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C1053 the avenues are narrow

The tone of the man is sincere. Yang ChuChu could not have refused. However, she has already made an appointment with her friend in advance. She will go to her birthday party in the evening. If she breaks the appointment now, she is not satisfied.

"I'll come over to you tonight, but I may not be able to eat. I have to go to my friend's birthday party. I'll try to come back earlier!" Yang ChuChu explains with a smile.

"What friend? Male or female? " The man asked me the usual way. "

of course, it's a girl. I used to have a good time with a friend. She invited me to have dinner several times before. I haven't been there because of my busy work. If I don't go this time, it's too late." Yang ChuChu said with a dry smile. "

OK, go home early!" Luo Jinyu didn't force her, but told her.

"Well, I'll hang up first!"

"Good!" Yang

after hanging up the phone clearly, the corner of her mouth rose with joy. Just now, the man said a word, which made her excited. He didn't come back, but went home. Does that mean that he allowed her to live in that house?

Yang ChuChu and her assistant went to her friend's birthday party. They packed a big room in a private club. Many of the people in the room were familiar with each other and had partners who had taken pictures before. Yang

when she went in, she didn't feel strange. After greeting people like a fish in water, she was going to clean up the food area first. There was no way. This is the essence of snacks. Where there is food, there is happiness.

Yang ChuChu led her little assistant to the food area with a plate, and the two took a lot of things they liked. Suddenly, when Yang ChuChu was about to reach for a glass of juice, a girl came across and reached out. They both reached for the same glass of juice. No.

Yes, it was the other party who got it first. Yang ChuChu took a slow clap and immediately raised her head. "Do you like it, too? Then I'll give it to you! "

Yang ChuChu's eyes froze. Next second, her face changed and her voice became cold. "This is what I saw first. Why do you want to let it?"

The other side saw Yang ChuChu's aggressive tone, and was immediately shocked. Yang

is full of anger and hate. Because, in front of her, she saw the girl who robbed the same juice as her. She was the daughter of that scum father. I didn't expect that her friend would meet her again at his friend's birthday party.

Originally, it was just a cup of juice. Whoever took it or not was just nodding and smiling. However,

when the other party said a word of "let", the moment was like a fuse, which ignited the bomb in Yang ChuChu's heart, so her tone would be so strong.

There was a girl nearby who immediately said, "Yang ChuChu, you're almost done. We all said to give it to you. Can you make some sense?"

Yang ChuChu may be young and vigorous, plus she hates the other person, so her voice will improve a lot. "

I said, I don't need her to let me!" Yang ChuChu said, took the glass of juice and left.

The assistant took a look at the girl named Xiaoxin. She looked surprised. Isn't this the girl she saw in the morning? Fang

Kexin frowned, and a friend next to her advised her: "Xiaoxin, you don't have the same understanding with this kind of person. I heard that she grew up in a single family, and it's normal for her to be eccentric and awkward. We don't care too much about her, otherwise, it shows that we are stingy and unqualified." Fang

Kexin's seemingly elegant face flashed a touch of light irony.

"That's right. I don't know her exactly. It's just a glass of juice. Even if it's something else, I can give it to her if I want to!" Fang Kexin spoke with a touch of pride. Although her father is only a vice mayor, her official position is not so daunting. However, Fang Kexin's mother's family is a big one, so she is also a rich lady. For Yang ChuChu, a second-class little flower female star, she is naturally not in the eye. "

Yes, yes, we Xiaoxin are the most gentle and generous." A few girls nearby immediately joined in. Yang

clearly took the plate, chose a seat, a pretty face, blue and white. Li hurriedly followed him and asked in a low voice, "you know, did that girl just see that in the morning? Do you really have a feud with her? "

"I didn't expect to see her twice a day. It's a joke!" Yang ChuChu angrily picked up a chicken leg and took a grudge bite: "let's eat it quickly and leave as soon as we eat it. I don't want to stay in the same place with her!"

"OK!" The assistant could feel that she was in a bad mood. She didn't dare to say anything more and ate quickly. Fang

Kexin stands in the crowd with a glass of wine and looks at Yang ChuChu. She asked a friend next to her: "is she the little star who has an affair with Luo family?" "

Yes, you may have just come back from abroad, but you don't know about her. She's the one who doesn't learn well at a young age and is in love with others early!" Fang

but he frowned, but his heart flashed with surprise. "

Xiao Xin, how can you inquire about her? She has a bad reputation now. You won't make friends with her, will you?" Someone asked curiously.

"Why, I never deal with these female stars!" Fang Kexin took a sip of wine.

In fact, Fang Kexin paid special attention to Yang ChuChu, the famous son of Luo Jinyu. Fang

Kexin is now studying in a very famous school abroad. Once, Luo Jinyu was also a student of that school. No one has ever broken one of his achievements. For Fang Kexin, the daughter of tianzhijiao, he will naturally have some admiration for Luo Jinyu, the son of tianzhijiao. Yu

Yes, as soon as she returned home this time, she thought about whether she could connect with Luo Jinyu through the family relationship.

Unexpectedly, Fang Kexin saw the scandal of Luo Jinyu soon after he returned home. He even found a little star to be his girlfriend. It's a pity for Fang Kexin. He is an outstanding man like

who should be matched with a woman as outstanding as her, rather than a small flow star who hasn't finished college. Can they have common words? Fang

was pleased to think of these things, and was inexplicably annoyed.

Although she is pretentious and self confessed, now she wants to see Luo Jinyu face some difficulties, unlike Yang ChuChu. Maybe she can see Luo Jinyu's beautiful face and enjoy his gentle care in a moment. Sure enough, people are more angry than people. Yang

clearly felt that Fang Kexin looked at herself, and she glared back directly.