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Gong Wen Man thought that she was right, these two children were definitely Ji Yue Ze's illegitimate children, he was the Big Star, so it was not convenient for him to bring them with him, so she had to let Ji Xiao Han take them along. This Tang You You really knew how to be attentive to a child, seeing how she treated the child as if it was her own, she must be putting on an act for Ji Xiao Han to see, it was really a scheming girl.

Although Gong Wen Man's gaze did not stay on Tang You You for too long, just a few glances was enough to tell that she was extremely ordinary.

Looking at how young he was, he should be around twenty years old. He was so young and was so scheming;

When Tang Xiao Nai saw that her brother started to call Big Sister Mummy, she also excitedly shouted, "Big Sister …!"

Tang You You was speechless towards the two little fellows, but calling her big sister was still alright, it looked like she wasn't that old anymore.

Mu Shi Ye could not help but burst out laughing, and was immediately rolled his eyes at Tang Xiao Rui.

"Uncle Ye, did you fart just now?" Mu Shi Ye stared at the little fellow who was deliberately distorting the truth with a face of breakdown.

This little thing still acts so well. Could it be that this is also inherited from the family?

Just because he had an uncle from the Big Star?

Ji Xiao Han was getting more and more confused by the two little fellows' mentality. However, he didn't feel bored playing around with them.

Regarding the two little fellows, although Ji Xiao Han had a good understanding of them, his son would always accidentally refresh his three views.

He wanted to see how smart this kid was. He wanted to be on guard and not be tricked again.

The door to the room opened and a group of people walked in.

This was a very luxurious suite. The outside was for eating, while the inside was a small and exquisite lounge.

As it was still early for dinner, some people were sitting on the sofa, drinking tea and eating some sweet snacks.

When Tang Xiao Nai saw that there was something delicious, her two small eyes immediately lit up, and her two little hands immediately took up a large part of the food. When Tang Xiao Rui wanted to take a nut from her hands, she would be scolded by her little eyes.

Ji Xiao Han was naturally satisfied as he looked at the cute appearances of the two little fellows.

Mu Shi Ye carried his sleeping daughter, and the moment he sat down, the little guy was immediately awakened. The moment he opened his eyes, he immediately began to wail loudly.

"You Zou, help me make some milk powder." Mu Shi Ye had already remembered what Tang You You had told him just now, that he had to feed his daughter on time. Right now, he couldn't remember a single thing, he could only remember anything related to his daughter.

Tang You You nimbly took out the bottle to wash it clean and added water. After testing the temperature, she washed the milk powder in and gently shook it a few times.

"Sister, may I have a glass of milk? I think my little sister's milk is really good. " Tang Xiao Nai immediately revealed a cute smile, and stood beside Tang You You asking for it.

"You have to ask Uncle Ye if it is possible. This milk powder is his." Tang You You didn't want to be the host, but he also wanted to teach his daughter. If she wanted to eat someone else's food, she would have to get the permission of her master.

Tang Xiao Nai immediately ran over with a sweet smile, and looked at Mu Shi Ye shyly, and asked: "Uncle Ye, can I have a bite of little sister's grandmother?"

Mu Shi Ye smiled gently, "Of course you can. You need to drink more milk in order to grow up faster."

Seeing that Mu Shi Ye had agreed, Tang Xiao Nai immediately ran to Tang You You happily: "Elder sister, Uncle Ye said that I can eat it, hurry and make me a cup as well."

When Ji Xiao Han sat down, his gaze was glued to his daughter's cute and lovely face. Finally, he looked around at Tang You You's body in a deep and obscure manner, and watched her helping his daughter with the milk powder, and the radiance of his mother's love shone, making it impossible to tell whether he liked her or not.

Gong Wen Man looked at Tang You You, and then, she turned and asked Ji Xiao Han in English: "These two children are very similar to you, they can't be your brother's children, right?"

Seeing that she had suddenly changed to English, a look of boredom flashed past Ji Xiao Han's face, but since he had known her since childhood, he would not ignore her, so he only replied her with an English sentence: "No!"

Gong Wen Man's heart trembled, following that, she tactfully smiled, and did not continue asking.

Even if it was Ji Yue Ze's child, before it was announced to the public, Ji Xiao Han would never tell her the truth.

Tang Xiao Rui sat by his father's side, crossing his two little legs. His bright big eyes glanced at Gong Wen Man and he immediately asked in English, "Auntie, do you like Uncle Ji?"

The little guy's voice was childish, but his English was definitely standard and fluent, causing Gong Wen Man to be shocked once again.

Earlier, she intentionally used English to ask Ji Xiao Han a question, because she felt that Tang You You and the two little fellows wouldn't understand.

But at that moment, she felt awkward, because Tang Xiao Rui's pronunciation of English was definitely something she had learnt since she was young, which made her English a little hurried.

Hearing his son actually asking such a sensitive question, a pair of beautiful eyes glared at him.

In terms of English, the three of them had long since become very fluent, Gong Wen Man wanted to use this chance to suppress her, she was afraid that she would fail.

was a very proud woman and all along, she had only displayed her outstanding appearance, talent and ability in front of Ji Xiao Han. She liked Ji Xiao Han with all her abilities, but she never took the initiative to do so, because she hoped that one day, Ji Xiao Han would take a fancy to her and take the initiative to attack her.

At that moment, just one word from Tang Xiao Rui was enough to break the window.

Gong Wen Man's face instantly flushed red from embarrassment.

"Auntie, I feel like there's no hope between you and Uncle Ji. You'd better not waste your efforts. That sister is much younger than you." Tang Xiao Rui had a childish expression as he started to attack Gong Wen Man.

Gong Wen Man's face instantly swelled up red.

Ji Xiao Han swept his gaze across his son's eyes, seeing the pride in his son's eyes.