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Bai Yiyan's face turned red, and her eyes looked at the man sitting opposite her inexplicably. She blinked and said, "why do you say that to me? Where am I like a pig? I don't eat much and I'm not lazy. "

"But you sleep like a pig!" Ji Yueze said rudely.

"Sleep?" When Bai Yiyan heard him mention this, she was also angry and blushed: "you'd better say that you were about to crush me yesterday."

"When did I overtake you? Why don't I feel it? " Ji Yueze heard her rebuke, but also a face of surprise, and then try to think back, last night is not what he did not know. "Of course, it's your hand..." Bai Yiyan is embarrassed to go on. Before she went to bed last night, she was sleeping on his arm. However, after a short sleep, Bai Yiyan felt that this hand was pressed on her heart and never moved away. She pushed and pushed, but she was directly pressed on one leg by

he. Bai Yiyan was so suppressed and unable to move.

"What happened to my hand? Are you rude? " When Ji Yueze heard her talk about this, he was so shy that he couldn't go on. He immediately wanted to know more about it.

Bai Yiyan's little mouth immediately turned away and said softly, "it's not only rude!"

Yes, Ji Yueze's hand not only stretches out randomly, but also lifts her clothes. Just think about it and gnash his teeth.

When Ji Yueze heard this, he immediately thought about it deeply. If it's not just indecent, is there anything else that happened?

He won't really give this woman to that when he's dreaming.

"Eat noodles quickly. Don't get cold. "Bai Yiyan feels that she should not continue to talk about this topic, for fear that it will get darker and darker.

From its is opposite the man that a pair of inquisitive eyes, simply make her flustered.

Ji Yueze's lips are thin. It seems that he didn't have a good rest last night, not only himself.

Bai Yiyan's beautiful big eyes are surrounded by gloomy colors. It can be seen that she also has a bad rest.

After breakfast, Ji Yueze asked the assistant to match her with a set of very fashionable and bright clothes.

As soon as Bai Yiyan looked at the sign, she knew that these were not cheap goods. They were all famous brands in the world, and they were all seasonal new models.

It seems that Ji Yueze is really very good to her. He didn't hesitate to wear such expensive clothes for her, for fear that she would lose his face again?

The clothes matched by professional designers are really elegant and beautiful. Bai Yiyan's figure is also very good. Wearing them on her, she has a strong fashion flavor, and will definitely become the target of the public.

Ji Yueze drives his sports car as usual and takes Bai Yiyan to the company. As expected, there are reporters at the gate. Bai Yiyan's video disturbance has not subsided. Now, there are pictures of her and Ji Yueze coming in and out together. The plot is almost confusing, ups and downs. It's conjectured that there must be very valuable news in it. They all get up early in the morning and run outside the company's gate It's time to stop. I'm looking forward to a reply from Ji Yueze.

Unfortunately, the reporter's friends still went for nothing. Ji Yueze didn't say anything, just put his hand around Bai Yiyan's shoulder, and two people strode into the elevator. Ji Yueze's assistant immediately jumped out: "well, everyone's gone. Stars are human beings. They also have their own privacy and secrets that they don't want to disclose. Please don't Scribble untrue content. My boss has a temper. Everyone knows that he doesn't want to disclose things. If you scribble, he will be very angry."

Reporter friends had to shake their heads one by one and sigh, leaving in frustration.

In the elevator, Bai Yiyan was also breathing nervously. Just now, she saw a large number of reporters at the door. She was afraid to get out of the car. Her legs were still soft. If Ji Yueze hadn't been holding her hand and giving her courage, she would have been really afraid of falling on the ground.

"Just now, thank you!" Bai Yiyan knows that Ji Yueze has found her fear, so she helps her. So she whispers her gratitude.

"What are you polite to me?" Ji Yueze glanced at her: "aren't you my woman?"

Bai Yiyan was stunned. She took a deep breath of relief and replied with a smile, "yes, not really!"

"It seems that we should do something as early as possible so that you don't know your status." Ji Yueze's tone is indifferent, but the suggestiveness is very strong. Bai Yiyan is so simple that she can understand at a glance.

Pretty face is red as if it's going to bleed. The ears are hot.

"Oh!" She nodded stupidly in recognition.

When Ji Yueze saw her expression of fright, his long fingers stretched out and closed her long hair at the bottom of her ears: "don't be nervous, tonight, we'll have a drink and everything will be done."

"Why drink?" Bai Yiyan is very strange. She drinks for the first time. But isn't Ji Yueze very experienced?

Ji yuezejun's face slightly stretched for a while, and he was angry immediately: "do I like drinking? The floor is here. Hurry to work! "

"Oh!" Bai Yiyan can't bear to ask any more questions. When she got out of the elevator, elder brother an immediately greeted her with a smile, as if she had been waiting for her for a long time.

"My little princess, you are here. Today, there is a new product launch. I have won a place for you. You and Li Ranran will surely bring you a lot of popularity." Angie immediately smiled and announced her important itinerary today.

"Li dye?" Bai Yiyan's expression froze suddenly. Isn't that the woman who was stepped on by her at the door of the elevator yesterday? Going to the press conference with her? It's all over now.

"I can Can you not go? " I really don't want to work with new enemies.

"It can't be. Yiyan, it's a rare chance. Don't miss it. The boss nodded to let you go." Elder brother an applied for this matter yesterday, and Ji Yueze nodded his head and agreed, so Bai Yiyan said no now, as if it was too late.

When Bai Yiyan heard Ji Yueze nodding, she had to sigh: "OK, I'll go!"

For the first time, Bai Yiyan can't flinch. Since this road is her choice, no matter how difficult it is, she will go on.

Besides, yesterday's scramble for the elevator position is not her fault. What is she afraid of?

Seeing Bai Yiyan's promise, elder brother an immediately became happy: "I said, you can do it, just overcome the fear in your heart." "Well!" Bai Yiyan laughs more than she cries. It's easy to say, but it's hard to do.