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Yang Chu Chu shook her head and laughed, "That depends on what kind of boyfriend I'm looking for. If she's someone who's a celebrity like me, then we can bundle up and sell him. Of course, if you don't want me to become a celebrity, I can choose not to do it.

"Are you really willing to leave the entertainment circle?" Luo Jin Yu didn't think that she would actually make such a huge decision for his sake.

"I do. This way, I can be at ease as your girlfriend." Yang Chu Chu really didn't care about his identity as a celebrity.

What she cared about the most was Luo Jin Yu's attitude towards her.

"But I can see that you like acting!" Luo Jin Yu took out all of the movies she had made and saw that she was indeed a strong actress in the younger generation.

Yang Chu Chu immediately laughed dumbly and asked: "How did you know? Have you seen all my movies? "

Luo Jin Yu's handsome face slightly blushed, then nodded: "I guess so. I can tell, that you have acting skills!"

"Then would you look down on my identity as a celebrity?" Yang Chu Chu knew that serious men would have some bad thoughts towards Female Celebrity in the entertainment circle.

"If it was someone else, I would. But if it was you, I don't want to think too much about it!" Luo Jin Yu answered very seriously.

Yang Chu Chu laughed happily again: "Alright, I believe you, but you must also believe me, I won't be reckless!"

"If you dare to act recklessly, you can give it a try!" A hint of black flashed past Luo Jin Yu's eyes. Since this was a prey that he had taken a fancy to, how could he allow another man to lay his hands on it?

Yang Chu Chu was a little startled, she couldn't quite understand the complicated look in the man's eyes. However, she was certain of one thing, that this man truly cared for her, and had truly fallen for her.

Ji Xiao Han and Tang You You got into the car, and immediately had Driver brother turn the heat up to maximum, but, Tang You You still shivered from the cold.

She had not even recovered from the cold yet, and now that she was soaked in cold water, her body was weak to begin with. She was afraid that her illness would worsen.

Ji Xiao Han could only instruct the driver to drive home quickly.

Reaching Ji Family, Ji Xiao Han got off the car first and then carried Tang You You horizontally as she walked up the stairs with quick steps.

As soon as he entered the bedroom, he ordered Tang You You to quickly take off his wet clothes. Then, he ran into the bathroom to put some hot water on her.

Tang You You was extremely cold, even her teeth were trembling, she quickly took off her clothes and used a thick nightgown to wrap herself up. When she walked into the bathroom, she saw that the man's entire body was drenched, and his black hair was cut short, it was extremely messy.

"You're also wet, how about …" "Let's soak together!" Tang You You suddenly spoke out, causing a look of astonishment to appear in her eyes.

Therefore, she could only find an excuse and say: "I was afraid that you would also get sick. In any case, the water is already in place, and the bathtub is big enough to accommodate both of us."

No matter how Tang You You explained or hid, Ji Xiao Han understood what she meant. His thin lips unconsciously curled up and his voice became slightly joyful: "Alright, why don't you first take a seat and soak in it!"

The surprise came so suddenly, that Ji Xiao Han was unable to express the joy in his heart.

Therefore, he could only suppress his excitement as his handsome face remained calm, pretending to be a gentleman.

He could not scare Tang You You, because once he broke out in passion, he would make her regret her decision.

Tang You You was actually a little regretful. She didn't know why she had brought it up together.

She could clearly let Ji Xiao Han take a shower in the room next door.

Sigh, he had to hold back his tears when he spoke.

Tang You You hung her robe on the side and then quietly sat in the bathtub. The water was very hot and instantly dispersed the cold from her body.

"Wandering, have you really decided?" Ji Xiao Han felt that he should not force others.

Tang You You opened her eyes slightly, and looked at him gently: "Dr. Liu also said that she would like to interact more with you. In fact, after thinking about it, it doesn't matter.

Ji Xiao Han heard that she seemed to have completely opened his heart and was prepared to accept him, so he didn't care about anything else.

"Alright, let's go together!" Ji Xiao Han's handsome face carried a deep smile as he reached out to unbutton his shirt.

Tang You You kept his head down the entire time, playing with bubbles in his hands, pretending as if he couldn't see anything.

Ji Xiao Han knew that she must be feeling shy, so he did not say anything. When he sat in the bathtub, their gazes met.

Tang You You was actually still very nervous. Even though she didn't seem like much on the surface, her heartbeat had lost its rhythm and her beautiful eyes were also lightly trembling.

Ji Xiao Han also sat without moving. Of course, the bathtub was not as big as a swimming pool, the two of them sitting there with their legs stretched out, would more or less meet.

Tang You You clearly felt a slight tremble, so she could only move.

"You don't want to think about the past anymore, okay?" Ji Xiao Han spoke in a low voice, as if he was begging her.

Tang You You nodded and replied like an obedient child. "Alright!"

"I don't know, I feel like I don't need it anymore. Dr. Liu helped me get rid of that knot in my heart, I feel like I don't have anything to be afraid of right now!" Tang You You shook his head, and laughed bitterly: "Isn't it just a substitute for Ji Yun Ning? I have already calmly accepted this matter, and there is no longer any feeling of conflict in my heart! It should be fine! "

Ji Xiao Han's handsome face looked miserable, and said with a voice full of self-blame: "I didn't think it would be like this!"

Tang You You's soft and tender face was pressed against his shoulder. "Now, can you tell me about what happened between you and her?"

"You really want to hear it?" Although Ji Xiao Han was currently in deep water, when he thought of the past, he felt as if he was frozen.

Tang You You nodded and replied softly, "Yes, I have always been curious, but it seems like a lot of things have happened between you and Ji Yun Ning. Tell me, I will treat it as a story and not bring my own emotions into it."