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New year is coming, Yang ChuChu pushed a lot of announcements at the end of the year, because she wants to spare time and be with the most important people.

Luojinyu company's busiest time is coming to an end. A year-end celebration will be held at the tail teeth. The banquet will be held on the third floor of the seven-star hotel. All the people in the circle are invited. As the person in charge of the company, luojinyu is now surrounded by a group of people. He is spirited, young and promising, which makes him dazzling in the eyes of all.

The love relationship between Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu has been exposed, but there are still a large number of women who want to take this opportunity to climb up the young president. After all, being seen by others is equal to a lifetime of prosperity.

Luo Jinyu has a good reputation in the business world. First, he doesn't spend money, which is the most favorite quality of women.

The more noble a man is, the more able he is to manage his emotions and desires, the more difficult it is.

Luo Jinyu is one of the few single men in this circle. Of course, he has a girlfriend, but as long as he is not married, all women think that they still have a chance.

Luo Jinyu is wearing a dark blue suit today. Compared with his usual black and white suit, it's a black shirt inside. It's mysterious and sexy, and it's younger.

We all pay attention to today's hero, but we don't find that in an inconspicuous corner, sitting a woman with curly hair, her eyes, like a fox like the soul, are full of obsequious looking at the man walking alone in the crowd.

She didn't show up here by chance. She was just for a task. Unexpectedly, the task given to her above was to let her seduce her schoolmates for six years.

Compared with Fang Kexin, Zhu Yuer is definitely a woman who has a special friendship with Luo Jinyu. Zhu Yuer is a young Deputy Minister of the procuratorial department. Her ability is directly proportional to her appearance. She is not only excellent, but also good-looking.

Zhu yu'er was found by the leaders above and assigned this task to her some time ago. Now the whole country, as long as people with status are busy standing in line.

Zhu Yuer's mentor is from the old president's side. She has the grace to help her. Of course, she has chosen her own team. However, she did not expect that just standing in line is not enough. She has to show some achievements.

Her achievement is the attitude of her schoolmate Luo Jinyu.

Zhu yu'er really doesn't want to seduce this man with her appearance. She feels that when a man looks at a woman's appearance, he will ignore her inner side, and she thinks that the inner side is more attractive than the outer side and can capture the man's heart more.

Most of the people who come here today are business people. I wish yu'er a little lonely, because she is an elite in politics, but there are not many people here.

Zhu Yuer had to take a glass of wine, get up and walk towards Luo Jinyu.

"Luo Jinyu, long time no see!" Zhu yu'er doesn't call him president Luo as hypocritical as others. She calls him by his name directly, because that's how we call each other in school.

"Yuer, did you come here alone? No boyfriend? " Because once we knew each other, Luo Jinyu and she were not polite either. He asked her directly with a smile.

"Don't you have your girlfriend with you?" I wish rain a funny smile.

"She'll be here in a minute. I'll introduce you to her." It's said by Luo Jin.

Hearing that the little star is coming for a while, I wish the smile on Yuer's lips will solidify for a moment. But soon, she said with a sweet smile, "your girlfriend is now popular actress Yang ChuChu. I often see her in movies and TV plays. In a moment, let me take a picture with her!"

"You are a new political star in the future. Do you need to take a picture with my girlfriend?" Luo Jinyu smiles and teases her.

"Politics is not as easy as your business. When I was at school, I didn't see your potential. At the same age, you are a young entrepreneur with ten billion yuan, but I am a prosecutor with a dead wage. I knew you would be so rich in the future, so I had to pursue you actively at school." Zhu Yuer said jokingly.

"I wish the minister would stop joking. You have many pursuers in school. Now you are mature and charming. I believe you will have more pursuers!" Luo Jinyu in front of the alumni, speaking less rigorous, more a sense of humor.

"No, I'm too busy with my work. I'm still single now!" I wish yu'er a little embarrassed, but I'm worried. Do you have many pursuers for the impression he left to Luo Jinyu?

"Excuse me!" Luo Jinyu sees Yang ChuChu coming, and immediately nods to her.

Zhu Yuer's eyes immediately turned around, and he saw the entrance of the banquet hall. A young girl with a white waist dress and a window was standing there. She was wearing a fluffy white coat. The whole person looked like a celestial emissary falling from the fairy tale world. She was lovely, sweet, with big eyes, cute and moving. She was looking at the first one Looking at the banquet hall, seeing the man walking towards him, Yang ChuChu took a relaxed breath, his mouth went down, and he smiled brilliantly.

Luo Jinyu came to her side, instinctively reached out to take her off the coat, put it between her arms, then attached to her ear and said something, Yang ChuChu covered his mouth and sniggered.

The staff nearby came to take away the coat on Luo Jin Yu's hand, and Luo Jin Yu led Yang ChuChu's small hand to go inside.

Some of the guests who came to the banquet rushed to see Luo Jin's mysterious little girlfriend.

"Miss Yang is much more lovely than on TV."

"Thank you for your compliment!" Yang ChuChu responded with a smile.

"It's so young and energetic. It's a natural Hanger!"

"Where and where?" Although Yang ChuChu is young, she has experienced a lot of storms. In the face of false praise from others, she can only respond with a fake smile.

Zhu yu'er is jealous of her real name system when she sees Yang ChuChu.

At the age of eighteen or nine, it was the best time of rainy season. She could not even remember what she was doing when she was eighteen or nine. At that time, she was still wearing proper clothes and sitting in the classroom and studying hard.

But now looking at Yang ChuChu's young and brilliant smile, she subconsciously reaches out and touches her drooping face. Baby fat has long fallen off, and her face has become more and more angular. Although many people will say that she is beautiful and has temperament when they see her, this is the best praise for a woman with age and age precipitation. When facing a young girl, he We will not say that she has temperament, because in pure and innocent eyes, they can not hide their lovely and sweet.

I wish Yuer a flash of anger in her eyes, but she soon calmed down again.

Yang chuchuchu is lovely and beautiful because she is young. Yes, she is less than eighteen or nine years old. But she knows Luo Jinyu better than Yang ChuChu. They have been classmates for six years. In her picture frame, there are also pictures of Luo Jinyu when he was young. At that time, they went cycling together, took wild adventures together, and tasted the bitterness and bitterness of his youth together Yang ChuChu can't go through it again.

The 27 year old woman also has her charm. Zhu Yuer raises her head slightly and feels that she has not lost to Yang ChuChu. Her rich experience will make her more considerate and comfortable with men.

A young girl like Yang ChuChu must be capricious in her temper. Maybe she likes Luo Jinyu because he has money and can get more resources for her to receive better works.

Zhu yu'er sneers. Suddenly, she seems to have been hit and stimulated by a middle school, which makes her want to prove more about who is the most suitable man for Luo Jinyu.

In Zhu Yuer's heart struggle, Luo Jinyu holds Yang ChuChu's hand and walks right to her side.

I wish yu'er to stand straighter and more elegant and noble.

"Well, I'd like to introduce myself to you. This is my classmate's friend of six years. I wish Yuer a good prosecutor!" Luo Jinyu said with a smile.