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C553 want to forget her

With a strong body and clear barriers, it's no wonder that the flower crazy women are crazy to the point of no self-esteem for him.

Bai Yiyan is not a clean girl. She is just a normal woman. Seeing her favorite idol's big body, she just swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Well, that's great!

Ji Yueze turns around and catches her saliva. His thin lips are sarcastic: "have you seen enough? Turn your eyes away. Don't look around! "

Bai Yiyan shrugged her shoulders and said, "if you don't show it, please change it in the room. I didn't ask you to show it to me."

Ji Yueze didn't expect this woman to have a powerful mouth. As expected, she is a journalist with thick skin.

Other women will blush when they see him. Of course, except for Tang Youyou, who is a special woman, she has a sharp mouth.

When Bai Yiyan saw him staring at her, she couldn't help but feel hairy.

Ji Yueze was angry with the woman. He was in a mood to play tricks on him when he thought that she had secretly photographed him with Tang youyou.

"You want to see it, don't you? Want to see more? Like this! " When Ji Yueze spoke, he reached out and pressed the belt buckle gently. The belt buckle opened and the trousers slightly listed.

Bai Yiyan didn't expect Ji Yueze to be so evil and show her more benefits, so she opened her eyes and got a little excited: "that Do you really want to show me more? "

When Ji Yueze saw this woman, she even reflected fury. Her eyes narrowed in a moment. Didn't this woman have any sense of shame?

It seems that this threat doesn't work for her at all, so Ji Yueze suddenly forces her: "there are only two of us in the hotel room. If I do something to you here, I'm afraid you won't object, right?"

Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes suddenly opened, and then she swallowed a mouthful of saliva: "you What are you going to do to me? " "What can a man do to a woman?" Ji Yueze finally showed a look of fear when he saw her. He thought the game seemed more interesting. Then, he approached him with a deep and evil voice: "it's the thing you want me to do to you. It seems that you are also interested in me." Bai Yiyan, even though she was slow, seemed to see the man's intention at the moment. Her face turned white with fright, and she quickly reached out to hold her chest, with a frightened expression: "Ji Yueze, you Don't mess around. I've been punished. I almost drowned in that lake. Can't you let me go? "

When Ji Yueze saw her, he was afraid. His eyes were more evil: "let you go? Do you think it's possible? Do you know you stepped on my bottom line? "

"What's your bottom line? Is it because you like your sister-in-law? " Bai Yiyan said this in a forthright way.

Ji Yueze's face suddenly changed into a beast to eat people, and his tone was cold as frost: "what are you talking about? How can I like my sister-in-law? Do you dare to talk nonsense again? Believe it or not, I'll throw you down from the window? "

"Well, if I don't say it, I don't know about it. Don't scare me. I'm timid!" Bai Yiyan quickly hid behind the sofa.

"You'd better make it clear. I have nothing to do with Tang youyou." Ji Yueze is going to be pissed off by this woman.

Bai Yiyan nodded quickly, with a knowing and interesting expression: "yes, you have nothing to do with each other. I made a mistake."

Ji Yueze bited his teeth angrily and pointed to the gate: "get out and don't let me see you again!"

Bai Yiyan had no idea that he was so angry, so she had to flatten her mouth: "didn't you say you wanted to apply me to be your personal assistant? You're going to get rid of me now! "

When Ji Yueze saw that the woman had the cheek to talk about work with him, he had to say with a cold face, "I want to have a rest now!" "I also want to have a rest. There's another thing I want to ask you. You've crashed my rental car. Can you prepay my salary for several months first? I'm still short of tens of thousands of yuan to pay for it?" Bai Yiyan feels that she is doomed. In order to shoot an explosive news, she has to pay tens of thousands of yuan for her work. It's too bad.

"Are you begging me?" Ji Yueze's eyes are slightly colored, and she likes to look at her pitiful and helpless appearance.

"Yes, I beg you, if I don't pay the boss, I won't get my passport back!" Bai Yiyan looks at him more bitterly.

Ji Yueze nodded, "OK, I can give you 100000 yuan, but you have to give me a year's work for nothing!"

"A year? This time is too long, half a year is OK! " Bai Yiyan immediately showed her poor expression again.

"No, who asked you to take my pictures?" Ji Yueze is not so good at bargaining.

Bai Yiyan sighed bitterly: "well, I'd like to work in vain for a year. Hurry to give me money. I need it urgently."

Ji Yueze took out a card from his wallet: "take it and brush it. When you're done, give it back to me!"

Bai Yiyan didn't expect the man to give her the card so happily. She blinked: "aren't you afraid that I will run away with the card?"

"Do you have the ability?" Ji Yueze disdains to sweep her: "you should dare to escape, the second half of your life, you plan to spend in prison."

"Of course I dare not. I'm kidding you!" Bai Yiyan ha ha twice. Since she has money to pay, she quickly turns around and leaves.

Ji Yueze falls on the bed, staring at the ceiling, but sleepless.

Although his eyes are heavy and sleepy, his brain is very clear.

He always thought that he was very good at hiding Tang youyou's thoughts, but since Bai Yiyan discovered the secret, he felt very uneasy.

People always like to do something with a fluke mentality. They always feel that it's perfect. No one can hide it.

But one day, when this event will be discovered by people, it begins to regret, fear and uneasiness.

Ji Yueze's mood at the moment is just like this. He tossed and turned and couldn't sleep.

He really can't imagine how disappointed he would be if he let elder brother know his thoughts about Tang youyou.

He would like to slap himself hard. Big brother has been protecting and taking care of him since he was a child. How can he do things that are inferior to animals?

No, he must forget Tang youyou. It's better to forget it completely.

But it's really hard to forget someone. Ji Yueze has never had such a troubled moment. Maybe he should call Bai Yiyan back and quarrel with her, so as to forget Tang youyou temporarily.