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C1841 jealous

She believed that if she could give birth to he Jiaxuan's son, she would be more beautiful than the little boy. Their genes are so good.

In the afternoon, Xia Xinnian doesn't have to work hard. She doesn't want to break her mind because of the Cinderella's choosing T-shirt.

Near the end of work, her boss, Liu Chengtian, found her and wanted to take her to a dinner party. He wanted her to know more women in the circle of celebrities and expand her communication, which is good for the future development of the company.

It's a business banquet. Xia Xinnian didn't refuse it. She just made a request. No matter where she went, she would bring her son.

Liu Chengtian can understand the hard loyalty of a single mother very well. When she agrees, she also says that she will take his assistant with her and help her watch the baby.

Xia Xinnian chose a very suitable ice blue fishtail skirt, which is a new style designed by her own hands. This dress is a great test of women's body, and also a very selective one. The skin is not white, and it can't wear its ethereal temperament.

Xia Xinnian wears it for a business purpose, hoping to attract more attention and bring more customers to her.

"Mommy, how beautiful you are!"

Xia Yuchen is carrying two small short hands, standing behind her and admiring more than one.

Xia Xinnian turns around and touches his son's little head: "after a while, when you go to the party, you should keep close to Mommy. Don't run around, do you know?"

"I know. Mommy, don't worry. I won't run around!"

Although Xia Yuchen is young, she often goes to too many occasions with mummy, so she can understand the nature of mummy's work more and more.

Xia Xinnian is still very relieved about this little guy. I don't know if it's her illusion. She always feels that her son should surpass her peers in IQ.

I don't know whether it's narcissism or not, but Xia Xinnian thinks so.

Think of their IQ EQ are very general, so smart son, will be related to that man.

Liu Chengtian also managed to get these two invitations, because the protagonist of today's banquet is the master of the city, and everyone is deeply honored to be able to participate in the banquet.

Xia Xinnian leads his son and Liu Chengtian to the destination by car. This is the only seven-star hotel built on the seashore in the city. The boundless sea water reflects the huge skyscraper with layers of light.

At this moment, the parking lot in front of the gate is full of luxury cars, which is very spectacular.

Xia Xinnian and Liu Chengtian entered the main banquet hall on the third floor by virtue of the invitation. As soon as they stepped into the main banquet hall on the third floor, they felt like they had entered another world. The people here were dressed in bright clothes, surrounded by beautiful and handsome men, and the fragrance was confused and extremely luxurious.

Because this is a private banquet held by Ji Jiaxin's successor to celebrate his birthday, the guests are relatively young and the atmosphere on site is particularly warm.

Xia Xinnian follows Liu Chengtian. Liu Chengtian is a kind of gentleman. He generously introduces Xia Xinnian's identity to his friends he knows. Some people joke with them. Liu Chengtian immediately explains their relationship.

Xia Xinnian's impression of Liu Chengtian has improved in vain. He feels that he has a decent style. Only later can she understand Liu Chengtian's special hobbies.

On the observation platform on the second floor, a tall and upright body propped up the railing, looked down at the bustling hall downstairs.

The bright lights reflect the noble and beautiful face of a man. The most striking are the deep and unpredictable eyes, which are sharp and dark, like a whirlpool, cold and frightening.

"Young master, there are many guests today!"

Next to him, Li Cheng, jimucheng's close aide, spoke.


The man looks indifferent, eyes like water swept a glance at the crowd, suddenly, a touch of ice blue figure in a group of fresh clothes is still dazzling.

Jimucheng's eyes narrowed tightly. Even though they were far away, sharp eyes still caught the amazing figure. Of course, there was a little boy in a Black Plaid suit she was holding.

He stared at the figure of the mother and the son. At this time, the little boy pointed to the food area not far away, and her mother also followed his side eyes.

The two familiar faces make jimucheng's squinting eyes open slightly.

It's the mother and son that I saw on the plane. How could they appear here?

"Li Cheng, let's go down!"

Looking at the figure of the little guy running to the food area, jimucheng felt a move. He took back the hand holding the railing slightly, and walked straight up the stairs with long legs.

Li chengleng for a moment, didn't young master say that only in the middle part of the banquet go downstairs to say hello and leave?

How come when the party begins, the young master is in the mood to go on the rounds?

Jimucheng is single with his trousers in his pocket. He steps down the stairs gracefully and leisurely. His lazy and noble appearance makes his women hold their breath.

Most of the people who came here were the famous ladies and ladies of the rich family. They took advantage of jimucheng, and suddenly saw him fall from the sky like prince charming. They were all very nervous and excited.

A few brave people have stood at the stairs waiting to say hello to jimucheng.

Jimucheng has a good culture. When someone came to say hello, he replied politely.

Li Cheng followed him and helped him. He thought that the young master would go to the place with the most crowds. But when he looked up, he saw that the direction of Jimu city was the self-service food area.

Jimucheng ignores the flattering eyes thrown by him. His deep eyes are on the little man in the food district who is trying to get up and scream at the spoon.

Xia Yuchen has made a cup of ice cream for herself. Unfortunately, she can't get a spoon. It's really helpless to eat.

"May I help you?"

A low magnetic male voice sounded behind him.

The little guy immediately turned around and saw jimucheng. He had big black eyes and said, "uncle, it's you again!"

Looking at his soft short hair, jimucheng reached out and touched it like a ghost. It was extremely gentle.

"Yes, it's me again!"

Jimucheng said, already handed him the spoon.

Xia Yuchen immediately thanked: "thank you uncle!"

Looking at him leaving with a glass of ice cream, Timur suddenly stopped him in a low voice: "do you want to sit by?"

Xia Yuchen blinked, then shook his head: "no, I'm going to find my mommy. If she can't see me, she will be worried!"

At last, he saw a man standing beside her. His eyes were dim and cold.

Another man?

It's really diligent to change.

The little guy has run back to Xia Xinnian.

Xia Xinnian sees his son coming and finds that his bow tie is a little crooked. He bends down and arranges for him.