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C1824 double happiness

Mu's dinner was quite rich. When he was drinking, Mu Weicheng secretly changed Ling warm red wine into juice. Ling warm sniggered. It seems that Mu Weicheng is really going to have a baby soon.

When she left the Mu family, Nangong Yao was still in a happy mood. Mu Yun was also in a relaxed mood. Her elder brother supported her decision, so she could deliver her speech.

"Xiaoyun, in two days, the company has an activity to send warmth to the border area. Do you want to go together?

I'll go with you. "

Nangong Yao knows her seemingly quiet appearance, but he has a restless heart. For the rest of his life, he will accompany her to live the life she likes.


You accompany me to eat, drink and play like this every day. Your company doesn't care? "

Mu Yun finds that Nangong Yao seems to be very relaxed. Isn't he in charge of a company?

"Don't worry, I've been watched by someone in the company. I've earned enough money for us to live for several lifetimes. Before that, I worked every day, basically without holidays. I'm tired. I'm willing to spare time and enjoy every day with you. Even if I don't do anything, I'll stay at home. As long as you're around, I feel that day is meaningful."

Nangong Yao finished his long speech and couldn't help but reach out to pick up Mu Yun's chin and kiss her lips.

Moyun's heart is about to be disturbed by this man.

She looked at him in dismay, and saw his full of affection and sincerity.

"Do you really think so?"

Mu Yun breathes a little, I don't know why. His words seem to resonate with her soul. She is looking for a man who understands her and understands her all these years?

Unexpectedly, she found it.

"When did you become so eloquent?"

Mu Yun's face is blushing, but next second, she squints at the man.

"I didn't say love?"

Nangong Yao shrugs.

"You have. What you just said is love talk. It's very exciting."

Muyun reached out his hand and pointed at him: "quickly say, are you hiding something?

Siqing says that you are backward in thinking, and you suddenly change into a series of love stories. You are very experienced in chasing women? "


Nangong Yao is about to be driven mad by this woman's ever-changing mind. He can't cry or laugh. He says that the woman's heart, the sea needle, he finally believes it.

How can women satisfy them?

It's too good or not, it's not good. It must be appropriate. But who can hold it?

Mu Yun saw that his handsome face was swollen and red. She chuckled. Next second, she beat his chest with her hand: "well, I'm joking with you. You have a sweet mouth. I don't think there's anything wrong with you. I'm stubborn and stubborn by nature. Let me say this kind of meat and numb words. I can't say it. There must be someone between us who can cajole people."

Nangong Yao breathed: "scared to death by you, Xiaoyun, how do you and Siqing like to talk against each other?

My heart is weak, you can't scare me any more. "

"Not all women, no matter their age."

Mu Yun turns around and walks forward with his hands on his back, but the corner of his mouth rises involuntarily.

Nangong Yao sighs. It seems that he has to study women well. It's not fun if they accidentally light their emotions one day.

Mu Yun lives in nangongyao's home and asks for a long holiday with the school. Si Qing also has Ling Nuan to look after him in the school. Nangongyao takes Mu Yun to the border area to participate in donation activities. Two young men and women experience different lives. The closer they are, the warmer they are.

They walked through the bush of thorns together, saw the vast mountains together, waited for the sunrise and looked at the sunset together, and the time passed more than a month unconsciously.

When they came back again, they received the marriage stickers of Mu Weicheng and Ling Nuan.

Mu Weicheng and Ling wennuan are ready to hold a wedding. The wedding is just three days later.

It's a great joy that Ling's family wants to marry a daughter. Ling's mother is busy preparing for the wedding. LAN Yanxi takes time to come and help. At lunch, LAN Yanxi suddenly covers her lips and runs to the bathroom.

Ling wennuan quickly followed in, and saw that Lan Yanxi was retching all the time, her pretty face was a little swollen and red, and her eyes were full of tears.

"Sister in law, what's the matter with you?"

Ling wennuan asked with concern.

LAN Yanxi washed his hands and shook his head: "I don't know what's going on. I feel tired recently, and I can't smell greasy."

"I know what's wrong with you. Tell me quickly. Have you and my brother been too frequent lately?"

Ling warm immediately quietly attached to her ear and asked her.

"Warm, you How can you ask such a thing? "

LAN Yan hopes to be embarrassed.

Ling wennuan immediately tooted his mouth: "sister in law, you still think I'm a child. I'm going to get married the day after tomorrow. What you just said is that you must be pregnant again."


LAN Yanxi was awakened by her words, and she looked happy: "isn't it a cold?

Are you pregnant again? "

"It's a good thing. You can go back and test it later. I think it's 80% possible. You're pregnant again. No way. I have to call my elder brother quickly to let him know."

Ling wennuan finished, turned around and ran out.

"Ah, warm!"

LAN Yan hopes to see Ling wennuan running so fast that she can't even call for her.

Ling wennuan ran to the table, and Ling's mother looked at her anxiously: "what happened to Yanxi?

Is it a bad appetite? "

"Mom, no, it's our Ling family who is going to fill in the baby again."

Ling wennuan is very happy.


That's great. I wish I had said it myself? "

When Ling's mother heard that, she was very happy. Seeing that her grandson was three or four years old, she really needed another child. Now that her daughter-in-law has another one, Ling's mother is very happy.

"I think so. Last time I heard my brother and sister-in-law talking, they said they wanted to have another daughter."

Ling wennuan is right in her mind. Last time, she did hear that elder brother wanted to have a daughter. It's better to be like her sister-in-law. In fact, Ling wennuan knew that elder brother really wanted a daughter, because his best friend, Ji Xiaohan, had two lovely little princesses, but she could not envy elder brother.

"How are you, daughter? How much joy has you filled in for our family?"

Of course, Ling's mother also likes it. One son and one daughter make up a good word. What a blessing.

LAN Yanxi is back, pretty face is a little red, Ling's mother quickly asks her to come and sit down, Ling wennuan just remembers to call brother, so she immediately takes out her mobile phone and dials it.

After a while, I heard the voice of elder brother Ling Mo Feng coming: "warm, what's going on in the auditorium? Are you busy?"

"It's almost done. It's being arranged. Brother and sister-in-law have good news for you."

Ling wennuan said, and gave the phone to LAN Yanxi.

LAN Yanxi's hot face is about to be spoiled by the little aunt. Why do you want her to say it now? She thinks it's not the time.

"Yan Xi?"

Ling Mo Feng's voice came from that gentle end.

LAN Yanxi quickly took the mobile phone, stood up and went out of the box.

"Ling Mo Feng, we only have one month to win the prize."

LAN Yanxi thinks about this month's sweet relationship. She can't help stroking her forehead. She really wants to spend more months, but why, a month later Does this prove that men are strong?