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C1939 the same way

Liu Chengtian stands beside Xia Xinnian, and his anxious face is white. He knows that Xia Xinnian has a son. At the beginning, he was worried that she would be rejected by jimucheng because of her son.

Now, I don't know where a man came out to recognize her son. Is it really the child's natural father?

"Hahaha!" Xia Xinnian's first reaction after watching the video is to cover her mouth and laugh. In fact, she wants to look up and laugh, and is afraid to frighten the boss. Therefore, she pretends to cover her mouth and laugh.

Liu Chengtian was still frightened by her reflection and looked at her inexplicably: "Xinnian, are you ok?"

"I I'm ok, Mr. Liu. Thank you for telling me the news. " Xia Xinnian forced a smile and thanked the boss.

"I can't, Xinnian, you look like this, which makes me uneasy." Liu Chengtian's Xia Xinnian seems to have been stimulated, which is the omen before the collapse.

Xia Xinnian laughed and asked him, "do you think I laugh when I'm mad? In fact, my son's father is someone else, not this man. He must be someone with bad intentions. Please come and smear my reputation. "

"Really? Are you really OK? This man is not your son's father, either? " Liu Chengtian was relieved.

"Really, he's not. He's a liar." Xia Xinnian's beautiful eyes turned cold and stared at the bastard who was talking. He was looking for death.

"That's good. Otherwise, you can contact your child's father to clarify the facts for you, and you will always be judged for damage to your reputation." After a few words of comfort, Liu Chengtian left.

Xia Xinnian is going to call jimucheng to talk about it. Unexpectedly, jimucheng's news is first-hand. His phone call has already come.

"There is a bastard who claims to be Yu Chen's own father. How do you explain that?" Jimucheng's voice was filled with jealousy. Although he knew it was impossible, he could not help being annoyed when he heard that other men had something to do with her.

"How can I explain it? Who was born? Haven't you verified it? Timothy, are you doubting me? " Xia Xinnian is aggrieved enough. At this moment, she really can't hear any questions. She's angry enough today. She's going to explode.

"So You have nothing to do with him? " Jimucheng heard the strong dissatisfaction in her voice. When his anger was weak, his voice was also low.

"I don't know him at all, it's obvious that someone is deliberately setting me up, jimucheng, as the father of the child. What should you do next?" Xia Xinnian can't help bursting into anger. She really wants to know who is so hateful, and repeatedly smear her.

"I'll prove it in the same way. Don't be angry. Hang up for a moment." Jimucheng's tone is to coax her completely, because he knows that she is really innocent today, and also very aggrieved.

"Good." Xia Xinnian finally trusted him.

On the Internet, Xia Xinnian was almost killed by the vicious attack. Even her colleagues in the office looked at her with different eyes, let alone how high the mention rate of her topic was on the Internet, and almost everyone was condemning her irresponsibility.

Xia shuran laughs wildly and looks at the good play of her first-hand director. She really wants to clap her hands and celebrate for herself. Now Xia Xinnian's reputation is ruined. She wants to see jimucheng, and whether she will be asked, and how terrible a disaster her life will be.

Xia shuran's mobile phone rang again. She covered her ears and didn't want to hear it. Her face was twisted. She knew that he Jiaxuan must have called again to question her.

Up to now, is he still protecting Xia Xinnian, the little bitch?

It's too late. If he Jiaxuan wants to really love her, he Jiaxuan shouldn't provoke her. How strong is a woman's revenge? She will let him witness.

The man who recorded the video for her received a huge reward of two million yuan, all in cash. He danced happily in place. It was really a rich lady. So much money, he said he could take it out.

Just as he was sitting on the sofa happily counting money, suddenly, there was another video beside the video he just uploaded. The shooting technique and level of this video were far higher than him.

Not only that, the man in the video is even more astonishing. He wears a Western business suit with a spacious French window in the background, and his facial features are clear and beautiful in the bright light. This man is called jimucheng. In this city, people with a little cognitive ability will remember this face. He is the head of Jishi.

The money that the man is counting suddenly doesn't smell good. The money falls from his fingers one by one. He is stiff and his back is cold.

In the video, Jimu city has firm eyes and calm expression. His hands are folded in front of the camera for two seconds. Then, in his hands, he holds a picture of three people. In the picture, he holds a boy in his arms. Beside him, he snuggles up with a pretty woman. The background is the garden of a villa. The sweet and warm atmosphere makes people have nothing but a look Than envy.

"Just now, there was a bastard who wanted to recognize my son. I thought it was ridiculous. You can see clearly with wide eyes. This child is like me, because he is my son. Listen to me, I will give you an address. I'll come to see me. I want to know why you want to blacken the name of my child's mother. Now you come to give me an explanation. Before 3pm, if you don't come, See you in court. "

At the bottom of the video, an accurate address appears, which is the hall of Jishi headquarters.

The man who just counted money was very happy. Now he felt that he was going to have a heart attack.

He covered his chest, breathed hard, his face was pale, and his back was sweating.

God, he's in trouble. He's offended people who dare not.

The man takes out his mobile phone and calls Xia shuran. Xia shuran hasn't seen the video yet. She is still immersed in her own world. She feels that she has made a great success in this plan.

"Didn't I tell you? Don't call me again, isn't the money for you? " Xia shuran's impatient voice came.

"Mrs. he, things are going badly. Xia Xinnian's son's father Come to the door. " The man's voice was trembling, his face panicked.

"How could it be?" Xia shuran's expression of disapproval: "this must be her strategy. Don't panic. I'll see which man she found to deal with it."

"Mrs. he, I don't care. I can't help you with this. I'm going to apologize." The man said, hung up the phone, decided to stop loss.

Xia shuran's fingers hit a few words on the computer. Suddenly, her eyes were wide and hard to believe.