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Is this the last episode of the block? No, it's not over yet.

The second post stopped, and lanyanxi was stopped again. She put one hand in her waist and one hand in her forehead. Is this over? How can it be so difficult to go home?

"I'm ling Mo Feng's girlfriend. This is my ID card. Please check it!"

"I'm ling Mo Feng's woman, ID card!"

"May I go now?" LAN Yanxi finally arrived at the gate of the ancient building. The guard at the gate asked her to say this again. LAN Yanxi's mood has reached the edge of collapse. Is this torture?

If she is asked to say this every day, she must be mad. The car was always parked outside the hall. At this time, it's dark. Lanyanxi wanted to come back earlier. Now, just this way, she has been put off for more than ten minutes. It's very painful. Guest

there are lights in the hall. As soon as blue Yan's eyes open, he runs towards the living room quickly. He sees that on the mahogany sofa, the man is only wearing a pure white shirt, half in his sleeves, holding a glass of red wine in his hand and a cigarette in his other hand. He is drinking and enjoying the peace leisurely.

"Ling Mo Feng, what's the matter? Why am I being interrogated and examined today? What's the matter? " Of course, lanyanxi doesn't want to account for this man. After all, he has a distinguished status. With the rumors of his discord with the president getting more and more fierce, there are more and more villains who want to deal with him. It's necessary to defend strictly on the way home. Yan Xi is anxious at the moment because he is afraid that something will happen to him. "

did you say that?" Ling Mo Feng's thin lips were slightly hooked up, and then he put out half of the smoke he had left in the ashtray at hand. "

of course, can they let me go? Is it possible for me to say this sentence wherever I go in the future? Is this the master key? " LAN Yanxi sits beside him with a smile and a deep feeling. "

then remember this sentence, don't forget it!" Ling Mo Feng suddenly turned over his face. In those deep sea like eyes, with a touch of surging emotion, he looked straight at the woman's giggling face. "

well, I'll remember. This is the key for me to walk around." LAN Yanxi looked at him with an informal smile. "

do you know the meaning of this sentence?" A man can't just forget it. He has to teach this woman a lesson to remember. "

What does this mean? Isn't that what you say? " Lanyanxi's mind is not so complicated. She only understands the literal meaning. Ling

Mo Feng's face was blacked by her words. He stretched out a finger and gave her a strong point on the forehead angrily: "listen to me. Since you say it's my woman, you need to know what kind of rules to be my woman."

"And behave?" LAN Yanxi really didn't think about so much, such a comprehensive thing. Now she has always regarded herself as a bachelor.

"That's right. It's the way of women. What did you eat in the first canteen today?" Lingmo Feng didn't want to mention it at first, but he did. Because the fire in his heart was about to be suppressed, and he was very jealous.

"Eat, what's the matter? How do you know that you went to the first canteen for dinner? " Blue words and beautiful eyes opened in surprise.

"Because I was standing at the door watching you go in." Ling Mo Feng bit the root of his teeth.

"Really? Why didn't you come in and say hello to me when you saw me? " As soon as LAN Yanxi heard that, he immediately raised a smile and asked him with a shy face. "

I'll say hello to you. Do you have time for me?" Ling Mo Feng sneers. "

What's the matter? Why do you sound weird today? " No matter how nervous LAN Yanxi is, he can see something wrong. This man's face is so cold today, even colder than the wind outside.

"As a newcomer, you seem to be very popular with your male colleagues?" Ling Mo Feng's sour sarcasm. "

it's OK. They are all very enthusiastic. They also helped me in my work!" LAN Yan's reply was from all directions.

"Why did they help you?" Ling Mo Feng really wants to wake her up with something. Can a man be attentive to this wood? "

no reason. It's not normal for colleagues to help each other!" LAN Yanxi's two little hands spread out, and his voice was upright. Ling

Mo Feng's eyes squinted subconsciously. I don't know why, LAN Yanxi was wearing this black and white suit uniform. For him, it was indescribable that she was beautiful, because of her white and tender face, and the appearance of the button on the top of her collar, which revealed a beautiful and slender neck, making people want to tear her collar open directly, and look at the skin inside No, it's as tender and smooth as the one on her face. I want to rub it hard. "

you Why are you looking at me like this? " Lanyanxi noticed that his eyes were not right, so she moved aside in a hurry. Meimou also flickered in a panic, trying to avoid his gaze. However, the man himself gave a sense of oppression, let alone the unknown emotion in his eyes, which made her feel like a small prey that was stared at by wild animals, with nowhere to escape.

"When a man is courting a woman, he just likes her. Then he will pursue her and try his best to get her." The man's low magnetic voice, said without emotion.

"Is it?" After listening, lanyanxi only gave a two word answer. Then he tilted his head and pondered for two seconds. He held out a small hand and pointed at him: "you have paid a lot of attention to me before, so do you like me? Next to pursue me? Also want to Get me? " Ling

Mo Feng's momentum was not easy to accumulate, because after these questions, she broke the power instantly. Jun's face suddenly becomes red. He takes the glass of red wine at hand and drinks it up.

"Lan Yanxi, you haven't let me lose my soul yet. Don't take yourself for granted!" When the man became angry, he realized that he could not educate the woman at all, because she was not a good student by nature.

"I know. I don't need you to remind me!" LAN Yanxi is suddenly sullen. How can this man say such hurtful words? It's a shame.

Ling Mo Feng saw that her head was lowered, and her hands were twisted together. She was so hurt that she dared not protest. "

don't talk to other men or smile at them next time." Ling didn't know where the fire came from. He was extremely overbearing.

"No!" Lanyanxi directly refused to agree: "the first rule of my job is that I should smile to the guests. How can you make me not laugh?"

Ling Mo Feng's face was stiff. Indeed, what he said was a little too funny.

"I mean you are not allowed to flirt with other men in private. You should think about my feelings. You are in the canteen today with all the men before and after you. If you want to make our relationship public later, do I have a green hat that I can't take forever?" Ling Mo Feng finally said all his bad emotions. Anyway, it's hard to hold them in his heart. It's better to pick them out.

Lanyanxi finally heard clearly this time. She stood up incredulously.

"Ling Mo Feng, what are you talking about? Where did I flirt with them? I'm just talking to them about work. How can you doubt me? " LAN Yanxi's eyes turned red in an instant. Ling Mo Feng had a cold face just now. Was it because he saw her talking with other men in the canteen and misunderstood that she was going to bring him a green hat.

"I have seen it with my own eyes, and I do not doubt you!" Ling Mo Feng's face is open on one side and his thin lips are tight. "

well, what you see with your own eyes may not be true. I don't believe that you will never talk to women other than me and your mother in your life!" LAN Yanxi refuted immediately. "

I'm measured, I won't accept others' things easily, but you accept a man's milk!"

"I paid him, didn't you see it!" LAN Yan stares at Mei Mou angrily. Then, she suddenly squints: "do you know what it's like to wear a green hat? I'll tell you, that's it! "

LAN Yanxi pounced on him directly, and the lips of pink run bit the thin lips of the man severely. Then he released them and took a step back: "Mr. vice president, please read more books when you have time. The relationship between men and women is too complicated. You really need to study hard."