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C906 hidden secrets

The year has passed, the holiday is over, and all directions of work are normal.

In the new year, Ji Lin is also determined to make a big career. His time is not long. Before Ji Xiaohan waits for an opportunity to clean him up, he has been looking for an opportunity to turn defeat into victory. Because

as soon as the old man closes his eyes, Ji Xiaohan's means of cleaning him up will surely be more ruthless.

He dare not take the elder's identity to show respect to Ji Xiaohan. Ji Xiaohan is only willing to step on his feet completely.

While Ji Lin is thinking about how to suppress Ji Xiaohan, he is afraid of another thing.

Once brother Ji Nan's death is investigated by Ji Xiaohan, he will not be given a chance to live. Therefore, Ji Lin must think of a way for himself, and this way must not be a dead end.

If we want to get rid of the old case more than ten years ago, we must get rid of one person.

That man is the white truth that he let go for a while. When he wanted to get rid of Bai Zhenzhen, he even took a gun to see her.

However, Bai Zhenzhen's face is really like the woman he loves. Bai Zhenzhen also feels that he will kill people, so he kneels down and pleads with him. Ji has always been ruthless, but when facing the face of his beloved, Lin is still soft hearted. He let Bai Zhenzhen go and warned her severely. White also vowed to heaven that he would never be embarrassed to keep this secret in his life.

Ji Lin doesn't know if Ji Xiaohan has investigated Bai Zhenzhen's head, but the person he went to see her said that she seems to be missing in recent time, so he couldn't contact her.

Ji Lin has to be vigilant. Ji Xiaohan covers the sky. Now that the company is stable, he will definitely take time to investigate his father's accident. Ji

Lin suspects that Ji Xiaohan must have looked for Bai Zhenzhen. Bai Zhenzhen is timid. Maybe he will hide first. But it's no use just hiding. It's not the future of Ji Lin. Therefore, he must make Ji Xiaohan close her mouth completely before he catches her. Ji is worried about this matter. In fact, he secretly sent people to find Bai Zhenzhen's whereabouts.

However, this woman is very clever and cunning. If she was allowed to leave her alone, she would definitely leave all kinds of way out for herself. In recent years, he has been locked up in prison, rarely engaged in activities outside the country. The changes at home are amazing, and Ji Lin is really powerless.

Finally, he decided to turn to his son for help. Because Ji Shangqing has guessed what he did in that year. He is his father, and he will not die in the wind. "

is Bai Zhenzhen the woman who used to hook up with uncle? I thought I'd already dealt with her. " When Ji Shangqing heard his father's request, he sneered and felt that his father had let her go. It was like leaving a future trouble for him. Season

Lin is also regretful: "I didn't kill her that year, but now, she can't live any longer."

"Dad, why didn't you kill her?" Ji Shangqing's aggressive eyes made Ji Lin panic. "

I don't think she will betray me!" Ji Lin's vague answer.

"No, she can do things for you with money, which shows that she is not a good woman. Do you really believe that she is so loyal?" Ji Shangqing laughs coldly. Ji frowned and didn't want to discuss it with his son.

"I know the reason why you didn't kill her, because she has a face you like, which makes you dizzy. It's true. It also proves that you have a deep love for that woman. You must be shocked that she died early?" Ji Shangqing did not give his father face, but only promoted to his pain. Ji's face turned black in an instant, and he said with dissatisfaction, "even for this reason, it doesn't make any sense to say it now. It's better to find a way to solve her for me, once and for all!" "

I just feel unworthy for my mother!" Ji Shangqing suddenly shouted, "you can let go of a woman who looks like her, but you haven't let go of my mother!"

"Ji Shangqing!" Ji Lin roared, as if to his pain, making him angry.

Ji Shangqing's eyes are cold, and he doesn't speak anymore. Ji also felt that his attitude was too heavy, and he took a slow breath: "still clear, don't mention the past, OK? You have to think about how you could have come into this world without the combination of your mother and me. " Season

Shangqing's face turned pale and his eyes flashed a color of disgust.

"If I could choose my own birth, do you think I would like to be your son?" Ji Shangqing finally didn't resist his emotions and said a treacherous word. Season

the whole man fell off. He suddenly felt very tired and had a feeling of being unable to fight again, just as his age was approaching dusk, which made people have no fighting spirit.

"I'm sorry, I'm not a good father. Have I put you to shame?" Ji Lin saw his son's face was loveless. He immediately sat on the sofa, covered his face with his hands, and apologized.

"Do you have any real clues?" For a long time, Ji Shangqing opened his mouth and his voice was calm. Ji raised his head, looked at him, flashed a smile: "are you willing to help me?" "

otherwise? You are my father. Who can I help if I don't help you? " Ji Shangqing laughed at himself.

Ji Lin immediately said, "I don't know where Bai Zhen is, but I have a way to lead her out." "

tell me?" Ji Shangqing picks eyebrows lightly.

"Bai Zhenzhen is not a simple woman. She used to be called Bai Liuyin. Besides, I know she has a daughter." "

yes?" Ji Shangqing was not interested in it, but asked lightly, "are you ready to fight her daughter?" "

there's only one way to find her. As long as her daughter is in our hands, are you afraid that she won't come to our door?" Ji Lin said proudly.

Ji Shangqing frowned: "why is this white willow sound not simple? Is she greedy for money? "

"That daughter is her illegitimate daughter. Two years after she was born, Bai Liuyin was arrested for taking drugs. So she passed on her daughter to her sister. Others may not know about this, but I investigated her. I know that her sister's daughter was actually born to her, but she couldn't take drugs to jail."

"She's still on drugs? What a bad habit this woman has Ji Shangqing looks disgusted.

"Yes, when I found her, she was very addicted to drugs. In order to let her help me, I took her to detoxify." Ji Lin said lightly. "

well, let's try to tie her daughter up and see if she can tick it." Season is still light.