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Without Gong Wen Man present, the atmosphere was harmonious once again.

Tang You You helped the two little fellows cook the rice and soup. When he turned around, he saw Mu Shi Ye clumsily feeding his little girl bread, the little guy had a expression of not wanting to eat it, and started to take the chopsticks on the table to play.

"Young Master Mu, give Cheng Cheng to me. I'll feed some soup to drink." As the mother of two children, Tang You You looked at Mu Shi Ye's clumsy appearance and sympathized with him quite a bit.

To be honest, maybe his son had too mature of an impression on him, so Ji Xiao Han had always thought that his daughter was the one who needed his love, ignoring his son into outer space.

"Come, little Rui, have a prawn!" When Ji Xiao Han finally remembered that he had a son, the little guy curled its lips and said, "I don't like to eat prawns!"

Ji Xiao Han was slightly startled as he glanced at Tang You You. Tang You You said flatly: "If he doesn't eat it, then don't give it to him to eat! The opposite is not inevitable. "

Tang Xiao Rui only wanted to comfort him a little, but he did not expect the Mummy to be even colder and more heartless than his father.

"Don't take it away, I want to eat it!" Tang Xiao Rui saw that his father was about to take away the meat of the prawn, and immediately became anxious.

Ji Xiao Han was immediately amused by his son's cute expression.

As Mu Shi Ye enjoyed the delicacy, he could not help but laugh and say, "Wandering, can you teach me how to educate my children? I see that you two are very sensible, obedient and smart. I also plan to raise my daughter to be like this. In the future, she will definitely be a very caring little cotton-padded jacket. "

Tang You You was just about to give Xiao Cheng Cheng some soup, but she was a little startled when she heard Mu Shi Ye's words.

"Uncle Ye, I was born smart, my Mummy did not contribute much!" Tang Xiao Rui immediately answered with a loud voice, looking extremely pleased with himself. After he finished speaking, he pointed at Tang Xiao Nai who was beside him: "Her stupidity is inborn."

Big brother Tang Xiao Nai Yi Ting scolded her again for being stupid, and her pretty little mouth instantly flattened. She unhappily kicked the chair: "Big brother is the real idiot, the big idiot."

Mu Shi Ye loved to see these two little fellows shake their mouths the most, as if he himself had also become a few years younger.

Ji Xiao Han immediately glared at his son sternly. "You're not allowed to scold your sister anymore, Xiao Nai is not stupid. It's you who are too early in the morning."

When Tang You You heard Ji Xiao Han call her son precocious puberty, he immediately became dissatisfied and glared at his. "Who are you calling precocious puberty? Your son also inherited your genes, maybe you were even more precocious than him when you were young. "

Ji Xiao Han was startled, this woman …

Mu Shi Ye was stunned. Finished, did he start a bad topic?

Ji Xiao Han immediately looked at Mu Shi Ye: "Intelligence is something that can be carried by genes, I'm afraid I don't have much experience to pass on to you."

Mu Shi Ye couldn't help but roll his eyes, but he quickly resolved his thoughts, "If that's the case, then my daughter doesn't need to learn anything. When she grows up, she will definitely be very smart and cute, who asked her to inherit my good genes?"

Hearing Mu Shi Ye's reply, Tang You You could not help but laugh.

As expected, men were conceited and unwilling to admit defeat.

"Daddy, I finally met someone more narcissistic and thick-skinned than you." Tang Xiao Rui instantly shouted out a golden sentence.

Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but chuckle softly.

Mu Shi Ye intentionally looked at Tang Xiao Rui with a dangerous look: "Little guy, do you believe that from now on, my daughter will definitely be smarter than you."

"I don't believe it. Look at her, she doesn't even know how to eat by herself. When I was her age, I already ate by myself and could even speak a lot of things. I can even count from one to a hundred." Tang Xiao Rui was pleased with himself.

"Impossible, a child can't be lied to!" Mu Shi Ye looked at Tang Xiao Rui in shock. He had the nagging feeling that Tang Xiao Rui was lying.

However, Tang You You laughed blandly: "Xiao Rui didn't lie, what he said is true. His IQ and EQ were developed very early."

Seeing that the Mummy had testified for him, Tang Xiao Rui became even more proud and complacent as he raised his chin.

Mu Shi Ye extended a finger and caressed his sexy chin. After thinking for two seconds, he looked at Ji Xiao Han seriously, "Xiao Han, let's get engaged …"

"Cough …" As Ji Xiao Han was drinking the soup, he suddenly heard his words.

Ji Xiao Han caused him to lose his composure and stared at him furiously. "Mu Shi Ye, can you not disgust me?"

Mu Shi Ye was also ashamed of what he had said just now. After that, he explained in a hurry: "You are mistaken, I am saying that I am going to make an engagement for my daughter and your son. I feel that once your son has grown up, he will definitely be more talented than others.

Tang Xiao Rui was also a little dazed with his beautiful black eyes.

Tang You You looked at Mu Shi Ye strangely.

Ji Xiao Han wiped the corner of his mouth with a tissue and calmly replied: "No, about my son's marriage, I will not make the decision."

Mu Shi Ye then turned to look at Tang You You: "You long, the decision is in your hands right? Say something. "

Tang You You didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She looked at the little girl in her arms, then looked at her son who was scared witless by the side.

"Young Master Mu, aren't you being too impatient? I can't guarantee what kind of girl my son will like in the future." Tang You You had an awkward expression.

Tang Xiao Rui immediately put down his chopsticks, crossed his arms over his chest, and looked at him with disdain: "Uncle Ye, can you still eat properly?!"