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C1773. There's no way to get her

Tang youyou has been pregnant for more than eight months. The time passed quickly. From the first time when she was sick with pregnancy and vomiting to now when her belly is bulging and it's difficult to walk, it seems that she didn't suffer. Compared with her first child, this process is really very happy. Thinking of hiding when she was pregnant with the first child, she felt flustered and helpless. She sincerely lamented how important it is for women to marry the right man It will affect a person's life.

Brother and sister Ji xiaonai are six and a half years old. They have another semester. They are about to graduate from kindergarten, enter the primary school and become a qualified primary school student.

Dusk is approaching, a winter snow suddenly falls, outside the window, the vegetation is covered with a layer of snow, the whole world becomes single, a piece of silver.

Tang youyou breathed hard for two times. Eight months later, she was pregnant with two babies and had some difficulty walking. Although she was afraid, she forced herself to be stronger, but she didn't give birth.

But it was because she was born that she was more afraid. She expected the due date to come soon. She was afraid that she would come too soon and didn't have any preparation in mind.

Ji Xiaohan's work has stabilized a lot recently. After several years of hard work, he has gained the present stability. His number of visits to the company has also decreased, because he has to spare more time to accompany his family.

Tang youyou took a nap. She was aching all over. Her thin body and bones were not puffy because she was pregnant. She was still thin, but it was just because she was too thin that she became more difficult to conceive.

Ji Xiaohan pushes the door into the bedroom and sees Tang youyou's struggling to sit up. He rushes over and reaches out to hold her steady. He asks her heartily, "haven't you slept well?"

"Sleep well."

Tang youyou answered softly, and then leaned weakly on the man's shoulder: "you know, Chu Chu has successfully given birth to a son?"

"Yes, listen to lochnen."

Season owl cold nodded.

"I also hope to be born soon."

Tang youyou sighs.

"Sure, the end of next month is your due date. You know, next month, I want you to go to the hospital, and I'll go there with you."

Ji Xiaohan is really afraid of any situation. There is still some distance from the hospital. The fastest driving is about an hour. Tang youyou is pregnant with a twin, which is more dangerous than a single.

"Well, you can arrange it. I have no idea now. I just hope I can give birth to these two little living treasures quickly."

Tang youyou nodded lazily.

Ji Xiaohan looks at her loose skirt, which can't cover her belly. It's hard to imagine how she went to the hospital to give birth to her baby. His heart hurts like a needle.

"Yo, thank you for not giving up our children."

Ji Xiaohan reaches out and holds her hand. At this moment, he is willing to do anything for her and give her the whole world to thank her for her.

"Why do you say that?"

Tang youyou shivers a little and looks at him in surprise.

"If I didn't go through all this with you, I wouldn't know that women have to go through so many processes to have a child. I always thought it would be easy for women to have a child."

Ji Xiaohan laughs at himself. Sometimes a man really ignores a lot of details and the hardships of a woman who is willing to give birth to a child for him. He always feels that it is natural for them to give birth to children.

"With you around to take care of me, I don't feel the hard work, really."

Tang youyou holds his finger and sticks his hand to his face: "Ji Xiaohan, it's probably the luckiest thing for me to meet you in my life."

"Me too!"

Although it's silly for a man to say this, it's the most real answer in his heart.

Tang youyou chuckled. To tell you the truth, the man's affectionate manner is really silly.

"What are you laughing at?

Doubt me

The handsome face of a man is a little embarrassed. He is not very good at saying these words of love, but sometimes he can't help saying them. If Tang youYou can feel his true feelings and honey, he will be very helpless if she can feel it and laugh at him.

"No, I don't doubt you."

Tang youyou shook his head: "really, I never know that one day I will trust a person wholeheartedly. I thought I would not trust others except those who were born to me and me."


"In your eyes, I'm still someone else?" he said

"No, no, no, don't get me wrong, I didn't mean that."

Tang youyou found that there seemed to be something wrong with his words, so he quickly explained.

Man handsome face is still not very good-looking: "Yo Yo, you say this kind of words, really hurt me. If you don't think so in your heart, you won't say it. Maybe, I haven't really walked into your heart, you always treat me as an outsider, right?"

Tang youyou looks at the sad expression on the man's face. For a while, she has a few words. She can only continue to shake her head and explain: "of course not, you are my husband, and I want to be with you all my life."

"Is it?"

The man picked the eyebrow, but he bit his teeth secretly. Hum, woman, see how you coax me.

Tang youyou is really worried. She can't help but stretch out her fingers to gently caress his handsome face. Her beautiful eyes are worried: "Ji Xiaohan, don't be angry, OK?

I didn't mean to say that. "

"But you still hurt me. I'm not happy."

Season owl cold handsome face taut, a coax bad appearance.


Tang youyou suddenly put out his hand to cover his stomach and made a cry of pain.

"What's the matter?

Does your stomach hurt?

Do you want to go to the hospital. "

Just now, he was proud of the season owl's cold face, and his handsome face was full of anxiety.

Tang youyou's face is painfully beautiful. After listening to his concern, he immediately stretches out again, with a black belly smile: "aren't you angry with me?"

Season owl cold handsome Mou unbelievably opened a circle, the gas extremely counter smile, the evil bit bit the tooth root: "you long, you dare to deceive me?"

"I didn't cheat you. I just want to know whether you care about me or not."

When Tang youyou saw that he was more angry, his face turned white with fright, and he immediately explained more sincerely and apologized.

"Oh, I finally know whose gene my daughter has inherited. It must be yours, so I know to scare me."

Ji Xiaohan is angry and angry at the moment, but he has no way to take the woman in his arms.

"You want to be a daughter slave. How can you still depend on me? I've always advised you not to spoil nane so much. You don't listen to my advice."

Tang youyou looks discontented and turns his mouth.

"Well, stop playing, I'm not angry."

Where dare Ji Xiaohan fight against her? Jun's face is full of convinced spirit.