doesn't believe it, has been crying on the phone, and said that she would only believe it if the girl said a few words. Yan Xi, can you help me once, just say a few words, and ask her not to come over. She's at the airport now, half an hour later, on the plane, I'm really afraid of her. In case something happens, I still have to take responsibility. I know his family, Yan Xi Would you please help me? "

LAN Yanxi listened to Qiao Zhuo's explanation, and roughly understood what was going on. However, she resisted in the bottom of her heart to ask her to help.

"Joe Zhuo, it's not right for you to cheat others. Tell her the truth. Can't she understand others?" Lanyanxi frowned, unable to understand what he had done.

"Yan Xi, if all the girls in the world are as reasonable as you are, there will be no such word as the best. You need to feel that what I said is too serious. Listen to this pronunciation!" When Qiao Zhuo finished, he picked up his mobile phone and played the voice of a woman crying to come to Qiao Zhuo. It sounded like that woman was really crazy. There were also various explicit expressions in it, which was embarrassing.

LAN Yanxi listened, but also could not help shaking, cold to the bone, I didn't expect that there was such a woman, ah, love a person can love to the end, not even life.

"Yan Xi, if it's not such an anxious situation, I'm sorry to disturb you. Could you please help me once? I really can't help it. I just found the hotel attendant here, but they don't understand me. I can't help it, and make her more crazy. " Qiao Zhuo looked at LAN Yanxi's reflection in a dark way with a bitter expression. He felt that Lan Yanxi was not such a cold hearted woman. She had a kind nature and she would help him.

"JOJO, how can you get on with such a woman?" LAN Yanxi is also embarrassed. She is only looking forward to Cheng Yuan's help. Because Cheng Yuan can refuse all men for her, but she can't do it. Alas, she is also a woman. Why is she not so good?

At this time, JOJO's cell phone rang, his handsome face panicked and nervous, as if he was afraid and uneasy, and his eyes were also pleading to look at lanyanxi.

"Then Well, I'll say two for you! " LAN Yan, with a soft nature and a good heart, decided to help him. His right should be based on social morality.

JOJO just showed a happy and relaxed expression, then bowed her head and answered the phone: "I really like people, I am with her now, can you stop pestering me? It's hard for me to do that! "

"If you really don't believe it, I'll let her talk to you!"

Qiao Zhuo said, and gave the cell phone to LAN Yanxi. LAN Yanxi took a deep breath and put the cell phone to his ear.

In the ear is a lot of ugly names. Lanyanxi frowned and said, "calm down first. If you really want to be with JOJO, you have to learn to manage your emotions first. If he only studies here for about a month, you can't wait. You're too ashamed of women!"

"You bitch, he likes you. Of course, you can stand and talk like this without backache. I warn you, stay away from him, otherwise, I will never finish with you." The woman on the other side was stunned for two seconds, and then began to hurl abuse.

LAN Yanxi really doesn't know how to deal with this kind of thing, because she bears these curses without any reason and is helpless.

Finally, she had to hang up her cell phone and give it to JOJO: "in the face of such a woman, I advise you not to answer her phone again, you must have given her hope, so that you can be full of expectations for you."

"Yan Xi, I didn't..." "I really didn't give her hope. I don't know when she likes me," explained JOJO

"Maybe you guys just don't know how to grasp the boundaries. If you don't like it, you can say you don't like it. If you like it, you can like it. If you just say a few words like this, it may be better than ambiguity." Lanyanxi directly felt that JOJO was a man who didn't speak clearly enough. He was rewarded with a white eye, closed the door and slept.

Qiao Zhuo stood at the door in a daze, but it backfired. He wanted to create a chance for lanyanxi to be his girlfriend. Because there are many such bloody plots in the movie and TV series, which are harmless and can promote the communication between the two people. But lanyanxi is a person who does not play cards according to common sense. Her reflection and answer directly let Qiao Zhuo leave frustrated Now.

"Both men are responsible!" LAN Yanxi is blowing her long hair and thinking about what happened just now. She is still a little stuffy. If one day, Ling Mo Feng's pursuers come here to scold her like this, she will die of depression.

LAN Yanxi is not a kind-hearted woman who has no bottom line. She thinks it's a wrong thing to cover up the lies for Qiao Zhuo. Since she knows it's wrong, she can't make mistakes.

If JOJO is a man, he should solve this problem by himself. If he doesn't have this ability, it will be a lesson for him at least, so that he can't easily provoke women next time.

Cheng Yuan came back half an hour later. LAN Yanxi was asleep. Cheng Yuan saw her mobile phone on the edge of her bed and charged the electricity for her. She couldn't help laughing.

Lying on the bed, I put my cell phone on my chest. Thinking of the laughter of the adjutant Chu just now, her heart beat faster suddenly.

I really appreciate the sleeping girl beside me for giving her such a chance to contact the man.

The bitter taste of secret love is only understood by those who are in it.