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Yang he came here with hatred. Suddenly she heard her rebuke herself. She was so angry that her face was ferocious. She said coldly: "Lan Yanxi, I didn't expect that you have such a strong sense of revenge. Did I offend you at the beginning, so you are going to take my favorite person away. Aren't you afraid of thunder strike?"

LAN Yanxi didn't expect Yang He to think about it before he got his head started. She didn't know whether to be angry or scold. "

Yang He, you take yourself too seriously. Do you think I promised to marry Ling Mo Feng to get back at you? I know to tell you, even if I don't know you, I will still marry him. Maybe it's called fate. You have no fate with him. We are not the same. We have fate. We have fate! " LAN Yanxi was also disgusted by Yang He for a long time. At this moment, she really made her words hard to hear, just to annoy her.

Yang He is really half dead. If she has a heart attack, she will have a relapse now. Her face was purple, and she pointed to LAN Yanxi: "you don't want to be proud here. I want to see. How many days can you be proud? Even if he married you, he would let you live alone. When he saw it, who would be more upset? "

"How old are you? Are you sure? Even if he doesn't love me, but he is a man and my husband. I asked him to pay public food once a day. He has to do it. Now, you are satisfied. I'm hungry. I have to eat. Don't stand in the way! " LAN Yanxi didn't expect Yang He to be so insidious and curse her for being unhappy after marriage. Naturally, she won't let her suffer. What he is most afraid of is that Lan Yanxi not only married Ling Mo Feng, but also got Ling Mo Feng's body, which would make her angry.

Now, LAN Yanxi's words really reached her most painful place, and her whole body was frozen in place.

Lanyanxi bypassed her and strode away. Yang

he was pale and trembling. He was so angry. LAN Yanxi was so shameless. He took marriage as an excuse to ask Ling Mo Feng for such a dirty request. He was quite pure. He didn't expect to be so wild in his bones. He said that she was a bathmaid who insulted the word.

After LAN Yanxi left, another corridor turned out a beautiful figure, which was blue fiber. She also wanted to come to lanyanxi, because lanyanxi was hiding from her, but the more she hid from her, the more she wanted to disgust her. Unexpectedly, she saw a good play by accident.

"Do you hate her?" Blue fiber back hands, step by step to Yang He behind, cold not Ding's mouth asked her.

Yang he was startled and turned around suddenly. She saw blue fiber standing behind her. Her face changed: "aren't you the one who fought with her last time? Are you her cousin? " "

Yes, my name is blue fiber. Sorry, I passed by just now. After listening to your conversation, you Do you like Mr. vice president? " Blue fiber eyes in some spicy Yang tea body looked around. This woman is very beautiful and charming, but her resentment makes her more mean. "

you What are you talking about? I don't know! " Yang He is scared to turn around and leave. Although she likes Ling Mo Feng, she has been hiding this feeling for a long time. Even her colleagues in the office don't know about it.

I didn't expect that blue fiber would suddenly hear her. Of course, she would deny it. There are a lot of women who like Ling Mo Feng, but they can run to fight LAN Yanxi, but they are afraid that he is a good one. Yang he still cares about this job. As long as he works in the general office, he can see Ling Mo Feng himself, not only on TV.

"Don't be afraid, I won't say it!" Blue microfibril quickly blocked her way and said with a smile: "the enemy of the enemy is a friend. Last time I fought with her, you should believe that I won't hurt you!" Yang

he looks up at the blue fiber, and she looks sad and angry: "I'm not a friend with you!" "

we all hate her and hate her. Why can't we deal with her together? We can not be friends, but we can be partners. " LAN Xianxian doesn't really want to get to know her. As long as she is a woman who likes Ling Mo Feng, she is regarded as an enemy. At present, LAN Yanxi doesn't get rid of, and she doesn't have a chance. Just at the moment, there is a woman who is more crazy than her. She can use her hand to deal with LAN Yanxi.

Yang He is so angry at the moment that he loses his sense. After listening to the words of blue fiber, he is moved.

"Will you help me?" Yang He is really looking forward to her. "

of course, I hate her too. She is at the blue house and bullies me a lot, depending on my grandfather's power." Blue fiber hands ring in front of the chest, a face angry hate expression, acting lifelike. Yang

when he heard that Lan Yanxi had been accused of his evil deeds, her heart was still happy. It turned out that she didn't hate her so much because of jealousy, but she was an invisible person. "

they are all going to be engaged. What else can I look forward to?" Yang he lowered his head and his eyes were in despair.

The two words of engagement hurt the nerves of blue fiber, and her face was dark and ugly. "

Yang He, since she humiliated you like that just now, how can you bear this evil spirit? If it's me, who dares to rob the man I love, I must fight to death with him. If I can't get it, she can't want it. A woman must dare to love and hate. If she can't even bear the price, what kind of love can she talk about? " Blue fiber immediately stimulate Yang He, hope to borrow her hand, can give Blue Yan Xi a little color to see. "

it's easy to say, but I'm just a staff member at the lowest level. She's a big miss of the blue family. Even you are afraid of her and are bullied by her. What can I calculate?" Yang He is self pitying and mocking. She can resist a few words with only one mouth. There is really no way to stop this. "

I said, can I help you? But you have to do it yourself! " Blue fibril sees Yang He's eyes full of expectation, and suddenly feels that her chance is coming. Anyway, Yang He is going to die herself, so she doesn't have to be responsible. "

What do I do?" Yang He's brain is blank at the moment. Maybe it's because she is in the same boat. She believes in blue fiber inexplicably, and feels that blue fiber is really helping her. "

let's talk about it after class. I'll treat you to dinner!" Blue fiber said, he handed her his business card: "after work, I'll contact you!"

Yang He took over and watched the back of the blue fiber leave. His heart was still sad. As soon as Yan Xi appeared in the canteen, she immediately gathered the focus of all the people. As long as she was engaged to Ling Mo Feng, the relationship would be solid. Later, when you meet her, you have to be awed. Blue

Yan Xi took a stiff step and took the rice card to punch in. The people before and after him were still busy just now. When he saw her coming, he immediately shut up. He was afraid that he would pass her mouth and pass it to the vice president's ear for fear of saying something wrong. That casual accusation may cause the loss of iron rice bowl. This can't be ignored. LAN

Yan Xi deeply realized that people are afraid of famous pigs and strong pigs. As expected, being famous only increases troubles.

LAN Yanxi is isolated. Fortunately, Wang Xinyi and her assistant sit beside her. "

you scared everyone. You dare not speak loudly." Wang Xinyi can't help teasing her.

LAN Yanxi said bitterly, "I'm not a meddler. What are they afraid of me?"

"It's not because I heard that you are going to be engaged to Mr. vice president. I can't easily offend you in the future." Wang Xinyi continues to joke.

"Sister Xinyi, can I be that kind of person? Since I work under your hand, I naturally regard you as the eldest brother, and I will obey the arrangements for everything. " LAN Yanxi quickly showed a sincere smile.

Wang Xinyi was amused by her mischievous appearance and nodded: "well, for your sincerity, I'll avoid being your boss, but you can't give me a little report with the vice president." Blue

Yan Xi quickly made an action of sealing his mouth: "make sure not to say a word!"

"I heard that he will go back to the house where you live recently. Have you eased down a bit?" Wang Xinyi immediately asked curiously. "

not yet!" LAN Yanxi answered in a low voice and made a lost expression. "

take this book and choose it for you!" Wang Xinyi suddenly threw a book and said with a smile on his face. "

what is this book?" LAN Yanxi immediately picked up and looked at the cover, only to see a line of striking words: "a hundred moves in the man capture manual?"