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Ling Mo Feng can't help but see her lovely appearance when swallowing saliva. This time, it's not as gentle as before, because he wants to punish her for her nonsense.

The head is almost pressed by the man directly. The next second, the thin lips of the man severely kiss her lips. Lanyanxi's brain is blank for a moment. The lips of the man are hot and domineering, which doesn't give her a chance to think at all.

Lanyanxi is not the first time to feel his anger, but this time, she felt the most real, he was really angry by himself.

"Well..." The man is actually biting her lips. Blue Yan Xi cries out in pain. The man quickly lets her go, gasps heavily, and locks her with dark eyes. Seeing that her lips are reddened by his kiss, he angrily bites his teeth: "next time I hear you say this, I won't let you go so easily."

"Ah?" LAN Yanxi's pretty face was shocked for a moment. Then she asked a more flattering question: "are you going to let me go like this? Don't you want me to give anything else? "

Lingmo Feng had expected the woman to speak boldly and directly, but unexpectedly, she would be so direct. He was enraged by her directly, staring at her pretty face with burning eyes: "you still think how can I punish you?"

"Corporal punishment." Blue words is a reply.

Ling Mo Feng again Jin holds the bearing, also by her this sentence gives the gas to nearly a little spurt smile to come out.

"What are you thinking all over your head? You can't wait any longer?" He reached over and rubbed her long hair: "don't worry, when the injury on my arm is cured, I will punish you severely. At that time, it's useless for you to beg for mercy."

"I don't beg for mercy." LAN Yanxi's frightened face turned white. Inexplicably, he was afraid of him.

Ling Mo Feng knew that she was hard spoken and didn't argue with her. He just sat down on the sofa lazily: "there are too many things in the last few days, and I'm too busy to rest."

Of course, lanyanxi knows that he is busy. It's the critical moment of the transition between the old and the new. He has to deal with many things. Lanyanxi really loves him. She got up at five in the morning and had to look through the documents after being injured. Suddenly, she understood that the successful people are not flukes, but are really self-discipline, coupled with unremitting efforts every day.

After meeting Ling Mo Feng, she became more aware of this. Before, she would only envy the success of others. She felt that the other side must be lucky. Now, she is heartbroken.

"I'll knead it for you. It should be more than half an hour before dinner." LAN Yanxi immediately took the initiative to go around the back of the sofa, stretched out his hand, and gently pressed the sun acupoints for him.

The girl's hand is soft and delicate. It's not strong and comfortable to press. Ling Mo Feng is greedy for this moment. She can't help but close her eyes and relax.

LAN Yanxi has learned some kneading knowledge and techniques before. His grandfather used to have a headache. When he was free, LAN Yanxi would press some acupoints on his head. Now, her technique is used again. LAN Yanxi saw that the man closed his eyes, and her action was lighter, so she pressed it for more than ten minutes. LAN Yanxi heard the sound of the man's steady breathing.

Ling Mo Feng fell asleep.

LAN Yanxi was in a daze for a while. Unexpectedly, he could fall asleep sitting here. Did he even take the lunch break instead of work in the end of the day?

Lanyanxi turns around, takes a small blanket and covers the man gently.

Ling Mo Feng didn't wake up because he was too tired. Maybe it was because he was at home. He fell asleep at ease.

LAN Yanxi is sitting on a sofa next to him, with his chin on his back and his eyes looking at the man quietly.

Some people, sleeping is also good-looking, blue Yan Xi mouth corner involuntarily to rise up, from the heart like.

When LAN Yanxi decided to enjoy Ling Mo Feng's sleeping face, there was a light knock outside the door. An aunt accompanied by several guards brought their dinner.

Lanyanxi walked quickly and reached for it. "Just give it to me. He's asleep. We'll eat later."

Aunt nodded and left wisely.

LAN Yanxi put the food on the table, four dishes and one soup. The mix of halo element is very reasonable, healthy and nutritious.

LAN Yanxi is thinking about whether to wait for Ling Mo Feng to eat together. He hears the man's slightly tired voice behind him: "the food is delivered. Hurry to eat. Don't get cold."

"Why are you awake? Did I make a noise? " Lanyanxi asked immediately.

"I don't sleep very well. You didn't disturb me. I'm too alert. If someone comes, I'll wake up." Ling Mo Feng said and came to her.

LAN Yanxi hurriedly went to the kitchen and took the chopsticks. First of all, he filled a bowl of soup and put it in front of Ling Mo Feng: "eat it quickly, and go to have a rest as soon as you eat it."

"After dinner, I have something to deal with. I'm afraid I'll have to stay up late again." Lingmo Feng took the soup, took a sip of the spoon and smiled.

"Then you have to eat and work." LAN Yanxi's small mouth was blaring, and he was served a bowl of rice directly.

Ling Mo Feng can't laugh or cry: "I can't eat too much at night. I'll give you half of it."

LAN Yanxi whispered, "I can't eat much. I'm still losing weight."

"You don't even have a hundred catties. How dare you lose weight?" Ling Mo Feng frowned and disagreed.

"Blue speech Xi Li immediately laughs to ask him:" that what you feel is thin good-looking, still fat a bit good-looking

Ling Mo Feng, with a deep eyes, found that this was a proposition to send. Because the answer was right or wrong, the woman must refute him, so he cleverly avoided the interests, smiled and replied, "you are good-looking in my eyes."

"Well, I'm serious. You're perfunctory?" LAN Yanxi could find fault even with his answer, and her pretty face was not happy immediately.

Ling Mo Feng said nothing about it. Women's questions can't be answered seriously, just like they are born unreasonable, which are all mysteries of human beings.

After getting along with his mother and sister, Ling Mo Feng summed up the fundamental nature of the problem.

So, he felt that if he wanted to reduce the quarrel between husband and wife, he had to be like a real man first, never reason with this little woman, anyway, the result was the same.

"Yan Xi, would you like to eat without speaking?" Ling Mo Feng immediately smiled and pleaded.

Blue Yan Xi's angry wrinkled nose: "OK."

The answer is very strong.

After supper, lanyanxi took the initiative to clean up. After Ling Mo Feng left the table, he went upstairs to his study. Lanyanxi brought a glass of water and milk. Ling Mo Feng is busy. Seeing her, he pats him on the thigh and signals him to sit here.

LAN Yanxi didn't refuse, but went straight to him, sat on his lap, and saw that an important document was still open on his computer.

"What is this?" LAN Yanxi asked curiously.

Ling Mo Feng chuckled: "can't you understand? Isn't your English very good? "

LAN Yanxi shakes his head: "I can know the general meaning. Do you feel bored in the face of so many documents every day?"

"Sometimes, sometimes not." Ling Mo Feng's calm answer.

Lanyanxi still admires him very much. If she sits in this position, don't say she watches all day. Even if she only watches for an hour, she will be bored.

Although lanyanxi wanted to stay with him, he hoped that he would finish the important work quickly and have a long rest. He could only stand up from his arms: "you are busy first. I'll take a bath."

"Well, if you're tired, go to bed first. Don't wait for me." Ling Mo Feng patted her waist gently.

LAN Yanxi's body quivered for some reason. She didn't know why. When the man patted her twice like this, she felt that there was a current passing by. So, she didn't know where the evil idea came from. She turned around, grabbed the man's big hand and put it into her neck.

Ling Mo Feng didn't expect that she should be so bold. When his fingers touched her delicate, soft and waxy skin, his brain was empty and he forgot everything for a moment.

LAN Yanxi saw that he was stunned, and he immediately smiled and stood up quickly: "work hard." Lingmo fengdun is angry and laughs. She did this kind of thing and let him work hard. Isn't it torturing him in a different way?

How can we work well?