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C551 children, she has a share

Tang youyou comes back to Ji's seaside villa. It's time for the children to finish school. Qiu knows that mommy is back. He is very happy. He must ask Uncle yuan to take them to the seaside villa.

Tang youyou sat in the living room and waited. Hearing the sound of the car, she walked out quickly.

The door opened and the two little guys couldn't wait to run to her.

"Mommy, I miss you so much!" Tang xiaonai's feelings have always been exposed. At this moment, she hugged Tang youyou's neck, while telling her lovesickness, she kissed her face with a small pink mouth: "Mommy, will you not leave later?"

Although Tang Xiaorui also wants to hug Mommy, he is introverted in emotion and mature in mind. Looking at his sister's silly appearance of laughing and crying, he has to stand beside him, with big black eyes, but he is full of joy to look at Mommy.

"Well, Mommy promised you that she would never run around, and would always be with you and your brother." Tang youyou comforts his daughter tenderly. I didn't expect to see her for a few days. That's how the little guy thinks of her.

It's normal that the child is still young and can't be separated from her.

"Mommy, daddy has gone out to work. He hasn't come back for several days, but he came back earlier than you. He came back yesterday. In the evening, can you ask daddy to come over for dinner?" Tang xiaonai blinked black and white eyes immediately, pleading in a low voice.

It's a long time since my family has been eating together. I really miss my time together.

Of course, Tang youyou knows that Ji Xiaohan has come back ahead of time, but she can't promise her daughter to have dinner together.

"If you want Daddy, you can have dinner with him tonight. Mommy won't go up!" Don youyou doesn't want to. She just doesn't dare. The old lady will have a problem.

Tang Xiaorui sighed: "Mommy, you and Daddy won't really break up like this, so what should I do with stupid xiaonai?"

Tang youyou looks at her son. She bites her lips. "I don't know. You can get used to the fact that I am separated from your father in the future."

"I have no problem, but Nai may not be used to it." Tang Xiaorui said in a very light tone.

Tang xiaonai immediately nodded, "yes, I'm not used to living apart from my parents."

Tang youyou looks at her daughter's grievance, and she can only sigh softly: "Mommy can't do anything. Although she wants to give you a complete family, I can't do this. Xiaonai, you should help Mommy once. Don't make any more trouble, OK?"

When Tang xiaonai saw mommy talking to herself in such a serious and serious tone, she had to nod her head wisely: "well, I'll just stop, Mommy, don't be angry."

"I'm not angry!" Tang youyou got up and led the two children into the living room: "come here and tell mommy about what happened at school."

The two kids like to share the interesting things with mommy at school, so that's the time for dinner.

The old lady called Uncle yuan and asked him to quickly connect the two children to the villa above for dinner. Uncle yuan asked the two children for their opinions. The two children insisted on eating with mommy.

The old lady hung up the phone directly, looked at the table full of children's favorite dishes, and was full of sullen.

If Tang youyou is not the child's natural mother, the old lady really wants to take the children to live abroad directly, so she will not monopolize the child.

The old man's face suddenly darkened. There were two children making noise around him, which seemed to have become a part of them. Suddenly, all around was quiet, and the two old people were not used to it.

At this time, the sound of car flameout came from the door, and Ji Xiao walked in with cold steps. Seeing the displeased face of his grandparents at the dinner table, he seemed to know what was the cause.

"Grandpa and grandma, why don't you eat? Are you waiting for me? " Season owl cold pretends to smile lightly to ask them.

"Do you know she's back?" the old lady snorted

Ji Xiaohan had to act and shake his head: "I don't know. Is she back?" "If she doesn't come back, the children will have dinner with us. Alas, it's really annoying. If she wasn't Xia's daughter, we wouldn't be like this. Xiao Han, you haven't seen her recently." The more the old lady thought about it, the more depressed she was. However, the hatred in her heart could not be eliminated at the beginning.

Although she also wants to accept Tang youyou very much, she can't accept Tang youyou calmly at the thought of Xia family's excessive behavior towards Ji family.

Season owl cold face slightly stiff, tone serious answer: "I haven't seen her for several days."

"Or Go down and pick up the children. " The old lady suddenly pinned her hopes on him.

Ji Xiaohan shakes his head: "it's not necessary. She just came back. It's normal that she wants to see the children."

"But I also want to see my little great grandson. Go down and see if you can bring the children up." The old lady immediately looked forward to the season owl cold.

When Ji Xiaohan saw that grandma was so bossy, he frowned: "grandma, she has a share in children. We can't be so domineering. Besides, the children have grown up and have their own choices."

The old lady's face suddenly changed. Of course, she was not unreasonable. Of course, she knew that what her grandson said was very reasonable.

"Well, let's eat." The old man knows that he can't wait for the children today. He can only accept the facts.

After having dinner with the children, Tang youyou took two little guys by the hand and took a walk by the sea.

Standing on the beach, she looked up and saw the lights of the villa halfway up the mountain. Her heart was slightly fluctuating.

I don't know if he came back at this time.

"Mommy, what are you looking at?" Asked Tang xiaonai curiously.

Tang youyou quickly took back his thoughts, shook his head and said with a smile, "nothing, I think the night is really good."

But Tang Xiaorui said smilingly, "Mommy, do you want to see if daddy has come back? He should be back. His study is on. "

"How do you know your father's study is on?" Tang youyou asked, looking at his son

"The next room is daddy's study!" The little guy quickly pointed to her.

Tang youyou's eyes are slightly stagnant, and suddenly his head is lowered, and his heart is full of pain.

What is she doing? She has accepted the truth? Why don't you want to know if he has come back.

"Mommy, do you want to call Daddy? Call him with my phone watch." When Tang Xiaorui spoke, he had already taken off his watch phone and dialed the number of Ji Xiaohan. Tang youyou is surprised. It's too late to stop him.