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Fuxun looked at Tang Weixin's mouth, and found that the woman's serious appearance and her bright smile were two extremes, one was oppressive, the other was brilliant.

"Are you asking me to be responsible for you?" Tie Xun thin lips up, finally found a little sense of existence.

"What did you say? Say it again. " Tang Weixin just smiled like a flower, and now it turned into ice cream. Her eyes narrowed, staring at the smiling handsome face of the man: "I beg you?"

It's not easy to find a little happiness of being a man. Suddenly, she was frightened by her dangerous eyes, touched her nose, and said lightly: "well, don't make fun of it. You're so angry. I think your body is better. I'll go back to sleep."

"Don't go." Tang Weixin suddenly orders him.

"What do you want? Won't you eat me now? I can warn you that my brother is not a vegetarian either. You are good at martial arts and he is no worse than you. You should bully me again, ah. " Tie Xun also narrowed his eyes immediately, staring at her dangerously with a warning.

"I'm hungry. Do you have anything to eat?" Tang Weixin's whole body is scattered. Where is there a half of the Queen's aura? Instead, it's more like a little poor man suffering from hunger.

Tie Xun handsome eyes is a surprise again, this woman's acting skill is very good, just also one face is domineering, now there are several coquettish feelings.

"You'll be hungry, too. Wait, I'll make noodles for you." With that, he went out.

Tang weixinmei's eyes open and round. How about noodles for her?

A few minutes later, as expected, Fuxun came in with a bucket of instant noodles. In front of her, he deliberately tore two sausages and put two marinated eggs in the bucket: "add some materials to you."

Tang Weixin was bewildered by the man, but she was really hungry and had no energy to argue. She sat at the table and ate with her head down.

Tie Xun, with his hands around his chest, stood by and looked at her. Seeing that her food was elegant, he turned around and went out. After a while, he took a cup with lemon slices in it: "here you are."

Tang Weixin whispered a thank you, then took a sip, sour and sweet taste.

"You speak softly. It's a girl's favorite personality." Tie Xun suddenly opened his mouth and said quietly.

Tang Weixin is coughed by a mouthful of instant noodles. He coughs twice. His pretty face is red: "I don't know what is gentleness."

Tie Xun hurriedly handed her a tissue: "learn slowly later, this is your woman's strong point."

Tang Weixin looks at the man's bad smile. She sighs powerlessly at the bottom of her heart. How can she hate the bad look of this man?

This night, some people hugged and slept together, some people had different dreams, some people didn't sleep all night, until dawn, tie Xun stretched out and went to bed to sleep.

After the rain, it was even colder. Wang Cheng borrowed the equipment and finally got the signal. Jieting also had a chance to deal with some company affairs. Ji Tingyan made a phone call to her elder brother through Jieting's equipment.

Jimucheng didn't hear from her. He was worried. He didn't feel at ease until he heard his sister's voice.

Ji Tingyan still doesn't want to tell elder brother about the matter here. She believes that feting can handle it well, so that elder brother doesn't worry about herself.

In his sleepy sleep, he suddenly heard someone calling for him. He propped up and found that there was a signal on his cell phone. His mother called.

Hearing his mother's phone call, Fuxun woke up in a second, and he quickly answered the phone.

"Mom!" Tie Xun tight nerves, pretending to calm a shout.

"Xiaoxun, when will you come back? Mom miss you." A gentle female voice came from the other end of the phone.

"Mom, what are you doing? It's still early in the morning. I have to go to work tomorrow. " Tie Xun pretends to be lazy and wants to deceive the past.

"You go abroad every day. Are you looking for your girlfriend there? Your eldest brother, too, is too busy to see people every day. It's difficult for mom to have a meal with you. I don't care. At the end of this month, you two must appear in front of me. " Mrs. tie seems very angry. Her two sons are busier than each other. As a mother, she is worried and helpless.

"OK, I will go back to see you with my elder brother. If you don't say it, I'll hang up." Tie Xun said, then quickly hung up the phone, patted the chest, some guilty.

Mom didn't know about their brother's plan for revenge, and they kept it to themselves.

Tie Xun is not sleepy. He takes his cell phone to find brother. Tie Ting gets up early in the morning. He is having morning training with his people around him. When he sees his brother running anxiously, tie Ting stops.

"Mom called me. She seemed a little angry. We didn't go back every day." Tie Xun said with a bitter handsome face.

"Aren't you the best at coaxing her? You didn't coax me. " Tie Ting looked at his brother and smiled bitterly.

"I was so nervous that I forgot to make her happy. Brother, we must succeed this time. Otherwise, I'm afraid my mother will find something wrong." Tie Xun sighed.

"Certainly." Tie Ting's eyes fixed on the front: "you can't fail to plan for so long."

He believed in elder brother, and that God would not let the wicked continue to do evil.

Tang Weixin is eating a roasted hare sent by her younger martial brother Jack. It tastes better than the instant noodles last night. She stares at Jack. Jack's back is cold. She laughs, "what else do you want, elder martial sister? I'll catch it for you. There are many small animals here."

"I'm thinking about how to repay my brother's help." Tang Weixin said slowly.

"Elder martial sister has a way?" Jack looked curious.

"I have a way. I want to discuss it with you first. Do you think Exxon should die?" Tang asked him directly.

"It's time to die a thousand times and ten thousand times. He's a natural demon, and he shouldn't exist in the world." Jack has suffered a lot this time. He hates this man very much.

"Well, if we don't catch him this time and kill him directly, what do you want to say?" Tang asked solemnly.

"Ah? Kill him? " Jack looked surprised.

"That's right. If you don't agree with me, don't interfere in this matter. The order of the organization is to seize the life. But I've decided not to let him go. If he is released again, it's a huge hidden danger. I've decided that when I get well, I'll go and lure him out, so that my brother can get revenge." Tang Weixin stood up and wiped the oil stains on his hands with a paper towel. He said definitely.

"Elder martial sister, don't do it. You will die if you do this." Jack's face turned pale when he heard this, which was definitely death.

"I have at least half the chance to live. Don't worry about me, if I have to get my injury cured, maybe I have to stay here a little longer." Tang Wei looked out of the window and saw the figure of her brother in the distance. She seemed to be more firm in her mind.