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C606 does he know anything?

Season owl cold body, in her pale lips lightly imprinted, and then get up: "I go outside to call my grandmother, you obediently lie still."

"Well!" Tang youyou looks at the man's tall back and sighs with ease.

This terrible event also made Tang youyou realize that the world is still very dangerous.

Who in the world did she have a feud with?

Is it Tang Xuerou? Or the female colleague she argued with last time?

Tang youyou felt as if everyone was harming her motivation for a while, but there was no evidence to prove it, which was the most distressing thing for her.

It seems that she doesn't need to think about it here. Everything will be settled after Ji Xiaohan makes clear the evidence.

Outside, Ji Xiaohan leaned against the corridor and called grandma.

"What?" After listening to what he said, the old lady was shocked. Then she immediately asked anxiously, "how is she? There is no danger of life. "

"She's ok now, but she can't leave the hospital. She'll be in the hospital for a few days." Season owl cold don't want to let Grandma worry, low voice comforts a way.

"That's good. Do you know who caused her car accident? Did she offend anyone? " The old lady doubted immediately.

"I don't know. The police are investigating. I will cooperate with them. I will find out the murderer of Mu Hou and avenge her." Season owl cold gnash teeth to say, hate to be able to pull out that bastard to cut to death.

The old lady also nodded: "you can't give the villain Xiaoyao a chance outside the law. You must find out the murderer for her. She is my grandson's mother. She can't do anything."

"Grandma, don't you deny her identity? Why do you care about her now? " Season owl cold can not help laughing asked. The old lady immediately scolded him seriously: "who do you think of me as? It's true that I was a little cruel to her before, but at least I didn't retaliate against her. Forget it, I've looked down on her. I just hope she can go home safely and safely. You can come as you like

"Thank you grandma, I know you love me the most!" Season owl cold finally raised the lip Cape, smiled. "Yes, I really love you and my two grandchildren. They can't live without their mother's company. Although Tang youyou is Xia Weiwen's daughter, she is also very poor and innocent. Even if I'm confused, I shouldn't put the account on her head." The old lady has seen more and more clearly. Maybe the photos LAN Yue showed her touched her and made her think about one thing. No matter how to stop them, they will only lead to tragedy. Since they are wrong once, they should not let things go the same way again.

"Yes, grandma, I really love what happened to her. Thank you for your success. I decided to love her for the rest of my life." Ji Xiaohan is really grateful and excited. Grandma finally let them together.

"How can I tell the children about it? They are back now, playing in the next room. " What the old lady is most worried about at the moment is that two little grandchildren know what to do.

"Grandma Don't tell them first, just say that youyou and I have something to do. We need to go back in two days. " In the end, Ji Xiaohan chose to lie to the two babies.

"OK, I'll tell them. Take good care of Tang youyou. If you need my help, please call me. I'll have someone boil it tomorrow." The old lady agreed with him.

"Well, let's talk about it tomorrow. I'll hang up first!" Ji Xiaohan returns to the ward holding his cell phone.

Tang youyou's closed eyes slightly opened when he heard the footsteps.

"What did your grandmother say?" Tang youyou still cares about the old lady's words.

"My grandma asked me to take good care of you. Besides, she said that we should not be separated in the future." Season owl cold thin lips to rise, sit in front of the hospital bed, reach out to hold one hand of her, arrived at lips kiss: "my grandma finally agreed!"

"In fact, I think your grandma will agree sooner or later!" Tang youyou is in a good mood.

"Why are you so confident?" The season owl couldn't help chuckling. "I don't know, but I have this feeling. Your grandmother was very kind to me before. I know that she is a hard spoken and soft hearted person. She loves you so much and likes our children so much. She certainly won't let us separate." Tang youyou said in a soft voice with a smile on his face. The whole

man was very gentle.

"Well, the sixth sense of a woman is really accurate!" Season owl cold smile appreciation.

All of a sudden, Tang youyou was embarrassed, so he didn't answer.

"By the way, my brother just came here!" When Ji Xiaohan talks, he looks at her subconsciously.

Tang youyou's eyes trembled a little. He immediately dodged his eyes and said, "is that right? How does he know about me? Did you tell him? "

"I didn't tell him. He said he listened to people in his company!" Season owl cold sees her to dodge the vision, the heart slightly froze.

"Oh, maybe it's because I'm going to work in their company today and there's an accident. So, someone in his company called to ask me about it." Tang youyou doesn't know how to answer.

"My brother seems to care about you." Ji Xiaohan's brain is blank, but he says something subconsciously, like trying to test something.

"Because I am his sister-in-law!" Tang youyou replied immediately.

Season owl cold nodded: "yes, you will be his sister-in-law indeed, we will certainly get married."

"Well, I will marry you, too!" Tang youyou looked at him seriously and replied. Then she suddenly reached out and pressed her head: "I'm tired and want to sleep for a while!"

"Well, I'll help you to lie down!" Ji Xiaohan holds her up gently, and then gently puts her on the bed.

Tang youyou's left head is the location of the wound, so she can only sleep on the right side. When she closes her eyes, her whole body starts to shiver.

Has Ji Yueze been here?

Why did he come here? At this time, he shouldn't have come here.

What to do? What does Ji Xiaohan know?

Ji Xiaohan looks at her closed eyes, and suddenly her heart is in disorder.

He knew that he thought something funny, but he just couldn't control the panic.

"I'll go out for a smoke and come back soon!" Season owl cold low head to go, kissed in her face place, then, turned around to open the door of the ward left.

After he left, Tang youyou opened his eyes and stared at the door. The heart is a capital play.