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C933 sweet new marriage

At last, Mu shiye and Pei Anxin didn't go directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau, because they had different certificates. Moreover, on the way, Pei Anxin checked the calendar and found that it was not good for marriage today, so they had to drive to pick up their daughter and go home. It's more than three o'clock in the afternoon! Season

Xiao Han presses his head and slowly wakes up. He sees Tang youyou standing on his head and nodding his head to sleep. His eyes are slightly stunned, and suddenly he doesn't want to disturb her lovely appearance.

Because she didn't sleep very much last night, she was so excited and looked forward to it. She had to get up to make up again after less than three hours. At this moment, seeing the heavy sleep of Ji Xiao, she felt as if she had been infected. She started to sleep with one hand on her head.

When Ji Xiaohan saw that every time she was about to fall forward, he was smart again. Then he raised his hand and cut his long hair, and continued to sleep with his arm on his back. It's hard for Xiao Han to see her lovely and naughty appearance, and he is bored with a smile and interested in enjoying it. Don

youyou came here this time. She was shocked and woke up. Her beautiful eyes were deep and interesting. "

you..." Tang youyou saw the deep smile on the bottom of the man's eyes. She blushed and asked angrily, "when did you wake up? Why don't you remind me? " "

I think you are sleeping so sweet that I am reluctant to wake you up!" Ji Xiaohan finally laughs. "

Where are you reluctant? You just want to see my joke on purpose. It's too much." Seeing that she was angry, Xiao Han quickly sat up and clapped his position beside him: "sit down and sleep on my leg!" "

No, I can't sleep now!" Although Tang youyou said this on his mouth, his beautiful eyes couldn't help but look at the man's long legs. To be honest, she really wanted to lie down and sleep. She must be very strong.

"I see your eyes are black. Come here!" Ji Xiaohan knows that she is still holding on, and orders her with a trace of bullying.

Tang youyou saw that he was so kind-hearted, of course, it was not polite. After she went to lie down, her head directly rested on his leg, and a long black hair also spread down, hanging down a lot, a delicate and beautiful face, beautiful people can not move their eyes.

"Sleep!" Season owl cold finger gentle trim her long hair, warm voice said.

Tang youyou was already very sleepy. Hearing his warm voice, he closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep almost a few seconds later. She slept for hours and woke up to find herself in her new bed. After a few seconds of trance, she thought that she had been carried for a while after falling asleep. It must have been Ji Xiaohan who woke up after drinking and sent her back from the leisure room of the banquet hall.

Looking at the clean and brand-new bedspread and quilt cover, the light rose red, jubilant.

As if still doing a dream, did not wake up from the dream. Don

lay back on his back, like a happy child, rolling twice in the big bed. It is the dry fragrance of the sun that pierces the nose. Tang youyou chuckles and finally gets married. This wish is finally realized.

At this time, the door was pushed open, and Ji Xiaohan went in with a suit of home clothes. Look at Tang youyou lying on his back on the bed. He seems to have woke up a long time ago.

Tang youyou sat half way up and watched the man walk over with long legs. "

What's the mood of newlyweds?" After Ji Xiaohan came over, he also sat down, reached out and touched her long hair, and asked in a low voice. "

apart from being a little tired, it's very good!" Tang youyou looks out of the window. It's already dark. There are lights shining in the distance. The room is very quiet. Tang youyou's mood is also quiet. "

well, it's a little tired, but it doesn't affect our wedding night tonight!" Ji Xiaohan wants to tease her when he sees her. I don't know if it's a bad habit. But when he sees her blushing, his mood will double. Don

youyou is really blushed by his red bone words. She gave him a white look: "you still have strength, anyway, I don't have it!"

"Of course I have, for you, indefatigable." The man attached to her ear and whispered.

Although there is no one else in the room, this sentence is suitable for her to listen to, as if it is a love talk between two people, which can only be said in secret.

Tang youyou chuckled and scolded: "are you serious? I don't want to squeeze you out! "

Season owl cold quiet Mou for it Mi tight: "you this is too despise me!"

"I won't tell you. What about the children?" Asked Tang youyou in a low voice.

"Downstairs, I'm having dinner. I came up to ask you to go down for dinner!" Season owl stood up lazily and straightened his skirt: "let's go. I don't think you have anything to eat at noon. You should be hungry at this time!"

Tang youyou nodded: "I'm really hungry. I'll wash my face and go down. Go first!" "

don't worry, go wash your face, I'll wait for you here!" Season owl sits back to bed languidly.

Tang youyou hurried into the bathroom, first took off his make-up, and then came out to change into a home-based clothes. The two went downstairs.

Downstairs, the two little guys had a noisy day. They didn't take a nap at noon. At this moment, the eyelids of the two little guys were falling down. It was Tang xiaonai, shaking his head for the first time, as if he was going to sleep in the next second.

She had a spoon in her hand, and when she remembered, she took a bite of rice. The old lady took out a mobile phone and was secretly photographing her lovely appearance.

LAN Yue smiled and said, "Mom, don't pat her. I'll take her to bed first!" "

let me take more pictures. It's lovely!" When Xiao Nai saw that the old lady was recording her on her cell phone, she immediately braced herself up and waved some good tempered hands: "great grandmother, don't do it!" The old lady just pressed the Save button and said with satisfaction, "it must be fun to take it out later!" Season

xiaonai put down the spoon, tooted his mouth and looked at lanyue: "grandma, take me to sleep, I'm so sleepy!"

LAN Yue picks her up and says to Ji Xiaorui, "Xiaorui, have some more, and go upstairs to find grandma after eating!"

"Good!" Ji Xiaorui won't have no willpower like Ji xiaonai. Although he is sleepy, he will never lose his temper. The old lady said with emotion: "well, Xiaorui is growing up now. He can't even see his embarrassment. However, you must have made a lot of jokes when you were a child. It's so shocking that I didn't see it." Ji

Xiaorui turns a white eye to the sky: "great grandmother, do you love to see me embarrassed? How boring! "