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Before, Ji Yueze felt that Tang youyou was the most innocent woman he had ever met. But now he found that the woman in front of him was just like an idiot, and her brain must be flooded.

What kind of education level does she have? She can't even understand what he said.

In fact, Bai Yiyan misunderstands what he said, because she likes Ji Yueze. She is afraid that when she gets drunk, her emotions will explode even more. It's strange that a man who has lost his mind will not fall down in the face of the man she likes.

"Well, drink it!" Ji Yueze didn't want to correct her wrong understanding, and put a bottle of wine in front of her: "drunk, I will lock you in the room, you can't hurt me."

Bai Yiyan's eyes flash. She really picks up the bottle and drinks it directly.

Even the cup is omitted. She just wants to have a good drink and what it's like to get drunk.

Looking at the way she looked up, her slender snow-white neck was like the most beautiful swan. At the moment of drinking, her neck was slightly undulating, and Ji Yueze had no reason to swallow her saliva.

Is it really that good to drink? Even as a drink, drink so much fun.

Bai Yiyan still overestimates her ability. She thinks it's so good to drink. She can drink every bottle.

Unfortunately, she soon found that she couldn't drink it. She was too full. She had enough food just now.

So, she put the bottle on the table, reached out and stroked her forehead: "you should not be drunk, why am I still so sober?"

When Ji Yueze saw her, he began to think about being drunk, and he could not help humming: "this wine has a great potential. Go to the sofa and lie down for a while, and it will work soon."

"Oh, all right!" Bai Yiyan finished, but she was obedient and went to the sofa to lie down.

But, this lie down, still really feel the brain began to faint, she raised an arm, block in their own eyes, just want to sleep with their eyes closed.

Ji Yueze still leans on the side of the tavern, languid and lazy. It's hard to see what he's thinking at the moment.

After lying for more than ten minutes, Bai Yiyan suddenly felt very thirsty, so she struggled to get up and wanted to pour a glass of water.

All of a sudden, she just rolled off the sofa, because her hands and feet were too soft and weak, her brain was dizzy, and she looked at everything.

Hearing the voice on the sofa, Ji Yueze looks up, and sees Bai Yiyan lying on the carpet struggling to get up.

He quickly put down his glass and walked over. He stretched out his long arm and pulled her up. He asked her in a cold voice, "are you drunk?"

"No, I can still drink!" Bai Yiyan felt thirsty, so she wanted to drink. Thinking of the sweet red wine just now, she couldn't help licking a circle of lips: "Ji Yueze, pour me another glass, OK?"

Although she felt dizzy, but consciousness has not been lost, so she can speak together.

"Stop drinking!" Ji Yueze advised her directly.

"Well, I want water!" Bai Yiyan dare not bother this man to pour water for her, so she stands firmly with the strength of his arm, and she will go to get the water cup.

"Don't move, I will!" Ji Yueze was afraid that she would break the water cup. At that time, he had to clean it himself. So he pulled the woman back and pressed her to sit on the sofa.

Bai Yiyan is very hot now. She has no strength. Ji Yueze says what it is.

Ji Yueze poured a glass of water and Bai Yiyan reached for it. She felt that the glass was against her. Her outstretched hand was clearly about to hold it. But why is the glass spinning?

"Don't drink, even the cup bully me?" Bai Yiyan was in a bad mood. Unexpectedly, it's worse now. She doesn't want to drink directly.

Ji Yueze saw her at this time. He was still playing with his temper and gave her a refreshing cold voice: "if you want to drink, please ask me. I'll feed you!"

"Please?" Bai Yiyan really woke up, raised her confused eyes and looked at the handsome man in front of her. She giggled, "Ji Yueze, please, will you help me?"

"Yes!" The man's tone is firm, which makes people dare not doubt.

"Then I beg you Let me go My aunt! " Even though Bai Yiyan is drunk, she has not forgotten her mission.

Ji Yueze listens, handsome face changes suddenly, eyes are more indifferent, take water to get up and go.

What's wrong with asking? The last thing he wanted to hear.

Bai Yiyan felt that he had left her. She immediately put out her hand and covered her face. She was ashamed to see others, but she was wet with tears in her fingers.

Ji Yueze doesn't care about her anymore. Bai Yiyan wants to get drunk like this.

However, the dry pain in her throat made her unable to fall asleep. She still wanted to drink water and wanted to.

Feel like a desert that has been dry for hundreds of years, even a drop of water.

Bai Yiyan felt the rope and got up, but she found that it was dark outside the window.

The room was also dark. Bai Yiyan was dizzy because she didn't turn on the light. At the moment, she couldn't tell where the southeast and Northwest were.

Suddenly, she seemed to see a gleam of light.

That's the direction of the wine cabinet. Only the small light on the top of the wine cabinet is turned on, and directly shoots at the top of the counter to light up a small area of the world.

Ji Yueze is slouching back in his chair. He has drunk several cups of wine in his hand. However, he has a good amount of wine, so he is not drunk, but more sober.

I saw the woman coming here with her head pressed. She looked very sad.

Then he thought that the drunk would feel thirsty. Maybe she was thirsty again.

So, a finger stretch, holding the cup of ice water, the man got up, Seiko like steps, toward the crooked woman.

He put the water in front of her, the voice line low cold: "want to drink water?"

Hearing the word "water", Bai Yiyan nodded her head instinctively. Her hair was dark and disorderly, which set off her white and small features. This appearance, coupled with her obedient character, was adorable.

"Please!" Ji Yueze likes her obedience just like playing a kitten in the play.

"Please!" Bai Yiyan's little mouth tooted for a while, and Ji Yueze's thin lips would give her the water.

But unexpectedly, Bai Yiyan immediately had a big hair, reached out to him and pushed: "please? Who are you? I, Bai Yiyan, have never asked for help since childhood. I don't know how to write it. "

Ji Yueze didn't expect that she was really crazy, but she was a little weak in front of him.

"Then don't drink. You'll die of thirst!" Ji Yueze said and turned to go. "Ah, you come back!" Bai Yiyan suddenly yells angrily. Ji Yueze ignores her. She pounces directly from behind and wraps her arms around his waist: "give me the water, handsome boy!"