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Therefore, Lu Qing was very sure that this man called Xia Zhong Huai was someone that Young Master might recognize, and had even offended Young Master before. Otherwise, Young Master would not have been so furious upon seeing his name.

"Since Young Master feels that my investigation was possibly wrong, then I will investigate it carefully again." Lu Qing did not dare to ask anymore. How could he possibly spy on the secrets of the Young Master?

"No need!" Just as Lu Qing reached the door, Ji Xiao Han suddenly opened his mouth, his voice still filled with anger: "Come over!"

Seeing how moody Young Master was, Lu Qing also broke out in a cold sweat. Young Master was really strange today.

Lu Qing returned to his desk and stood, Ji Xiao Han suddenly took out a box of cigarettes from the drawer and handed one to Lu Qing.

Lu Qing's hands trembled, he dared not accept it!

Although the Young Master was sometimes considerate towards his subordinates and considered them to be good bosses, most of the time, he was still high and mighty.

"Take it!" Ji Xiao Han immediately threw it at him, causing Lu Qing to hurriedly catch the cigarette in his hand. In the next second, he quickly took out a lighter from his chest, and rushed in front of Ji Xiao Han, before he could ignite the cigarette, he lit it for Young Master.

Ji Xiao Han's expression was still heavy, as though there was a knot that could not be dispelled in his heart, causing him to not dare to presumptuous ask about it.

Ji Xiao Han took a deep breath fiercely and exhaled. The green and white smoke shrouded his handsome face.

Even his eyes had turned hazy!

"If Tang You You asks, you can say that her family is dead!" Ji Xiao Han said with a sunken voice, and, at this time, he was actually speaking of Tang You You's name, not the two words that sounded leisurely, which made Lu Qing feel very puzzled.

Why did it seem like in that instant, the Young Master's feelings for Miss Tang underwent a slight change?

"Oh, okay!" Although he could not understand why the Young Master would want to teach him this, Lu Qing was a good subordinate, he shouldn't ask questions, and shouldn't randomly ask.

"Are you curious?" Ji Xiao Han took another drag of the cigarette as the corner of his mouth hooked up into a cold smile.

"I... I'm not curious! " As Lu Qing said these words that went against his heart, his expression was extremely wonderful.

Ji Xiao Han was amused by his expression and the atmosphere finally relaxed a little. "I know this Xia Zhongyan!"

Hearing that, Lu Qing knew that he would probably be fortunate enough to hear the story of the Young Master, and nodded immediately: "Really? How could Young Master know him? I calculate that he should be at least as old as the old man. "

Ji Xiao Han's expression stiffened, his eyes still filled with cold frost. "That's right, he is indeed old, because if your investigations are not wrong, he is indeed Tang You You's grandfather."

"What?" How is that possible? " This time, Lu Qing was completely shocked.

Ji Xiao Han stood up from the black office chair, his gaze staring at the rooftops of Tang You You's Only Idealism Company, his voice carrying a hint of annoyance: "The daughter that Xia Family lost, is that her?"

Lu Qing was completely confused by what he heard once again.

"It looks like I've seen her before when I was very young, and I've even kissed her face!" Ji Xiao Han seemed to have fallen into a memory as a trace of ridicule and sorrow seeped into his expression.

When he was four years old, when Tang You You was just born, Xia Family gave birth to a pair of extremely beautiful dragons and phoenixes, causing him to envy the eyes of countless people.

The daughter had beautiful, crystal-like eyes, small but exquisite and adorable.

Ji Xiao Han's memories came to a halt, he suddenly thought of his own daughter, Xiao Nai. The pair of black eyes were extremely similar to Tang You You's, and also extremely similar to her eyes from when she was young. No wonder Ji Xiao Han thought that her daughter's eyes were very beautiful, he had inherited her daughter's beauty.

He had also gone to the Xia Family to congratulate his son and follow his parents. At that time, he didn't know anything, but he had always remembered those beautiful big eyes of his, but unfortunately, he hated the Xia Family to the bones and even felt that his son's death and the loss of his daughter was a form of retribution from the heavens. However, this retribution had affected him and he kept calling Uncle Xia for him to seize his mother.

Ji Xiao Han's expression became more and more tense, and the light in his eyes became colder and colder.

Lu Qing stared at Young Master's back, feeling very tense. He didn't know what Young Master was thinking at the moment, but he must have thought of something that made him unhappy.

"Young Master, are you alright?" Lu Qing asked in concern.

Only then did Ji Xiao Han manage to suppress his overflowing anger. Turning around, he looked at Lu Qing and said: "Do you know why I have a pair of Dragon and Phoenix Birth's children?"

"I don't know!" Lu Qing broke into a cold sweat. How could he know? Young Master's question was too funny.

"Because Tang You You has the genes to give birth to a dragon and phoenix. Your investigation was not wrong, she is the daughter that Xia Family lost." Ji Xiao Han's tone was getting more and more agitated, because all of the facts had already been proven.

His heart felt as if it had been slashed by a thousand knives in an instant, the pain turning him into a bloody mess.

"Young Master, you really have a grudge with this Xia Zhongyi!" Lu Qing looked at Young Master, who was uncovering his own scars. He, who was usually calm and collected, now had this kind of expression that he couldn't even control himself.

"Yes, that Xia guy is the person I hate the most in my life. Now that I've fallen in love with his daughter, it's really laughable!" Ji Xiao Han felt that his fate was too laughable, to actually make him fall in love with Xia Wei Wen's daughter. No, he doesn't want it.

Lu Qing finally understood the reason. If it was said that Tang You You was Xia Family's daughter and Xia Family was his biggest enemy, then Miss Tang was her enemy's daughter. It was no wonder Young Master was so angry just now.

"Young Master, if all of this is true, then to Miss Tang …"

"I won't let her find her family. Never!" Ji Xiao Han's voice turned cold.

Lu Qing nodded his head: "If Young Master still loves Miss Tang, I also feel that it would be best if she doesn't know of his origins, this way, it won't affect your relationship."

"If I didn't know about this, how great would it be? Now that I know, it's like there's a thorn piercing my heart, no matter what I feel." Ji Xiao Han said in frustration.

Lu Qing was so scared that he quickly apologized: "Young Master, it's my fault, I went to investigate!"

Lu Qing quickly retreated. When he came out, he found himself drenched in cold sweat, as if he had just experienced a storm.

However, Young Master was facing a dilemma right now. This matter was something Miss Tang had begged him to investigate, but now that the investigation had revealed itself, it had become Young Master's nightmare. Sigh!