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C1808 life events

Two big men are talking about men's and women's affairs. The atmosphere is a little embarrassed. Mu Weicheng is even more embarrassed. He doesn't know how to answer. Ling Mo Feng doesn't want to be too embarrassed for him. He chuckles: "the marriage period is set. Hurry up and do it."

Mu Weicheng: "..." Ling felt sorry for his brother-in-law. He reached out and patted him on the shoulder: "thank you for taking care of my sister so well. I was worried that she would not get married before."


Warm and charming... " "That's good. Don't miss it if you like it."

Ling Mo Feng pressed the end of the cigarette, and without waiting for mu Wei Cheng to answer, he turned back to the box, leaving Mu Wei Cheng in the wind, confused.

What does Ling Mo Feng mean by "things"?

Did Ling warm?

When Mu Weicheng figured out what was going on, his face turned red. He could not point out that he owed his two brothers and sisters anything in his last life. Therefore, in this life, he would be so tortured by their two brothers and sisters.

Because Ling Mo Feng has a son, he and LAN Yanxi take their children away after dinner. Mu Yun and Nan Gong Yao are also going to leave. Mu Wei Cheng looks at Nan Gong Yao and finds that his sister and he are standing together. They are inexplicably matched.

Sister temperament cool, elegant, temperament similar, handsome combination of beauty.

"Xiaoyun, after you drink, come with us."

Mu Weicheng is still not sure that his younger sister will walk with Nangong Yao so soon. After drinking wine just now, his younger sister has a normal amount of wine. In case this man takes the chance "No, I'll take his car back. He'll give it to me. Brother, I've drunk too much warm. You take good care of her."

Mu Yun said, and turned to leave.

Mu Weicheng warns nangongyao directly with his eyes. Nangongyao smiles at him and follows Mu Yun away.

Ling warm pretty blushed and ran out: "are you all gone?

Do we have to go home, too? "

"Well, let's go back. I'll take your coat for you."

As Mu Weicheng said, he took her coat and put it on her body gently. Ling wennuan reached through her clothes and looked back at the handsome face of a man. She turned around like a naughty kitten, picked up her toes and kissed him on the face.

Mu Weicheng was shocked and looked at her. He saw her red face. His eyes were dazzled and his heart strings were clasped. Suddenly, an idea came into his mind. Tonight, he didn't want to let her go.

Ling warm crooked head, a long divergence to one side, coupled with her steal fishy successful thief smile, unexpectedly can't say lovely and interesting.

"Well, don't make trouble here."

Mu Weicheng is afraid that she will make trouble again. Seeing a waiter coming in this way, he immediately holds her hand and leads her to the checkout counter.

"Sir, a gentleman just settled your account for you."

The beauty in front of the service desk said with a smile.


That must be Mr. Nangong. I told my brother not to pay. "

Ling warm listened to, immediately laughed, a guess.

"It's very courteous."

Mu Weicheng is a little upset. Today is his birthday. He wants to have a good dinner with his family, but he is robbed to buy a list. This mood is not very good indeed.

"Well, don't say that. I can see that nangongyao likes Muyun."

Lingnuan was called sister Muyun before, but later she thought that she would be her sister-in-law soon, so she just called her name and took out the word "sister".

"When you are young, you will see people?"

Mu Weicheng expressed doubts.

"Of course, otherwise, how do I like you?"

Ling warm some dissatisfied lips retort.

Mu Weicheng has nothing to say at once. Indeed, Mu Weicheng can't say that Ling Nuan is blind to him.

Ling wennuan saw that he was choking. She giggled and her stomach was going to hurt.

Mu Weicheng looks at the little woman who has no scruples. He sighs and shakes his head. He really can't take her.

Ling arranged for one of his drivers to drive them home.

At this moment, it's more than 10 o'clock in the evening. As soon as Ling warms back, he takes off his coat and throws himself on the bed on all fours, crying hard.

"I don't drink any more. I didn't expect to drink. My head is so dizzy."

Ling grew up protected. Although she works now, she is still a selective social intercourse.

Mu Weicheng is not idle. Looking at her lazy appearance, he is very diligent to put the water in place. Then he goes to the bedside with his sleeves in his arms and bends down to pat Ling's warm back: "is it hard?

Go take a bath. I'll put the water for you. Take a bath and have a good sleep. Tomorrow will be all right. "


Ling warm fierce turned over a body, squinting eyes smiled at him: "well, this is what you said."

When Mu Weicheng heard this, he couldn't help laughing: "it's warm. You're all like this. You can toss, isn't it uncomfortable?"

"No, I'll take a bath."

Ling wennuan said and stood up abruptly, but because it was too fast and her head was more dizzy, she was so soft that she almost didn't fall down. However, she reflected quickly and fell into the man's arms.

Mu Weicheng nervously reaches out to hold her, looks at her and presses her head: "what's the matter?

Tell you not to drink so much. "

"Today is your birthday. I'm happy."

Ling wennuan steadied his feet and went to the bathroom step by step.

Mu Weicheng follows her, the bathroom is slippery, afraid that she will fall.

"Do you want to wash with me?"

Lingnuan looked back and saw him standing at the door, she immediately asked with a smile.

"I'll watch you wash."

Said Mu Weicheng directly.

"Look at me?"

Ling warm beautiful Mou a startle, immediately incomparably ashamed hectic say: "that I will be embarrassed."

Only then did Mu Weicheng find that his words were like rogue language.

"I'll stand at the door. If you want to call me, be careful. Don't fall."

The man finished, reaching for her to close the door.

Ling wennuan was shocked. She just said she would be embarrassed, but she didn't say she wouldn't let him watch. This man really doesn't understand the style.

Ling warm hands to remove clothing, sat in the warm water, Mu Wei Cheng put the temperature just good, comfortable make her dizzy and sleepy.

Mu Weicheng stood at the door, holding his hands tightly and releasing them, but he could not calm down.

He looked at the light in the bathroom, the picture in his mind, gradually failed to pass the examination.

"It's warm, is it ready?"

It's been more than ten minutes. Seeing that the sound of the water inside is getting smaller, Mu Weicheng immediately calls for her name.

"Well, it's almost ready."

Ling wennuan didn't fall asleep, because she was determined not to fall asleep. Tonight, she wants to have a complete life event.

When Ling warms up, her long hair is stained with water mist, her pretty face is full of moistening, and she is wearing a white bathrobe. The whole person is bright and moving, beautiful like a lotus, beautiful people can't move their eyes.

"Go wash it, I I'll wait for you. "

Ling warm said, from his side of the fast running to the bed, was hidden.