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C1949 living in harmony

Looking at his sister's expression of grievance, jimucheng forced himself to smile, clenched his fist against his thin lips and gave a light cough: "my parents are also for you, you are not young."

"Is 28 very old? How old are you, sister-in-law? " Ji Tingyan looks at them in a daze. Then she looks at Xia Xinnian.

"I'm twenty-four." Xia Xinnian made a dry smile. Although she was young, she was not aware of the brilliance at all. It was not easy for a 24-year-old unmarried mother to come along this way.

Ji Tingyan suddenly reached out and pulled out her long black hair: "it seems that I am really old, but I have a girl of eighteen. I don't want to get married. Unless I can find a good man like my father and brother, I would rather be alone."

Looking at his younger sister's firm expression, jimucheng sighed: "it turns out that if you refuse to return to China, you are afraid of being forced to meet each other. Well, I finally know the reason, but you are not the way. You should find a man."

Ji Tingyan took a look at him: "before meeting his sister-in-law, you seem to insist on not getting married. You just found your girlfriend now, so you use this tone to persuade me?"

Jimucheng Jun's face flashed with embarrassment. Indeed, before he met Xia Xinnian, his attitude of not marrying was more resolute than his sister's.

"Well, I won't advise you. You can live as comfortable as you like." Jimucheng is still ruthless at last. She can only get used to her sister.

Xia Xinnian chuckles. The way these two brothers and sisters get along is very interesting.

"Come upstairs, sister-in-law, and I'll show you my paintings." Ji Tingyan doesn't want to deal with her eldest brother. She immediately waves to Xia Xinnian.

Xia Xinnian followed her up the stairs with a happy face, just walked the last stair, and presented the beautiful scenery of the four seasons in front of her. Xia Xinnian's expression was full of wonder. What kind of hands can she use to describe the scenery of the four seasons? She adored the blue woman.

"These You painted it all? " Xia Xinnian, as a designer, thinks she has talent in painting. But at the moment, she feels that she can only draw.

"Well, this is my work for one year. It has four distinct seasons." Ji Tingyan has a confident face. She began to learn to draw. When she was seven years old, her parents invited a teacher for her. She first came into contact with this beautiful artistic conception, and she fell in love with it. In addition, her family has the strength to hire the best teacher for her. She came all the way with the guidance of famous experts, so she has made achievements.

"Oh, my God, it's so beautiful. It's the first time I've seen such a beautiful scenery. It's lifelike. It seems that people have seen the real scenery." Xia Xinnian turns around and looks around unbelievably. The more she sees it, the more she feels it is a talented painter. So she asks curiously, "do you have a painting exhibition?"

Ji Tingyan's steps made her face a little shy: "I want to hold a painting exhibition, but I'm afraid my works are not satisfactory, so I've been hanging here for myself to enjoy."

"It's a pity that you are so good at painting. You should let people all over the world see your works. To be honest, your paintings give a very good artistic conception, which will make people's fickle hearts calm down. They will definitely be loved by people." Xia Xinnian's feeling comes from his heart.

Ji Tingyan turns around and looks at her fiercely. Her black eyes are shining: "do you really think I can hold a painting exhibition?"

"Of course, is there no one to support you in doing so?" Xia Xinnian blinked.

"I've mentioned it before, but my family think I like it. There's no need to let others find out. They think I shouldn't indulge in this hobby too much. Before that, I secretly wanted to sell my paintings for money. My brother knew that he let people buy my paintings at a high price. If my sister hadn't found out about it, I would have been cheated by him, Hum, I'm angry at the thought of it. " Ji Tingyan said that it's disgraceful to gnash her teeth in secret.

"Your brother Is he still doing this? It's not very kind. " Xia Xinnian listens to it, but she wants to laugh. But Ji Tingyan's face is angry. She has to hold back and scold Ji Mucheng's excessive behavior together.

"In fact, I can't remember much about the memory before five years old. Listen to my mother, she took me and my brother alone at that time. It was very difficult. But after five years old, we lived with my father. My father pampered us since childhood and kept us carefree. I really want to make some money by my own ability. At least, let me know that I don't rely on my family, I can also make money. My brother gave me a big blow that time, which makes me afraid to hold a painting exhibition now. " Ji Tingyan laughs at herself. Although she is shocked, she is more touched by the warmth of her family.

"It doesn't have to be for sale. It's just to show the world his masterpiece." Xia Xinnian could hear the sense of loss in her tone.

"Maybe I will hold a painting exhibition one day, and then you will come and hold my exhibition." Ji Tingyan's understanding of Xia Xinnian goes further. She feels that she is a straightforward woman.

"Of course, please come and help me. It's free." Xia Xinnian's eyes lingered in these paintings, relaxed and happy.

"Well, you said, then, I really want to ask you to help me." Ji Tingyan's mood suddenly brightened. She felt that the light she had always wanted to pursue was suddenly inspired by others.

Jimucheng sits on the sofa, takes out his mobile phone and dials up a phone.

"The man who beat you for no reason last time, do you know who he is?" Jimucheng is still worried about the hidden dangers, so it has not given up tracking this matter.

"We were beaten so badly that day that we don't have any evidence yet." The people over there have an innocent face.

"Then you can take care of yourself in the hospital. I'll send someone to take over. It's hard for you." Jimucheng hung up the phone, his eyes turned cold and sharp.

Fortunately, the guy just beat his man and didn't do anything bad to his sister, but no matter what, let him know his identity, he won't make him feel better.

Jimucheng looks up at the direction of the stairs. These two women have been upstairs for half an hour. They haven't come down yet. Can they talk so well when they meet for the first time?

Although jimucheng doesn't like the feeling of being left out, his sister and the woman she is going to marry can get along with each other sincerely, which is a very lucky thing for him.

When Xia Xinnian and Ji Tingyan came downstairs, they had dinner. Just then, the doorbell rang.

"And the guests?" Jimucheng picks his eyebrows and looks at his sister.

Ji Tingyan's face is covered in a circle and shrugs her shoulders: "no one has been invited."