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Tong Xiaohui is blinded by Ji Tingyan's merciless face turning. Before dark, she calls several little sisters home to discuss the matter.

"Xiaohui, how can you say that? We just pass on the gossip that others can report. Ji Tingyan is so angry. She is really a big lady. " Some people are angry and feel that Ji Tingyan is too extreme in dealing with this matter and doesn't want to read any old feelings.

"Well, I asked you to come here, not to listen to your nonsense. I understand Ji Tingyan's character. She said so harshly, which proves that she valued this matter. Let's calm down the matter and avoid falling down when we can." Tong Xiaohui's face had no pride for a long time, and she became anxious and uneasy.

Several women looked at each other, but there was nothing to do.

Finally, she agreed to come out to clarify the matter at the press conference. Several girls were red with swollen faces and stiff lines, but their attitude of admitting their mistakes was sincere.

At the end of the press conference, Tong Xiaohui went home by car, her face was dark, and when she looked at her mobile phone, she suddenly saw someone leaving a message at the bottom, and wrote down the real identity of tieting.

Tong Xiaohui's eyes are wide open. It's hard to believe that feting is the president of the company. Moreover, his bodyguard group is more global output. There are his people around the dignitaries of all countries.

Tong Xiaohui found out that she was the clown. She jumped up and down and made a big joke.

Ji Tingyan was even more angry and turned black. She didn't explain it to her in the restaurant. She even introduced her boyfriend as a fitness coach. It was hateful. If she had told her identity, would she play this play?

But now it's too late to regret. After the press conference, her reputation will also plummet. I'm afraid it will affect her dream of marrying into a powerful family. Who dares to offend Ji's family? What's more, tie Ting marries Ji Tingyan. It's also a combination of strength and weakness, which makes people dare not provoke.

Ji Tingyan sat at the dinner table, watching the live broadcast of the press conference by Tong Xiaohui and others. Seeing their faces bulging and red, she just sneered.

Suddenly her cell phone rings, and Ji Tingyan takes a look. It turns out that it's Cheng Yue. She is very happy.

"Hello, Cheng Yue."

"Xiao Nai, listen to Wang Cheng. Mr. tie is back home. Are you together?" Cheng Yue asked with a smile.

"Yes, I'm having dinner with him. Has Wang Cheng come to see you?" Ji Tingyan's mouth turns up. Cheng Yue and Wang Cheng are a little older, but the truth can't stop them. They will have a story.

"I didn't let him come to me." Cheng Yue gave a wry smile.

"Why? Don't you want to see him? " Ji Tingyan is shocked. Cheng Yue can't be so heartless. Wang Cheng's heart is hanging on her. If she doesn't see him, he's not very sad.

"I I'm in a mess now, Nani, I I'm calling to ask you about my resignation. I may not be a bodyguard for the time being. My family hopes that I can help at home. My father has a restaurant. He had an accident two days ago and can't walk. I have to look at the restaurant for him. " Xiaonai's voice is full of helplessness.

"How are you, uncle? Is it all right?" Ji Tingyan asked anxiously when she heard about her father's accident.

"At present, the situation is good, but the leg fracture, the recovery period is quite long." Cheng Yue said in a low voice.

"Xiaonai, I'll come to see you and visit your house when we have finished what we have at hand." Ji Tingyan actually wants to see her father. As a friend, she can't stand by while she hears about it.

"Really? Well, come here. I'll cook for you in the restaurant myself. " Xiaonai's voice was full of joy and excitement.

"Well, we'll be here in two days." Ji Tingyan nods.

"Well, I quit my job..."

"Yes, of course. Take care of your family." Ji Tingyan is a very good boss, she will never be difficult.

"Thank you, Nai. It's the luckiest thing in my life to make your friend." Cheng Yue's eyes were red with emotion.

"Well, don't say such polite words. I'll have dinner first when I meet you."

After hanging up the phone, Ji Tingyan looks up at the man and sighs: "Wang Cheng didn't find Cheng Yue, where is this boy?"

"You call and ask him." Ji Tingyan also wants to make do with them. Her personality is complementary and very suitable.

Tie Ting takes out his mobile phone and dials it to Wang Cheng. Wang Cheng takes it in a second. His voice is very energetic: "boss, you want to find me?"

"Where are you?" Tie Ting asked him in a deep voice.

"I I'm traveling. " Wang Cheng says it in a row.

"Alone?" Tie Ting frowns.

"Well, Cheng Yue won't let me go to see her. It's rare that you give me a few days off. I want to walk around." The voice of Wang orange has become silent.

"Come back. I'm going to Cheng Yue's place with Xiao Nai in two days. You can go with me." In the end, tie Ting still has some heartache for this simple and upright subordinate. He is young and doesn't know how to flirt with girls. He finally likes someone. His boss has to help him.

"Really?" Wang orange's voice is very excited.

"Well, be safe on the way." Tie Ting finished, then hung up the phone.

After dinner, Ji Tingyan was ready to drive home. She was a little uneasy. She accompanied her all the way to the door of the house, which stopped a taxi back to the hotel. Ji Tingyan was warm.

Back to the hotel's tieting, looking at the messy big bed, thinking of his own play just now, he was a little hot, but at the same time, he was a little depressed, so he took out his mobile phone, looked at the content unrelated to work for the first time, and explained the men and women's affairs on it, he looked very seriously, handsome and hot.

Although tie Ting is thirty years old, he is still the first time in men's and women's affairs. He really feels that his skills are not good. As a man of the sky, in bed, he can't lose the battle. He will only hurt his beloved.

Ji Tingyan didn't know that tie Ting had to do enough for her.

The next day, the two continued to look at the house, and finally decided to set up a single villa on the hillside, with a very wide vision. Ji Tingyan saw the elegant yard at a glance, and feting saw her with a satisfied look, so she didn't want to see anything else, and decided directly.

It's just that the price is a little expensive. When tieting paid the deposit, he didn't frown.

It is every man's duty to please his women,.

Ji Tingyan is really happy these days. She used to have a long time, but now, in a twinkling of an eye, she has been getting along with feting for several days, but her time is short.

After the house is settled, the next step is to go through the formalities of house delivery. One time payment is indeed a high price, but for feting, it's only a drop in the bucket. He doesn't care.