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The atmosphere in the living room is very dull. There is no topic to talk with each other. Pei Ying keeps staring at Ji Yueze like a fool, thinking how happy it would be to have such a man. At present, the happiness belongs to Bai Yiyan alone. Ji

Yueze can also feel Pei Ying's tender eyes, but he ignores them.

I don't know what kind of feeling it is. Ming Pei is not bad, but Ji Yueze doesn't like such a woman. People who can fall in love with each other will have a special attraction.

Fortunately, when lunch began, Ji Yueze still didn't speak much when sitting at the table. Bai's mother asked him for a few words, and he only replied. However, during the meal, he took care of Bai Yiyan intentionally or unintentionally. He would also bring her vegetables and tell her not to eat spicy food, because her injured hand was not completely good, so she needed to stop. After the meal, Bai Yiyan and Ji Yueze plan to leave. Bai's mother and Peihong send them to the door and watch their car go away.

Pei Ying stood at the door of the hall, pale.

Pei Hong turns around to see his daughter like this, wants to go forward and comfort her, but Pei Ying hates stamping her feet, turns around and runs upstairs.

Bai's mother just focused on Bai Yiyan and Ji Yueze, so she didn't notice Pei Ying's mood. At the moment, seeing her turn around and run upstairs, she asked Peihong, "what's wrong with her?" "

let me go up and have a look!" Pei Hong's face turned ugly. Pei was lying on the bed, covered with quilts, crying, wronged and sad.

Pei Hong knocked on the door and then came in. "

Xiaoying, stop crying!" Pei Hong loves his daughter and tries to persuade her in a low voice.

"Why does Ji Yueze like her so much? Why? I'm not reconciled. I'm going mad! " Pei Ying raised the quilt and asked angrily. Pei

Hong knows that his daughter was not wronged when she was young. Because when her mother died, Pei Hong gave her almost all her love. She gave her whatever she wanted, which was totally a princess's pet.

The more delicate the flower, the more unable to bear the relentless impact of wind and rain. At this moment, Pei Ying, who has encountered setbacks, will collapse in an instant.

"You have to bear with it. I think you can only admit your life. You saw it at the dinner table just now. Ji Yueze is very concerned about Bai Yiyan. You have no chance!" Pei Hong didn't want to hit her, just wanted her to recognize the reality and stop fighting. "

I don't want to, I don't want to, Dad, I really like Ji Yueze, you may not understand how much I like him!" Pei yingjue's heart seems to have been cut off, and his eyes are red with pain.

"It's no use liking it any more. Can you rob it?" Pei Hong's current three views are very positive. "

grab it, I'm not afraid!" Pei Ying thought that she often robbed Bai Yiyan's things before. If she robbed Bai Yiyan again, it would not be so. "

is Yueze your toy this season? If you say rob, rob. I remind you that Ji Yueze is the second young master of Ji's family. He has a high status. Don't mess with him and don't make him angry! " Pei Hong had to tell her something.

Unfortunately, how can Pei Ying listen now? She has been blindfolded by jealousy.

From Pei's home, Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan are all relieved.

"To be honest, this family atmosphere is really overwhelming. It's hard for you to stay for so many years!" The more Ji Yueze understands Bai Yiyan's growing environment, the more he loves her.

Bai Yiyan said with a wry smile, "I don't care. I moved out of college and only came back once in a while." "

after dinner, ask your mother to go out to eat, not here!" Ji Yueze decided not to do it again.

"Well, that's what I'm going to do!" Bai Yiyan thought of the stiff atmosphere just now. It's hard to bear it. "

is Pei Ying a flower maniac? I can't stand staring at me all the way. " Ji Yueze suddenly thought of Pei Ying again, and couldn't help complaining. "

she said before that she liked you very much. Now when I see you, I have to look at you more." Bai Yiyan smiles.

"Why don't you be jealous? At least show me that you are my girlfriend. " When Ji Yueze saw her, he knew that there was such a thing. She just ate hard, and there was no response. He had a comment.

Bai Yiyan shrugs her shoulders: "what do I say? Should I point to her face and warn her not to look at you again? " Season

Yue Ze was amused by her words and reached out to touch her long hair: "I guess you won't do that either. By the way, I just found out something. How do you and your mother look different?" But Yiyan blinked: "no, I think I'm a little like my mother!"

"Where is it like? I didn't see it! " Ji Yueze is speechless about the woman's eyes. "

just The hair is like, my mother's hair is also black and much, so am I! " Bai Yiyan finally found something in common. Season

more Ze turned a white eye: "whose hair is not black, mine is also black, and there are many, do I have any blood relationship with you?" "

hey, why do you say that? I was born by my mother. Is it difficult? Am I still picked up by my mother?" Bai Yiyan felt that there was no need to argue about this topic. Season

Yue Ze had to nod: "OK, no talking, but I still feel that you may not be like your mother, like your father." "

my dad? I may not be much like him. " Bai Yiyan shakes her head gloomily. In her memory, she and her father have nothing in common. "

do you want to have a blood test? I don't think you are your mother's own, maybe you really picked it up." Ji Yueze is more and more sure.

"You're so boring. I don't want it. My mother is my mother!" Bai Yiyan was amused by his words, and she was firm in her mind. Season is just saying nothing. Season


On the first day of the wedding, Tang youyou got up early. He went downstairs and sent a cup of tea to the old lady, and also a cup of tea to LAN Yue. They happily took the tea and had a drink.

"You and Xiaohan, do you want to go out for a honeymoon?" The old lady asked with a smile. Don

shook his head and whispered, "we've talked about it. We're not going now. His company is busy. I'm going to work here." "

OK, now that it's settled, you can make your own decision!" The old lady nodded, indicating that Tang youyou was a woman who knew the general principles and cared about her husband. The old lady was very satisfied.

"The children are going to school, too. In the future, I will take care of my grandfather. I can't leave!" Arranged the old lady. "

I have no problem!" LAN Yue is very happy, because she can take care of her two little grandchildren, which is her good fortune. "

thank you Damn it! " Tang youYou can't change his mouth. He smiles nervously.