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C1528. That's an admission

Blue slender eyes secretly went to see Ling Mo Feng's expression. He looked cold, as if he was not interested in what happened. She wondered why Ling Mo Feng didn't lose his temper?

Don't ouyangxuan's words make him feel angry?

LAN Yanxi's sudden counterattack made all the people on the scene look more subtle. Ouyang Xuan was the first one.

He was already guilty, and blue Yanxi's cold eyes made him tremble.

"Do you remember that one day, we went to the riverside to make a picture together? At lunch, you answered a phone call. Unfortunately, I also went to the bathroom. When you talked with your friend, I heard everything. " LAN Yanxi said with a sneer and felt cold about what happened.

Ouyang Xuan's brain is buzzing, and the whole person is not good. Of course, he remembers what he said on the phone that day. He glanced back in fear, just to see Ling Mo Feng's cold eyes, also looking at him.

LAN Yanxi sneered: "you said to your friend that I was a fool, white and sweet, and had a lot of money, which was easy to cheat. You also said that you deliberately booked a room that night, and wanted to settle the relationship with me, and then came to my house to propose marriage, and said that as long as you married me, you could fight for ten years less. You also asked your friend to keep secret. After our wedding, you should send him a car Sports car as a gift, you even think, after marriage, I want to get the equity in my hand, but also want to start a business to complete your dream, Ouyang Xuan, you say how terrible you are

"Lan Yanxi, you nonsense. I didn't say these words at all. How can you wrongly me? Even if you don't like me now, you can't make up such words to slander me." Ouyangxuan was promoted in the pain point, he immediately jumped the wall general pointing to blue Yan Xi angrily.

"Oh, really? You mean I was wronging you? Well, let's check with your friend. I'm sure Ling Mo Feng will help me. After all, he must also want to know the truth of the matter. " LAN Yanxi micro picked up his eyebrow and laughed at him. Mei Mou immediately looked at Ling Mo Feng.

Ling Mo Feng nodded: "yes, I'm more and more interested in this matter. Whoever you two say is true and whose words are false, as long as you find witnesses, there will be truth."

Ling Mo Feng stood in the middle of the position, it seems that he did not help LAN Yanxi, but has always been behind her words.

"Brother in law, you don't really believe her, do you? I am a family with her. I can prove that Ouyang Xuan is definitely not that kind of greedy man. He is sincere to my cousin. " Blue fibril didn't expect a reversal. Seeing her plan to fail, she didn't care about anything. She just wanted to quickly accuse blue Yanxi of her reputation of abandoning everything.

"You seem to know more about this man than LAN Yanxi, LAN Xianxian. Are you interested in the friends of the opposite sex around LAN Yanxi? I don't know who inherited your hobby. " Ling Mo Feng lightly ridiculed, understated words, but severely hit the blue delicate face.

Blue fibril's face was red and white, and he became mute for a while.

LAN Yanxi took the opportunity to satirize: "that's right, blue fiber. Do you know ouyangxuan so well? Do you have a leg?"

"You don't talk nonsense here. I'll talk to him It's just a friend I know. He's your ex boyfriend. I won't rob you. " Blue air to incoherent, a pair of eyes flickering. "Oh, you don't rob me, but you always want to rob my man." LAN Yanxi is clear, and he laughs at her.

"I I didn't take it. " Blue fiber dumb eat Coptis, suffering words.

LAN Yanxi looks up his eyebrows, and the double rings are on his chest: "Lan Xianxian, the purpose of your coming to Ouyang Xuan today is to pick out the relationship between me and Ling Mo Feng. If you like my fiancee, just come to me and tell me directly. Why do you act this? Besides, when you are Ling Mo Feng, you are not picky about food. A disgusting woman like you, he will not even look at it. ”Ling didn't expect LAN Yanxi to quarrel with others. He didn't lose at all. He also brought him in. He was speechless.

Blue slender gas want to kill, she actually looked at Ling Mo Feng, a sad face.

Unfortunately, Ling Mo Feng looked down at the floor at the moment, but he didn't look at her directly.

"Lan Yanxi, how can you wronged me? I respect Mr. vice president. I don't have I didn't. " No matter how blue fibril explains it, it seems that he can't tell a lie now. His face is so ugly with anger.

"Respect? It's a wonderful word. " LAN Yanxi sneered: "respect till you come to me everyday to say how much you love him. Blue fiber, trees need skin, people need face. I advise you to be kind."

Ouyang Xuan was shocked by Lingmo Feng and lanyanxi's singing and singing just now. He dared not say a word.

If Ling Mo Feng really investigates with his classmates and friends in those days, then the truth of the matter will be revealed. The lies he just said will also be revealed, and he will really play it out.

Blue fibril is blocked by blue Yanxi to say nothing but stare.

LAN Yanxi's eyes immediately fixed on ouyangxuan: "you didn't have to face to wait for me outside my house to show your wishful thinking. At that time, I was young and kind, and I didn't care too much about such a hypocrite as you. But now, I'm not that kind LAN Yanxi. If you offend me, I won't let you go. Wait, you have to say everything for you today The word is responsible. "

Ouyangxuan didn't expect lanyanxi to be so powerful, which made him feel cold in the bottom of his heart.

Ling Mo Feng's thin lips are slightly hooked. It seems that this woman can solve it without his help.

"Yan Xi, I'm wrong. I'm really wrong. I shouldn't have wronged you with the money of blue fiber." Ouyangxuan was a coward. He was greedy for life and death. He was greedy for money and lust. Now he was oppressed by lanyanxi's cruel words. His legs were soft. He almost didn't kneel down. He told everything in good faith.

Blue fibril hates to death. I really want to stab this useless waste with a knife. He even exposed her on the spot. She lifted a stone and hit her foot. It hurt so much.

"Ouyangxuan, you are nonsense. When did I give you the money? Don't talk nonsense. You are coming here to see lanyanxi. " Blue fiber is angry when he is in a bad mood. He points to Ouyang Xuan and scolds him.

"Blue fiber, Mr. vice president is here. I can't help you lie any more. I believe that Mr. vice president can see through the truth. I did too much in this matter. Although Yan Xi and I had been friends for a while, we could reach out for help at most once. Our relationship is clear and white." Ouyangxuan bowed his head and was ashamed to admit all this.

LAN Yanxi stared at LAN Xianxian hatefully: "I didn't expect that everything was your plan. LAN Xianxian, how much do you hate me, and even wanted to arrange these rumors to defeat my reputation."

Blue fibril was scared out of his mind. He stepped back and shook his hands. "It's none of my business. I haven't done anything."

"It's too late to regret now. Let's go to Grandpa and make it clear. Who ordered you to do this to me? What's the peace of mind? " LAN Yanxi came immediately to hold her hand. "Lan Yanxi, what are you going to do? Don't drag me. I won't go." Blue fiber quickly reached out to push blue Yanxi away.

LAN Yanxi is so angry that she has lost her mind and still wants to grab her hand angrily.

"Lan Yanxi, you have enough." This time, blue microfiber pushed her hard.

LAN Yanxi stepped back a few steps and fell into a solid embrace. Ling Mo Feng held her tightly with his long arms. His eyes were cold and lukewarm: "blue fiber, your bad conduct is not suitable for working in the general office. In addition, she is my fiancee. I hope you pay attention to discretion and don't do anything to hurt her, otherwise, I won't let you go."

Blue microfibril eyes, unbelievable, painful and desperate.

"You Do you like her? " Blue fiber asked the question hard.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes were deep, he looked down at the woman in his arms, and finally answered definitely, "I will not marry a woman I don't like."

"What? How could it be You How can I like her? " Blue fiber is like being split by thunder. I can't believe it for a long time.

Ling Mo Feng sneered: "you can't even compare her with a finger. Do you expect me to like you as a sinister and vicious woman?"

Blue microfibril was so cold by the loved one, her heart, blood dripping.