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C1051: selfishness is being slapped

Cheng Ying receives a call from Luo mu, saying she hasn't seen each other for a long time, and offers her lunch.

Of course, Cheng Ying agreed happily. She thought that Luo Mu must have known about her daughter and her son Luo Jinyu, so she wanted to meet and talk about their marriage.

At noon, Cheng Ying drove to the appointed restaurant. Luo Mu came by herself. She was dressed in a dignified skirt and her face was well maintained, which gave people a sense of wealth and dignity.

Cheng Ying is wearing the work clothes at work. She is very young. She is only thirty-six or seven years old this year. At this age, many women are still unmarried. Cheng Ying looks much younger than Luo mu.

"Xiaoying, sit down!" Luo Mu has always called Cheng Ying this way, because there is a distant relationship. Although Luo Mu has higher seniority than Cheng Ying, she often played together when she was a child, so she is no stranger. Cheng

yingdafang sat down and asked with a smile, "sister Qi, we haven't seen each other for a long time. You still look so radiant and have not changed at all." Luo

his mother's name is Tang Qi, and Cheng Ying has always called her chess sister. The relationship between them is not very close. If it's not for the big family to do anything, they seldom meet in private. "

Yes, Xiaoying, I'm looking for you to have dinner today. In fact, I have something to talk with you about." Tang Qi said with a smile.

Cheng Ying reached for the cup and took a sip of tea. His eyes flashed twice: "is that right? What do you want to talk to me about? "

"I believe you know, what do you think about my son and your daughter?" Tang Qi's face suddenly became serious, and his eyes were fixed on Cheng Ying.

Cheng Ying was stunned for a moment, then smiled, "what can I think of it? Young people have their own ideas. As parents, we can only check their life. If it's marriage or something, it depends on their own fate and choice. " "

are you satisfied with her being with my son?" Tang Qi's face suddenly tightened. Cheng

changes his face, looks up at Tang Qi, and his expression freezes. "

how old is your daughter? If I remember correctly, I'm about the same age as my little nephew, Mu Xiyang. They are still in college. They are only 18-9 years old. Does your daughter drop out of school? " Tang Qi asked in a surprised voice. Cheng

Ying is a very smart woman, she will suddenly come to her mind, and the comfort when she came is gone.

I'm afraid she can't be seen. "

it's a fact that my daughter doesn't pay attention to her study, but her current career is also her own choice, and I won't interfere with her. If you think she's too young to be worthy of your son, I'll go home and educate her well. Also, I don't want to fall in love so early. It's my fault. I'm not able to supervise and take the first step!" Cheng Ying finished his speech in one breath and stood up to leave. As soon as Tang

changed his face, he stood up in a hurry and said, "Xiaoying, I don't mean to look down on your family's delicacy. I just feel that her age is too different from that of Jinyu. I'm afraid they will have generation gap. As a mother, our hope must be the same." Cheng YINGDIAN nodded: "I understand your opinion. Indeed, I think their age span is too long. Although they are suitable at present, they may not really love each other in the long run." "

I've seen this child. He's cute and cute. Like you, he's a beauty. When she grows up a few years later, there will be many pursuers." Tang Qi also felt that he might have offended some people just now, so he had to say a few nice words euphemistically.

Cheng Ying smiled a little: "my daughter, of course, will not worry about marriage. Thank you for your concern. I will find a more suitable person for her." Don

sighed, "now that you're here, sit down and have dinner together. Don't mention it!"

"No, it suddenly occurred to me that the company still has something to deal with. Thank you for your kindness. Next time." Cheng Ying said, and walked away. Tang frowned. She knew Cheng Ying was a straightforward woman since she was a child. She just left without face. I believe she was angry.

Come on, just let her understand one thing. With her mother's obstruction, I believe that the half year term that her son said will come in advance. What Tang wants to do now is to find better women for his son. To

at this point, Tang Qi is very confident. She knows a lot of people and has a wide range of contacts. The daughters of those famous families have also asked about her son's marriage. Cheng quickly walked out of the restaurant and went directly to the parking lot. She got into the car, which eased her mood. Although Tang Qi didn't say anything serious just now, when a person's heart becomes sensitive and fragile, he often doesn't need to scold others, and feels as if he has been slapped in the face by others.

Cheng Ying leans on the car and chair, his eyes are moist, his heart is full of grievances and sorrows. When

she gave birth to her daughter, all the people were looking at her with colored glasses, paying attention to her life, and many assholes were thinking of her. They felt that she was single and a woman, without the shackles of marriage, so they could definitely hook their fingers. With too many people's white eyes and ridicule, Cheng Ying has built a thick wall for herself to protect her still weak and fragile heart. She just doesn't reveal all this in front of outsiders, but when she is alone, she can't continue to pretend to be strong.

"I'm sorry, mom!" Cheng yingjue's, Tang Qi doesn't necessarily care about her daughter's age, but it's more likely that she doesn't have a complete family. Luo family is a respected family. Luo Jinyu is young, promising and outstanding. There must be a lot of women who want to join his family. The more noble the family, the more they pay attention to the selection of their daughter-in-law. Although they don't have to be strict, they are like her and her My daughter's family, which is supported by two people, is definitely not the object of the Luo family's consideration.

Cheng Ying laughs at herself. In fact, when she knew her daughter and Luo Jinyu were together, she also objected. She didn't even allow her daughter to fall in love early, and didn't allow her to contact men early. She was afraid that she would be cheated and hurt as she was at that time. However,

when the other party is Luo Jinyu, Cheng Ying or selfishly thinks that if her daughter can marry him, what will she worry about in her life?

Now, selfishness has been slapped on the face.