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C1301 special arrangements

Qiao Zhuo didn't expect that he would receive such a mission in the middle of the night. He didn't take it as a task because Qiao Zhuo adored power and status. He felt that this was an opportunity to reach an agreement with the president and an important turning point in his life. Therefore, when he paid attention to appearance maintenance, he paid special attention to it when he went to work early the next day My words and deeds.

He has a very attractive face, a rare red phoenix eyes, smiling lips, beautiful eyes, humorous words, many women are active to approach him.

Qiao Zhuo is a diplomat. However, some time ago, because of some major omissions in his work, he has now been demoted from his post and left in the Department of public information to become an administrative staff. However, he is still ambitious. Although demoted, he still laughs at life, which is impressive.

Qiao Zhuo took the initiative to help a colleague to send materials to the archives early in the morning. He was dressed in overalls, handsome and sunny, with good temperament. He was curious about what his target character looked like.

Qiao Zhuo is striding through a corridor. Suddenly, a girl turns her head and the information in their hands falls to the ground because of the careless collision.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" The girl was a little alarmed and hurriedly looked down to pick up the documents.

Qiao Zhuo also hurriedly scolded herself and confessed: "it's my fault, I'm in a hurry to leave!"

The girl raised her head and smiled at him, indicating that she was responsible.

When JOJO reached out to pick up the document in front of her, her eyes suddenly saw the logo on her clothes, which said "blue Yanxi". His outstretched hand froze for a moment.

"Which department are you from?" Qiao Zhuo was a little nervous for a while. Unexpectedly, he happened to bump into LAN Yanxi on the way to the archives. He had to calm down and pretend to be curious.

"In the archives!" LAN Yanxi pointed to his work card.

Qiao Zhuo looks a flash, suddenly quickly picked up some papers on the ground that didn't belong to him, mixed them in his papers, and then pretended to be in a hurry to stand up: "I'm in a hurry for the meeting!"

After that, he turned to the Department of public information and decided not to go to the archives. He believed that soon, lanyanxi would come to him and ask for the documents. These documents are very important and need to be kept and filed. There are fewer pages in them. When lanyanxi checked them, he would surely find them.

"Oh..." LAN Yanxi, who is still a newcomer, didn't expect that the other party would take her documents by mistake. She felt that she couldn't understand these documents, and the other party would certainly not take them by accident. After all, it's also very troublesome to change the wrong things back.

Unfortunately, LAN Yanxi was naive.

Wan Qianqian's work was officially carried out. She took off her coat, wore a high collar blue sweater, rolled up her sleeves, revealed a small section of white and thin arms, tied her long hair into a ponytail, took a pen, and painted on the wall like flowing clouds and water. She was a natural painter. Every brush passed by, with a special artistic conception and admiration.

Wan Qianqian's mobile phone suddenly jumped out of a message. She quickly put down her pen and said to the assistant beside her: "take my mobile phone!"

The assistant hurriedly sent it over, Wan Qianqian stared at it, and the corner of her mouth suddenly raised: "I have something to do at noon. You can clean up here in a moment."

The assistant nodded her head quickly. Wan Qianqian spread her long hair and decided to go to the bathroom to make up for her. The president said first that he had lunch with Ling Mo Feng at noon and wanted to call her together.

In fact, it's a light meal, not an external meal, but a lunch with some internal leaders. Wan Qianqian knows that this is her good opportunity, and will not miss it.

Wan Qianqian took her handbag and went to the bathroom quickly. As soon as she went in, she saw a woman who was also making up in the mirror.

Yang he saw the beautiful woman coming in, quickly put away the cheap cosmetics on his hand, and stared at Wan Qianqian.

As a woman, Wan Qianqian seems to know the jealousy in her eyes.

However, she doesn't care. Beautiful things are born to make people envious. So are women. Who doesn't envy those who are born beautiful?

Yang he did not leave immediately. She pretended to take out her mobile phone to play.

Wan Qianqian opens her handbag and brings out luxurious and expensive cosmetics. Yang He dreams of owning everything. Just like when she opened LAN Yanxi's cosmetic bag, she saw things that she didn't necessarily have in her life. Then she realized that beautiful women, everything piled up on them, can only be described by one expensive word, only when they have money Of course, she is more and more aware of the reality.

Wan Qianqian described her red lips, and a pair of eyes found that the woman around her was peeping at herself. She put down her lipstick and asked lightly, "Miss, do you need my help?"

Yang he woke up suddenly and smiled coldly: "why do I need your help?"

"I thought you wanted to know the efficacy of my cosmetics." Wan Qianqian's lips raised a smile, which was obvious.

Yang He's face turned blue and white. She snorted and left quickly.

Wan Qianqian took care of her collar. She was glad that she was wearing beautiful clothes today. I believe that she will not lose her style on the dining table for a while.

Ling received an invitation from the president. He enjoyed lunch with a group of ministers in the box on the third floor of the canteen of the general office.

"Mr. President suddenly invited you to have lunch together. What's the intention?" asked the adjutant Chu anxiously

"Maybe it's related to the comments of some politicians recently. He wants to do the superficial work and ease the relationship with me." Ling Mo Feng said indifferently.

"Is it because they say that your shooting was related to him? Not by terrorists? " The adjutant Chu could not help asking.

"Maybe, anyway, since he invited me, I can't help going." Ling Mo Feng sneered.

"It's just a meal. It shouldn't be dangerous!" Adjutant Chu wanted to protect himself, but the important ministers of the state sat on the table. He was afraid that he had no right to go to the table.

"It's OK. I'll be careful myself. There are many of our people in it. He won't come here in disorder." Ling Mo Feng is not afraid.

At the lunch table, Ling Mo Feng's position is next to that of the president, but beside him, a beautiful woman was unexpectedly arranged. It was Wan Qianqian. As soon as she entered the door, she heard the staff say that her position was next to Ling Mo Feng. She was very happy.

Because it's just a very private lunch, the positions on the scene are not so important here.

When Ling Mo Feng stepped in, he saw Wan Qianqian and her eyes changed slightly.

"Hello, Mr. vice president!" Wan Qianqian quickly stood up and greeted him politely.

"Why are you here?" Ling Mo Feng sat down in his position, indicating an accident.

"I also came here at the invitation of Mr. President. It's a great honor for me to sit next to Mr. vice president!" Wan Qianqian has always been generous in etiquette.

At this time, the old president also came in. On the round table, sitting on the important ministers of the two groups, the old president looked at them all and said with a smile, "let Miss Wan eat with our old men. It must be boring. Fortunately, I arranged our young and promising vice president to sit next to you first. You young people, there is no generation gap, so we can better exchange ideas."

The next group of ministers also followed with a smile. Ling Mo Feng said with a light smile: "your kindness is so good that I'm afraid miss Wan will dislike me for being dull!"

Wan Qianqian said with a smile at the right time: "Mr. vice president is too modest. I've been looking up to your talent and bearing. It's a very happy thing to have such a good opportunity to share the table with you."

It's just a simple meal. What the ministers discuss on the table is not a national event. Instead, it's interesting to taste the meal and the wine at noon. Wan Qianqian has already offered a round of wine. Now her face is slightly red and dizzy.

Ling Mo Feng has a good amount of wine. Moreover, his people secretly block a lot of wine for him, so Jun's face is slightly red at the moment, but he is not drunk.

All of a sudden, Wan Qianqian's head was leaning on his shoulder.