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C1132 Luo Da Shao, advise you to be kind

On the way, Lu xuanchen avoided mentioning the topic of Luo Jinyu. He felt that between Yang ChuChu and Luo Jinyu, something very serious must have happened, otherwise, he would not only hear his name, Yang ChuChu would be so sad.

But on the way, if we don't chat, it will be very dull. At last, the two had to talk about the script, which solved the embarrassment on the way.

A few hours drive, two people chat for a while, on their own back in the chair to sleep, until Yang Chu woke up, the scenery outside the window has become familiar.

"Water?" Lu xuanchen woke up before her, and the gentleman considerate handed her a glass of water. "

thank you!" Yang ChuChu said gratefully, took the water, unscrewed it and drank it. "

Where are you going?" Lu xuanchen asked curiously. "

I don't know, or you can take me to a place." Yang ChuChu didn't want to go home at this time, because once she got home, her mother would begin to limit her freedom. Although

she knows that her mother is also kind, but she still wants to be free, the person who wants to see can go to see, and what she wants to say can also be told to him.

The place where Yang ChuChu asked Lu xuanchen to send her is Luo Jinyu's private apartment district.

During this period, Luo Jinyu did not know whether he was at home or not.

Yang ChuChu got out of the car and Lu xuanchen handed her a mask: "take it, it must be used!"

"Lu xuanchen, you are so considerate, your girlfriend is really lucky!" Yang ChuChu couldn't help laughing.

"Thank you!" Lu xuanchen did not dare to hope that Mao Rongrong could find such a great advantage. Yang

wearing a mask, he went to the gate of the community.

This is a high-end residential area, which needs to be registered when entering or leaving. However, Yang ChuChu is a familiar face here, and the guard elder brother forgives her. Yang

came to the floor where Luo Jinyu was, and took a deep breath. She decided to go up boldly.

Luo Jinyu's apartment is on the top floor of this floor. Yang ChuChu steps out of the elevator and sees the fingerprint lock. She can't help but look down at her thumb and wonder if he has changed the lock. Yang

hesitated for a moment, or pressed his thumb down, the cumbersome recognition program started to persuade, and the door opened with a crack.

Yang ChuChu was a little stunned, but from this small detail, Luo Jinyu left her a glimmer of hope.

Yang ChuChu hopes that Luo Jinyu will not be at home at this time, because she just wants to be a passer-by, and she will leave at a glance without disturbing him. But when she walked into the door, the man was wearing trousers in one hand, and his face was full of complex joy. "

you How are you at home? " Yang ChuChu was as guilty as a thief. He even stuttered when he spoke.

Luo Jinyu's upper body is a white silk shirt, and his lower body is a slim black trousers. Such a simple match, however, exudes his male charm to the extreme. His tie and coat are all thrown on the sofa at will. The third button that he unties makes his beautiful male clavicle chapter appear.

If there are really evils in this world, most of them are like him. He has deep and charming eyes, beautiful features and no sense of urgency. The most funny corners of his mouth are especially confusing the world. "

Why did you come quietly?" Luo Jin keeps his thin lips up, which shows how happy he is. In this lazy afternoon, he can see the most beloved woman. The haze that has been piled up in his heart these days seems to be suddenly blown away by a gust of wind, leaving him satisfied. Yang

her delicate and nervous face turned red. She could only hold the strap of her backpack tightly without any place for her hands. She was so embarrassed that she had to smile and say, "I thought you were not at home at this time."

"If I'm not at home, what else is worth stealing?" Men walk with elegant steps, close to her, between words, smile deepened. "

who said I was coming to steal? Besides, you have nothing to steal! " Yang ChuChu was identified as a thief by him. His face was red and hot, and he immediately refuted. "

Oh?" The man's ending goes up, obviously deliberately teasing her: "so, if you come here, you can only steal from me. I am the most expensive existence in this room."

"Luo Jinyu, you can still joke at this time, which means that your company's problems are not big." Yang ChuChu is really speechless to him. At this time, shouldn't he borrow wine to relieve his worries and look frustrated?

Can why, the man that she sees, but even more evil ruffian than before? "

are you concerned about me?" The man has stood in front of her, a pair of deep eyes, tightly coagulated on her blushing face, the strong sunlight outside the window refracts the light, making the whole living room bright, but even in such a bright light, her skin is still like a shelled egg, white people want to reach out and pinch two to be willing. "

Yes, you have this kind of thing, of course I will care about you!" Although she wanted to say the opposite, she didn't think it was necessary. She was obviously worried about her life, but she was stubborn and refused to give him a call to care about him. Maybe she is the so-called face to face and suffer.

"I'm happy you care about me." Luo Jin's fingers fell on her snow-white face in a gentle and satisfying tone. "

have you handled your affairs? Last time I saw a picture of you coming out of the police station, I thought it was serious. " Yang ChuChu could not help but ask. Luo

Jin Yuyou's eyes have changed for a while. Is it because she shows some disappointment that she will care more about herself? Perhaps, a soft heart, will stay with him? My mother has agreed that they can be together. Although I didn't say that they can get married, at least their communication is not a problem.

"This incident made me feel frustrated. It's really not good to be questioned. My personal image has also been destroyed. These days, I have been very unhappy." Luo Jinyu finished, turned around and walked towards the sofa. Then, he regretted why he had to clear away the empty bottles in the morning. If there were several empty bottles to testify at this time, maybe his words just said would be more convincing.

Yang ChuChu is not sure how serious the company's accounts will be checked, so she can't help but reach out to hold him from behind, stick her face on his back, and whisper, "or I'll take a leave for two days and accompany you well, or not?"

As soon as Luo Jin's eyes brightened, she didn't expect that she would sell miserably. She said that she would accompany him. This simple and lovely little fool, how could she be pinched?