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Ji Xiaohan finds that he seems to have met an opponent that he can't surpass in his life. That person is Tang Youyou, who, relying on his love, has no fear and is wronged by various means.

When he came down from the upstairs, he saw two little guys coming in from the outside of the gate. They were about to have a winter vacation. There were only a few days left for the course. As soon as the two little guys came in, they immediately ran towards him. It was Ji xiaonai, who was a professional thigh holding posture.

"Daddy, there's a show in our school the day after tomorrow. I'm trying to recommend you to perform a show for our teachers and students. Are you happy?"

Ji xiaonai holds Ji Xiaohan's thigh and raises a small head. In those big sparkling eyes, the signal reveals, which makes Ji xiaonai's back cool. He looks at his daughter unbelievably. Why should he recommend him?

Ji Xiaorui put his schoolbag aside, sat on the sofa lazily, and spread out his hands: "look, I know that Daddy certainly doesn't want to perform. He can't sing or dance. Besides, I don't seem to know what else he can perform."

Ji Xiaohan is shocked to see that his son has such a low opinion of himself. Why is his image so bad in the children's mind?

"Daddy, do you have any plans for the show?"

Ji xiaonai is very looking forward to her father's performance. At that time, she will definitely cheer for him on the stage. She will tell everyone that the man with the best performance is her father.

Ji Xiaohan has an impulse to escape. He doesn't know what program to perform. In the face of a group of kids who are no more than seven years old, he can't run to make a performance speech.

"Xiaonai, can daddy sing a song with you?"

Finally, Ji Xiaohan comes up with a way to not let his daughter down, and he can fight for her face.

"No, I want daddy to perform alone. I want to applaud you on the stage."

Ji xiaonai immediately released his long legs, a face of unhappiness to the sofa, a small mouth toot up.

Ji Xiaorui covers her mouth and Snickers. Her sister starts to get angry. It's becoming more and more decent.

In fact, he really wanted to make his daughter happy. However, he really didn't know what to perform. Looking at that angry little guy, he felt that he really liked her too much, which made him reluctant to let her down in the end.

"Can daddy perform a magic on the stage?"

At this moment, Ji Xiaohan suddenly feels that he can show a little talent. He knows several little magic tricks.


Ji xiaonai's beautiful big eyes suddenly brightened. Suddenly, he felt that daddy was so powerful that he could perform magic.


Seeing his daughter happy, Ji Xiaohan couldn't help but smile bitterly.

It seems that he has to find a magic master to practice tonight, so as not to lose the children's face.

Ji Xiaorui had a good look just now. When he heard that Daddy could perform magic, he looked at him with surprise: "Daddy, are you kidding us?"

"Of course not. Don't look down on your daddy. I've learned a few things from others before."

In the face of the adoration from his son, Ji Xiaohan suddenly feels that his image is tall again.

"Then we'll wait for your performance the day after tomorrow."

Ji Xiaorui also began to look forward to.

Ji Xiaohan nodded and kissed his daughter's forehead: "well, daddy will do well."

On the night of that day, Ji Xiaohan invited a famous master of magic to come out for dinner. In fact, he found his assistant Lu Qing to help him. When the magic master came to see Ji Xiaohan to learn some simple magic tricks, he was shocked.

I really didn't expect to see the mysterious master Ji in my lifetime because of my talent.

Ji Xiaohan is not as cold as the outside world. On the contrary, he is very polite. The magic master also wholeheartedly showed him what he learned from graduation. At first, he showed it to him. Finally, Ji Xiaohan chose three simple and easy magic tricks.

Ji Xiaohan has a strong memory that can never be forgotten. What he has seen is basically engraved in his mind. This is his natural ability. I don't know whether his two children have inherited it. He really hopes that the memory of the two little guys won't be too bad.

The next day, Ji Xiaohan will be able to play to the normal level. On the third day, Ji Xiaohan, with his mother and son, went to the school to perform.

All the parents present here are very dignified people. There is also a hot mom team. They have choreographed a dance performance, a parent-child concert group, and the wonderful performances of the kids.

Tang youyou didn't plan to go out. After all, she has a stomach. She doesn't think this is her most beautiful appearance. But when she thinks that Ji Xiaohan is going to perform on stage, she has to see for herself what she says.

Ji Xiaohan was not nervous originally, but I don't know why. When Tang youyou came here, he felt a little nervous. He was not afraid to lose face in front of the children, but he was afraid to lose face in front of his favorite woman, so he would not look up in his life?

The performance was held in the school hall. When the Ji Xiaohan family arrived, they were arranged the best position. As for why, everyone knew it.

Today, Tang youyou has only turned into a light dressing table. Compared with the careful dressing of the young hot mothers on the spot, she is very plain and wearing a wide skirt. Except for a delicate and beautiful face, she really can't compare with those hot mothers. Therefore, because Tang youyou is in a special period, some people are looking at her with unusual eyes. Everyone wants to know Tao, why does Tang youyou get the favor of Ji Xiaohan? If it's by appearance, it's really not a gorgeous beauty. If it's by means, you can see that her face is innocent. It's not like a very scheming woman. Generally, an ambitious woman will show her eyesight. Of course, it doesn't rule out that she's a born disguiser, since she's not With these two skills, it must be that the mother and the son are expensive. Thinking of this reason, everyone is sneering at the bottom of their hearts. Life is good.

Other women are not so lucky. They have one baby and two treasures, and they are still born of jixiaohan.

Ji Xiaohan also felt the unfriendly look of the women around him at his wife's eyes. He sneered at the bottom of his heart. The children were so big that someone else had an idea to attract his eyes?

Where does this put the children?

Ji Xiaohan reaches out and holds Tang youyou's hand. Tang youyou is slightly shocked. He looks at him and suddenly understands his intention. Her heart is sweet.