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C1838: desperation

Xia Xinnian smiled and nodded, "well, I'm worried about how to adapt my son to life here."


Xia Yuchen felt like she had been sold cheaply by mommy, and didn't ask for his advice.

However, when Mommy decides to do something, the little guy has to admit his life.

So the next day, Xia Xinnian took his son to stand guard. Ling Suxi prepared a lot of delicious food for him and gave him a whole set of toys. The little guy was also asked to take a picture and print it on the flyer.

Xia Xinnian hoped that his son would contact more people and learn to offer love. The little guy said nothing to Mommy.

In the most prosperous section of the road, several little girls are handing out leaflets to passers-by.

A black Maybach stopped on the side of the road, the door opened and a man came down.

Jimucheng is wearing sunglasses and a tailored black suit. He is tall and straight with beautiful features. Standing in the crowd, he also shows his unique and noble breath.

A little girl handed the leaflet to the person next to her habitually. When she saw such a noble and extraordinary man passing in front of her, she subconsciously shrunk her hand, but the other party still did not coldly refuse, and the slender fingers took the leaflet away.

Jimucheng is willing to take the flyer. It's just that she doesn't want to embarrass the little girls. It's not easy to send the flyer here in the hot weather.

He looked down at the contents of the flyer. Suddenly, a delicate and lovely face came into his eyes.

He raised his eyebrows and took off his sunglasses. After confirming that the little boy was mistakenly regarded as his son's little fellow on the plane, he gave a light smile with his thin lips.

What a small world! Originally, he wanted to take this flyer and throw it away. But he was in such a strange mood that he held it tightly until he entered the high-end restaurant.

He came here for social activities, so when the elevator went up, he put the flyer directly into the suit pocket.

After two days of playing with his son, Xia Xinnian is about to start work.

This time, she returned home with several representative works of her mentor. Among them, some works companies designed by her own invited her to help. Xia Xinnian felt the pressure as soon as she stepped into the company.

She can lose face herself, but not her teacher, so she should do her best to deal with things to the perfect state.

Xia Yuchen sent Ling Suxi's sister's children's English training class during the day. Ling Suxi patted her chest and assured her that the little guy would not be bored there.

On the first day of Xia Xinnian's entry into the company, there were various meetings, and the lady of lady came to him immediately. She wanted the legendary master to design a top-level dress for herself.

The most taboo of rich and noble ladies is that a dress appears in different occasions. Therefore, their paranoia about dress makes them persist in seeking better designers to help them fulfill their dreams.

Xia Xinnian looks at the orders piled up on the table in an instant, but shakes his head and sighs.

Her boss is a middle-aged man named Liu Chengtian. Seeing the order coming, he was very happy. He came directly to Xia Xinnian and said, "Xinnian, it's an absolutely right choice to hire you back. I'll give you a banquet in the evening to help you. Don't forget to face it!"

"Thank you, Mr. Liu. I'm flattered!"

Xia Xinnian smiles and nods.

She is very confident in her design style. This confidence also comes from her hard study abroad. She wants to meet the preferences of these rich ladies and ladies. She also has her own secret and unique skills. Therefore, although there are many orders, she will not feel tired. She only hopes that she can make further progress in her career.

In the evening, Xia Xinnian took his son to the dinner party of president Liu.

President Liu invited many celebrities in the circle, as well as senior leaders in the company. When Xia Xinnian came in, she stared with countless eyes and knew that she was the beloved of famous designer Karina, but she didn't expect to be so young and beautiful. She was just like a pure female student who just walked out of the school.

Although Xia Xinnian was young, she was courteous. The little guy around her didn't have stage fright. She asked him to say hello. He also said hello gracefully.

Because it's a private banquet, so many people brought their children here. Xia Yuchen was immediately dragged to play by some little guys.

Xia Xinnian sits on the seat, feeling like a thorn in the back. Everyone is in the same trade, and jealousy is inevitable.

Xia Xinnian has been used to this feeling for a long time. When she became Karina's only private student, she was envied.

After the dinner, Xia Xinnian also recognized people in the circle. Of course, someone recognized her.

That night, Xia received a call from a friend.


She's back home?

Who asked her to come back? "

Xia shuran hears Xia Xinnian's famous son. His evil spirit is blocked in his heart and he can't swallow it.

"It seems that she returned to China for work. Now she works for Kalan international design company."

"I see. Thank you!"

After hanging up the phone, Xia shuran's face was gloomy. She pinched her cell phone in hatred. Xia Xinnian chose to return home at this time. Was it intentional?

Xia shuran and he Jiaxuan have been married for more than five years. They haven't had a son. Their daughter has two children, but there is only one single child in his family. If there is a big fortune waiting for heirs, Xia shuran has two daughters, but she can't bear her son, which makes her extremely anxious,.

At this time, hearing Xia Xinnian's name, Xia shuran is just like swallowing a fly. She feels nauseous. It seems that Xia Xinnian is taking time to go back to China and wants to break up the relationship between her and he Jiaxuan's loving husband and wife. In a moment, she pricks up all over her body and is alert to the woman who returns suddenly.

Xia shuran has some magical barriers in order to be able to bear her son. She has tried everything and endured all kinds of pain. If she can't carry on her family, she will be rejected by her mother-in-law.

Xia shuran is very angry. Why do other women have children just like playing with each other? One at a time, and some people have a pair of children. It's just that it's so difficult for her.

Xia shuran comforted herself and heard a knock on the door. She ran over happily, opened the door, and saw he Jiaxuan standing outside with a gloomy face.

"Honey, are you here?"

Xia shuran's voice is ringing, and she will rush to embrace him.

He Jiaxuan pushed her away and said with a cold face, "why don't you go away from home so much?"

Xia shuran listened, his face was dark, and Mei Mou had tears of grievance: "husband, why do you come to kill me?

I'm not the only one who can't have a son. Why do you all blame me? "