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C1715 conditions of disallowance

LAN baijue's Lingmo Feng's words imply that he can die. He is very angry to ask the old man under the spring.

Nearby Chu lie immediately sneers: "Mr. LAN, you have so many plays. My husband's meaning can't be clearer. You just have to admit your guilt and promise that you won't hurt Miss LAN again. He doesn't want to make a big deal today."

Lambert glared at chulie angrily: "you are his attendant, of course you will speak for him. Why?

I've donated tens of billions of money from the blue family. Can't I get angry? "

Ling Mo Feng frowned, and LAN Bai was not going to talk well.

"Yanxi is my wife. I don't allow anyone to bully her. You are her uncle. But in the face of the old man, I can not pursue this matter, but you must show your attitude towards it."

Although Ling Mo Feng was angry, he didn't like the way LAN Bai spoke, but he was still a man of great affection. The old man talked to him before he died. The general meaning was to ask him to take care of LAN's family. Don't let Lan's family go away like this.


What attitude do you want me to give?

Well, if you want to talk about the terms, I'll put forward my terms. As long as you and lanyanxi agree, I'll discuss everything. "

Lambert immediately sat down on the sofa next to him and raised his legs, with an expression that was not easy to discuss.

"What are your conditions?"

Ling Mo Feng's face has sunk.

Lambert held out five fingers: "you give me 5% of the company's equity and give me dividends every quarter. As long as I have the money to take it, I will never make trouble, and I can sign a guarantee."

Ling Mo Feng didn't expect that Lambert would benefit in the end, so that his interest could stop him.

"I'm sorry, I can't agree to this condition. I'm not involved in anything of blue family company."

Ling Moheng refused to agree directly.

"If you can't even make up your mind, then you can find someone who can make up your mind to talk about it. As long as it's closed, we can all be safe."

"Are you threatening me?"

Ling Mo Feng's eyes flashed cold.

Lambert was shocked. He said in a soft voice: "I didn't threaten you. I just told you the conditions. As long as you are willing to give me dividends and let me maintain my life, of course, I won't make trouble again. Five percent, I don't want much."

"I have said that I will not interfere in the company's affairs, and I hope I can't make up my mind. If you want to, you can directly find the person in charge of the company. Do you think he will agree to you?"

Ling Mo Feng sneers. LAN Bai really dare to open his mouth. The purpose of the old man's donation to the company is nothing more than to arouse the fighting spirit of the descendants of the blue family, and they can't be allowed to go down at ease. However, LAN Bai's current requirements, contrary to the old man's will, Ling Mo Feng will not agree with him.

"You don't want to fool me here. Who in the company has the final say, isn't it you and LAN Yanxi?

It's interesting that you're playing high here. "

When Lamberton stopped working, his face turned ugly again.

Chu lie can't see any more. Only Mr. Chu has the patience to listen to his nonsense here. A scoundrel like him can only teach him a long lesson, for fear that he won't want to do bad things again in his life.

"Lambert, you can't finish it. Do you really think my husband is such a good talker? If you play like this again, it won't work..." "Chulie!"

Ling Mo Feng stopped him from going on at the right time.

Chu lie then resisted the anger.

Ling Mo Feng stared at LAN Bai coldly, warning: "I've made it clear. What I want to do is your business. This time I'm just a reminder. Next time, I won't be so patient to reason with you here."

Ling Mo Feng finished, turned around and left. LAN Bai was really scared to stay in the same place and didn't dare to answer.

Until Ling Mo Feng's team left completely, Lambert took the cup beside him and smashed it out the door: "Ling Mo Feng, you think I'm really afraid of you."

Second lady LAN ran down from the upstairs in a panic and looked out the door. "Are you all gone?"

LAN Bai's face was dark and ugly, and he was angry. "Bullying people with their power is obviously bullying us. LAN Yanxi, a hateful dead girl, has found a husband. That's great."

Blue two Madame one face is sad, cannot help but persuade husband: "otherwise, we don't make trouble, this matter should pass, I see Ling Mo Feng's meaning, also don't pursue us."

"In the past?

Who said that can pass, not go, I did not get dividends, I am not willing to. "

Lambert stared at the beads, looking like he wanted to eat people.

Mrs. LAN two steps back and wants to cry anxiously: "husband, don't do this. I'm afraid. We need to treat our daughter. Otherwise, you can go out and find a job tomorrow. I can also find a job, as long as we are not old, good hands and feet..." "Looking for a job?

Do you know what people outside think of me now?

They treat me as a joke. I grew up so proud that I didn't want to be laughed at by them. I would rather die. "

At this moment, Lambert is so decadent that he is afraid to walk out of the door.

Mrs. LAN er's tears couldn't stop falling. She didn't expect her husband to be so cowardly. Because of a little face problem, she didn't want to find another job. However, in this world, no matter what age, if you want to make money, you have to work hard to return.

Second lady LAN can only turn around silently and go back upstairs.

LAN Bai sees Xi RI's obedient wife, and looks at him with disgusted eyes. His mood is really sad, but if he doesn't persist, he is afraid that there will be no result at all.

When Ling Mo Feng returned home in the evening, LAN Yanxi immediately came up to him and asked, "have all the information about the troublemakers been investigated?

What is the result? Is it related to my uncle? "

Ling Mo Feng reached out to touch her head and comforted her, saying, "I've been looking for him today. Don't worry. I've reminded him of what to say and what not to say. If he still knows what to do, next time I'll have him arrested and put to justice."

LAN Yanxi listened and was very sad: "I guess it will be them. Why can't they live a safe life?

What else do they lack?

Grandpa left them enough money to live a stable life. We need to know that there are many people in the world who live in poverty, but they are still satisfied. Why do they come to my uncle? They are like filling a dissatisfied hole in the ground. "

Ling Mo Feng reached out and hugged her, kissed her long hair with thin lips, and comforted her: "well, don't be angry. They are so natural. It's not worth your sorrow for them. Your task now is to eat, sleep and successfully give birth to the child every day."


LAN Yanxi also felt that what he said was reasonable and should not torture himself with the mistakes made by others.

"When shall we move?

Don't you say that you have already served as a vice president?

Will he be in a hurry to move in? "

LAN Yanxi asked him curiously.

"I have discussed with him. He is not planning to move here at present. He has just finished the decoration there. Although the materials used are very environmental friendly, you are pregnant now, so it is not suitable to move. Wait a moment."

Ling Mo Feng answers her gently.

"Well, listen to you!"

Blue Yan Xi chuckled, like a child, eyes clean and clear.

Ling Mo Feng looked at it, relieved. For her smile, he would do anything for her.

Jijia! Ji Xiaohan took a rare three-day holiday recently. He decided to take his children to play around.

Before, because of the tense situation, he never had the chance to bring his children out to see him. Now, the environment has been stabilized. Ji Xiaohan is going to mend his mother and son. So he has three days' vacation free, and plans to take them to a good nearby villa for relaxation.

In the early morning, Ji Xiaohan is busy carrying the suitcases for the two little guys. Ji xiaonai is holding the lovely doll, carrying a pink schoolbag on his back, and his long hair is tied into a ponytail, which is extremely cute.

Tang youyou also packed something. She was about to carry it downstairs when Ji Xiaohan suddenly ran over.

"Keep it, don't move!"

The man's tone is domineering and commanding.

Tang youyou had to stand up, smile and walk to: "why, I can mention this."

"No, you are the key protection object now. I'll take care of everything."

Season owl cold very carefully hugged her for a while, walked to, lifted that luggage bag, stretched out a hand toward the woman: "go, the children wait for urgent."