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She is very happy

When Ji Xiao Han received Uncle Yuan's call, he thought that something had happened to the little fellow. He nervously asked, "Uncle Yuan, did you receive all the children?"

Tang Xiao Rui immediately giggled: "Daddy, it's me!"

Lu Qing didn't quite understand what the Young Master was up to. Moreover, the amount he asked for to pack seemed to be quite a lot.

When he passed by the entrance of Only Yi company, Ji Xiao Han instructed them in a low voice: "You guys accompany me upstairs."

Ji Xiao Han led Lu Qing and his bodyguards, and passed through the hall.

Lu Qing was extremely familiar with the level of Tang You You's office building.

Indeed, a few of the conference rooms were brightly lit, and a familiar voice came from inside. The color of Ji Xiao Han's eyes slightly rose.

Lu Qing knocked on the office door, then smiled towards Tang You You and said: "Miss Tang, Quarterly is here!"

Tang You You was discussing the location of the stage lights with a few other people when she saw Lu Qing. Her heart trembled.

Sure enough, in the next second, Lu Qing's words confirmed her guess.

"Wow, it's so romantic. Assistant Tang, Quarterly actually personally came to see you. I'm so jealous of you."

"That's right, can I take a peek at Quarterly? He's really my god!"

Tang You You's face could not help but turn red when she heard the exclamations of shock coming from all directions.

Lu Qing immediately clapped his hands, and a few bodyguards walked in with a lot of delicious things in hand.

"This is the Quarterly's reward to everyone. It's hard work to work for our company!"

Tang You You looked at the table of delicious dishes on the table, and his heart started beating even faster.

Ji Xiao Han had actually brought something for her colleagues to eat when he came to find her.

Indeed, it was Ji Xiao Han. In terms of means, there was no one who could compare to him.

"Miss Tang, Young Master is waiting for you in your office!" Lu Qing hurriedly said.

Tang You You said her thanks in a low voice before she quickly walked towards her office.

The sound of high-heeled shoes on the carpet.

Tang You You pushed open the door to the office and saw Ji Xiao Han leaning wildly on her desk with both his hands in his pockets.

The man was dressed in suit and leather shoes. The light in his eyes was intoxicating and burned like a flame. Looking at her, Tang You You's heart had already been thrown into chaos.

"Why did you come?" Tang You You suppressed the wild beating of her heart, but her blushing face betrayed her thoughts at the moment.

However, she was also very curious. She didn't seem to have told him about her overtime. How did he know that she was still in the company?

"My son called me, and I happened to drop by to see you!" Ji Xiao Han told the truth, his voice low and filled with magnetism.

Tang You You's expression froze, she could easily guess what her son's masterpiece was.

"You're already working so late, why are you still coming to see me? You should go home early to rest and keep the children company. " Tang You You feigned modesty and said.

"Aren't you happy that I've come to see you?" Ji Xiao Han gently raised his brow, a slight sense of loss in his eyes.

Tang You You gasped, she knew that Yue Yang would definitely misunderstand what he meant.

"Of course not, I am deeply honored to have Quarterly here!" Tang You You smiled shyly.

Ji Xiao Han's tall and big body was already standing straight, he walked step by step towards her, but his voice was still low and deep: "Put away your official tone, I want you to personally tell me, that I have come to find you, are you happy?"

Tang You You didn't think that Zhe Ge Nan Ren Jing Ran would continue to take things out of her heart even more.

Shamefully, her beautiful eyes quickly flashed across his face. She bit her lips and nodded. "I'm happy!"

Her low voice made Ji Xiao Han instantly satisfied.

"Have you had dinner?" Ji Xiao Han looked at her slightly tired little face, and thought about how she was still drunk at noon, but now he had to take out all of her energy to deal with the heavy workload.

"Not yet, I've already ordered take-out …" Tang You You's beautiful eyes quickly swept across a big bag on the table. Did Ji Xiao Han bring her good food too?

"Don't eat anything without nutrition, you're already thin enough! "Come here!" Ji Xiao Han gently grabbed her small hand and brought her to a small sofa at the side: "I asked Lu Qing to bring you something to eat. Eat it while it's hot."

Tang You You's beautiful eyes blankly stared at the hand that he was tightly holding, when she suddenly heard that he was really going to bring her food, she became a little grateful and a little embarrassed: "Thank you! "Do you want to eat together?"

Ji Xiao Han looked at her burning cheeks and chuckled. "Open it up and have a look, if the amount is enough, I'll accompany you to eat. In any case, I still have to go home and eat with my children!"

When Tang You You opened it, there were actually three very precious dishes. Furthermore, they were very exquisite, and there was even a very fragrant bone soup.

"It's over, there's only a pair of chopsticks left!" Tang You You looked around and realized that there was only a pair of chopsticks and a spoon in it.

Ji Xiao Han looked at her stunned expression, then chuckled: "Just feed me a few bites!"

The word "hey" made Tang You You's entire body tremble.

"Why don't you eat first, I'll eat later!" Tang You You really didn't want to have fun with him, what did that mean?

Ji Xiao Han immediately felt that she was no longer willing to eat like this, and his beautiful eyes held a trace of disappointment: "What? "You dislike me?"