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C756 is still heartache

Yang ChuChu has never been in such a hurry and fear as he is now. His face is already pale, and there is no blood at the moment. The eyes filled with mist of tears rolled down in a light blink. She stared at the man in astonishment and wanted to see a glimmer of hope in his face.

But why? Why can't she see anything? Is tears in her eyes? Luo Jinyu felt her trembling body after hearing this sentence. He deliberately turned his eyes elsewhere and his voice was still cold: "in fact, even if it wasn't last night, I decided to temporarily separate myself from you for two years. Between these two years, I won't be in touch with any woman, and you will go back to

campus and finish your study well. Two years later, if you still Like me, we will talk about dating and marriage. "

Yang ChuChu's blank eyes suddenly had a glimmer of light. She was afraid that she couldn't even utter her voice. But when she heard that the man gave her a chance, she immediately nodded, "OK, as long as you don't hate me and don't break up with me, it's all right." Luo Jinyu nodded like a fool when he saw that she didn't even think about it. His heart trembled a little bit. He was really moved and liked this little thing's dedication to himself. Taking advantage of this foolishness, Luo Jinyu felt that she couldn't be pushed in her whole life. Alas, she did this behavior last night. If she didn't do well I'm afraid she doesn't know how lawless she will be in the future.

In fact, Luo Jinyu forgives her for a long time, but her face is still calm: "since you agree, let's sign an agreement. Within two years, try to avoid meeting. See you in two years!"

"Ah..." Yang ChuChu didn't expect that he would really be so ruthless to her, two years don't see each other? Then she will die.

Luo Jinyu was frightened by her. He still said in a indifferent tone: "it can also test our feelings. If we really have a destiny and love each other deeply, then it's natural for us to get along and get married in the future."

"Luo Jinyu......" Yang ChuChu looked at him pitifully, his voice was soft, and she had her own way of pleading, because before she begged him for anything, the man agreed to her without saying anything, but at the moment, is it still effective?

Luo Jinyu didn't buy the account, but his voice was low, but he was full of calmness: "we will draw up an agreement now. We will sign it first. After returning home, we will implement it according to this agreement. If anyone violates the content of the agreement..."

"What do you want?" Yang chuchuchujue, he is 100% to violate the rules.

"The deadline will be postponed for one month!" Luo Jinyu has many ways to deal with her unreasonable little things.

Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes went down in a flash, and her straight body fell off directly. She was depressed again. Her beautiful eyes were filled with tears, and she looked sad and helpless.

Luo Jinyu frowned and felt that he was too cold and heartless. However, he had to harden his heart. Otherwise, if the situation continues to develop, he is afraid that he and she will not have the chance to be together in the future. Cheng Ying must be the first one to jump out and block him.

"Do you have any comments?" Luo Jinyu sees her to bow head not to speak, still very distressed, relaxed tone to ask her.

Yang ChuChu shook his head, his voice with a cry: "no!"

Her appearance almost made Luo Jinyu's heart soften. However, he quickly held on to his sense and continued to say, "since there is no opinion, I will make an agreement." "No!" Yang ChuChu suddenly looked up at him and said, "don't sign, don't draw up an agreement, we can know this thing by ourselves. Please, our love, don't bind in this way, you believe me, no matter it's two years or ten years, I will always like you, really

Luo Jinyu looks at her clear eyes, listens to her firm tone, he suddenly has a kind of unspeakable moving, the heartbeat in the heart suddenly accelerates, he looks at her, suddenly silent. Yang ChuChu is still afraid that he will ask her to sign. She continues to say in a hurry: "I promise not to pester you in the past two years. I can do what I say. If I can't do it, you can punish me. Last night, I also know that I did something wrong. My brain is hot and not rational. I will introspect myself."

What else can Luo Jinyu say? It seems that she has said everything.

"Good!" He nodded as if he had agreed to her demands.

"Really? Then we won't sign the agreement? " Yang ChuChu thought that he didn't agree with him, because he really liked to cheat and let people have no trust, but this time, she would never.

"No sign!" Luo Jinyu was finally relieved.

Yang ChuChu is inexplicably happy, with tears, still happy to laugh.

Luo Jinyu really didn't know where she came from, but she could still laugh. Just now, she was so sad and aggrieved, heartless. That's what she is.

"Is your body still painful?" All of a sudden, the voice of the man asked her, and his eyes could not help but look at her two thin legs.

Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes are stiff, and her two calves are close to each other. Her pretty face is blushing and she bites her lips and shakes her head: "no pain!"

"You don't have to suffer from it, do you understand?" Luo Jinyu's words clearly are blame, but they are more painful to her.

Yang ChuChu nodded, very obedient answer: "no, not killed!"

Yesterday was more painful than death. Yang ChuChu thought about it, and it was a pair of bitter tears.

Luo Jinyu looked at her as if she had been taught a lesson. He really didn't give up to scold her a few more words.

"Well, pack up, let's go back home!" Luo Jinyu decides not to go to see her pretty red face, for fear that he will think about something else.

"Are you going together?"

"No, separate!" Luo Jinyu answered her if he didn't want to.

"Why separate?" Yang ChuChu's eyes are red again. He wants to cry.

"There must be a lot of reporters in ambush at the airport. Do you want to be photographed again?" Luo Jin said lightly.

Yang ChuChu's face stiffened, and he looked down sadly. "OK, you go first. I want to stay here for a few more days."

"You want to stay here? Alone? " After hearing this, Luo Jinyu suddenly tightened his eyebrows, obviously worried about her.

"Well, I don't have much to do back home now. It's better to be quiet here!" Yang ChuChu's reply seems to be holding his breath.

"No, you must go back today. I promised your mother that I would send you back." Luo Jinyu won't let her stay alone. It's not safe. Yang ChuChu was stunned and nodded, "OK, I'll go back first!"