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Bai Yiyan has been away from the town for two days. Wang Xin's injury is not complete yet. When asked, he only said that he hurt himself by riding a bicycle, which even attracted many people's sympathy.

Wang Xin saw many strange cars and many domestic faces coming outside the school gate. See

that's the media reporters who came to find Bai Yiyan. Oh, she can escape quickly, otherwise, she will be blocked at this moment.

Wang Xin turns to his car. Suddenly, a young man comes up with a smile: "excuse me, do you know Bai Yiyan?"

"Yes, she used to be a teacher in our school!" Wang Xinyang raised his chin and said lightly. "

do you have her contact information? I'm in a hurry to find her! " The young man still asked politely.

"Her cell phones are all blocked. I don't know where she has gone. Are you journalists?" Wang Xin asked curiously.

"No, I'm her friend. Her family is looking for her. If she contacts you, can you help me? Let her call us. " The other side handed over the business card. Wang

Xin took over and looked at it: "OK!" Wang put his card in his pocket and drove back to his home.

When he was about to open the door, he found two men in black suits standing behind him. "

who are you?" Wang Xin didn't expect anyone to find his own door. He stared at them in horror and asked.

"Wang Xin, you are brave enough to offend Miss Bai." One of them laughed coldly. "

are you from jiyueze?" Wang Xin's face turned pale for a while. He didn't dare to take action against Bai Yiyan at the beginning. He was afraid of Ji Yueze's revenge. Unexpectedly, he drank too much wine that day. He didn't control his animal nature for a while and did those excessive things to Bai Yiyan.

Two men grabbed the key directly from him, opened his door and pushed him in. "

it's against the law to hit people, you know?" Wang Xin tries to persuade the other side.

"What about the indecent women? Is it also against the law? " The other side choked him. "

I didn't do anything to her. Instead, she beat me. You see, I have my leg on my face. It's all her fight. I'm already a victim. Please let me go." Wang Xin begged to let go in horror, and he could only pretend to be in front of women, but once he met this kind of thing, he immediately counseled. "

do you want to record it yourself or can we help you record it?" One of the men threw his cell phone in front of him and asked in a cold voice. "

what to record?" Wang Xin thought they were going to beat him up, but then he became more frightened. "

record your dirty actions against Miss Bai. Otherwise, you may lose your other leg." Men threatened. "

What are you doing? I don't record, I didn't do anything wrong, I just like her, like a person also wrong? " Wang Xin is now scared to the point of collapse. "

less nonsense. You can record it. If you don't, you can't even save your life." The other man is short of patience.

"Don't kill me, I record. Can't I record?" Hearing the word "dead", Wang Xin can't care about anything at the moment.

"Pick up your cell phone and tell me what you have done to Miss Bai."

Wang Xin took the mobile phone with trembling hands, turned on the video function, looked at the camera, and began to record all his actions towards Bai Yiyan. When recording the first time, he kept a lot of ideas, and was directly smashed by the other party, recording the second time. Wang Xin did not dare to keep it. It was a greedy story with conspiracy.

"Are you going to make this video public? Brother, please let me go. If you make it public, I won't be able to mix up in the future. " Wang Xin finally knows what is desperation. It turns out that there are really people in the world who he dare not to provoke and cannot provoke. "

Oh, you should have thought of such a day!" When the other party finished speaking, he turned and left. Once the video is released, his life will be hopeless. This kind of revenge is something he never thought of. He thought it would be over if he was beaten. But Ji Yueze's method is far more terrible than he thought. However, one hour later, Wang Xin's video became popular on the Internet, including his revenge for Bai Yiyan's refusal to disclose her address. Under the operation of the powerful media operation team of

Ji Yueze, Wang Xin has directly become a hypocrite, dirty minded, low-level and dirty scum, and even his family has been involved. Liu Xiaoxing hands the mobile video to Bai Yiyan to watch: "it must be the Revenge of young master Ji. Wang Xin deserves it. Who can make him dare to plot against you, and don't see whose woman you are?" Bai

Yi Yan looks at everything Wang Xin admits, and her back is cold. "

he also got the retribution. In the future, I don't want to see this person again." Bai Yiyan sighed.

"Of course you won't see him!" Liu Xiaoxing nodded. Less than five hours after Bai Yiyan's incident, there was a scandal about Ji Yueze. Ji Yueze is dating?

In the picture, Ji Yueze and a beautiful woman are sitting at the dinner table. Besides, the two people are taking a car to leave together. These photos are all taken at Ji's house. Except for the people of Ji's house, it's hard for outsiders to see.

Yes, these photos were taken by Mrs. Ji. Moreover, they were taken without the knowledge of both Ji Yueze and Yang Siyu, which made such a good play.

When Ji Yueze saw the photos, he was also shocked.

"Grandma, what is this for?" Ji Yueze didn't expect that one day, she was also put into the routine by her grandmother.

Yang Siyu's phone immediately called: "my family and your grandmother seem to be calculating us." Ji smiled bitterly: "yes, neither of us knows what's going on, but the title above has evidence."

"Then what shall we do?" Yang Siyu can't help worrying.

"Explain it quickly. Don't let the other party misunderstand you." Ji Yueze can only see the move now.

"Well, let's take care of each other. This may just be the beginning." Yang Siyu is really speechless. Unexpectedly, she just went to have a meal and immediately spread gossip with Ji Yueze. Moreover, the photographer she hired was really smart and photographed the love between the two people.

Bai Yiyan is sitting in the airport going to the next stop at the moment. Liu Xiaoxing stealthily answers a phone call, and then comes over with an unnatural look: "Xiaoyan, Ji Shao is looking for you!"

Bai Yiyan was stunned for a moment, then she took the phone with a smile on her face.