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C1704 helping her in secret

LAN Yanxi's strong words made several troublemakers in front of him panic, and their expressions began to crack, no longer the firm and full of confidence just now.

LAN Yanxi walked two steps back and forth in front of the examination table with his hands around his chest, sneering and opening his mouth: "this was originally the internal contradiction of the blue family. Now when you make a scene, you are also involved. My two uncles are looking for scapegoats. Even if you don't spit a word, I will be able to find out what kind of transaction you have. The law exists in everyone's heart and is deeply rooted, Conscience should be the same. You are still the elite backbone of the blue group. You should know what kind of person my grandfather is. He will not dismiss you for no reason. You must be bewitched by some people to abandon conscience and become an unreasonable perpetrator. "

Lanyanxi's voice was not loud, but his words were like needles, which pierced the hearts of these people and made them ashamed and embarrassed.

"Miss LAN, there's no evidence for that."

Finally, a man built up his mind and said a retort.

Chu lie, standing next to him, made a proper speech: "the evidence is only a matter of time. When you come out after a few days' detention, I will definitely find the evidence. If you wait until the evidence comes out, you will have no chance to be frank and lenient."

Those people saw Chu lie's expressionless advice, and their expressions changed again, and they began to panic.

"OK, then we'll see you in court."

LAN Yanxi turns around and walks out. Chu lie follows.

Out of the interrogation room, LAN Yanxi's tense heart string didn't relax. Chu lie comforted her: "Miss LAN, don't worry. I'll send someone to collect evidence now, and the truth will come to the surface."

"Thank you, adjutant Chu. This is a contradiction within our blue family. I shouldn't have let you run errands, but I'm really powerless to fight with two uncles alone now."

LAN Yanxi said gratefully.

"Miss LAN is very polite. For the sake of matchmaking between Cheng Yuan and me, I will try my best to help you solve the problem. Otherwise, Cheng Yuan won't spare me."

Chulie joked.

LAN Yanxi chuckled: "it seems that I have to thank Cheng Yuan."

"I don't mean that."

Chu lie's face was frightened.

LAN Yanxi is more funny. It seems that Chu lie is afraid that Cheng Yuan will be angry. From this point, we can see that her future life and Chu lie's life will be very happy. It is a very rare thing that a man can respect his own woman.

Lanyanxi's next plan is to meet Mr. Lin Yiwen, the current president of lanyanxi group.

Lin Yiwen is a middle-aged man in his forties. He has a strong working ability and a respectful attitude towards the old blue man. Therefore, he is very polite to LAN Yanxi.

In the meeting room of the company, Lin Yiwen pushed his gold framed glasses and said with a heavy face: "Miss LAN, to tell you the truth, if you don't come to me today, I will contact you in two days. Someone sent me a threatening letter. More than once, in this month, there were three times. To be honest, I have worked for so many years, and I have never worked abroad before What a ridiculous thing, so I want to ask Miss LAN to investigate it for me. "

When LAN Yanxi heard Lin Yiwen's words, he was shocked: "there is still such a thing. Can you show me the contents of those letters?"

Lin Yiwen immediately went back to the office and took three opened envelopes. "I didn't write anything, but I burned my photo, and I also cut several photos. But the purpose was clear. It was an attack on me. These two days, I was scared. I didn't know who was offended. Someone would want to frighten me with this method."

LAN Yanxi looked at the three photos, and her eyebrows were like a knot. She stood up angrily, looked out of the window, and watched her feet get off the car. After a while, she expressed her opinion: "Mr. Lin, I suspect that my uncle did this. They are unwilling to donate to the company and try their best to make trouble. The purpose is to let the company cross. Therefore, they There's nothing to do with it. "

"Your uncle?"

Lin Yiwen was immediately surprised.

"That's right, they, Mr. Lin. how is the company's current operation? Have you met any obstacles?"

LAN Yanxi asked with concern.

Lin Yiwen shook his head: "the company is running well. Some time ago, Mr. Luo Jinyu, President of Roche Group, threw olive branches to us and expanded several overseas projects for us. We have dealt with each other very well and are expected to cooperate at present."

Lanyanxi knows who Luo Jinyu is. She can't help being grateful. She feels that there must be Lingmo Feng's lobbying contribution. Grandpa's death and the company's development must be something he remembers. He didn't say it on his lips, but he acted, but it was reflected everywhere. This kind of deep love made lanyanxi's heart quiver. I hate to run to him now Embrace him with strength.

"Mr. Lin, please pay more attention to the development of the company."

LAN Yanxi sincerely thanks.

"I'm honored to be employed as president of the company. The company's future is just around the corner. I hope that with the care of Miss LAN and Mr. President, I can make money through the company and serve more people in need."

"Grandpa's vision is really unique. Mr. Lin is full of great success and love, which is the company's greatest hope."

LAN Yanxi made a speech with emotion.

"Our goal is to work together for charity and make our country better and stronger."

Lin Yiwen's expression was also a little excited. He felt that Lan Yanxi began to care about charity when he was young. This is really the best help of the president, and the purpose of blue's careful cultivation.

"I'll ask someone to investigate the threatening letter. If there's any trouble in the company, please let me know in time. I won't stand by and watch the company's affairs."

LAN Yanxi looked at Lin Yiwen sincerely and said.

"Well, with Miss Lan's care, we can certainly get through this difficulty."

Lin Yiwen is also very confident.

It's getting dark. Lanyanxi has been working all day. When she comes home, she's tired. She lies on the sofa and stares at the ceiling. Without grandpa's support, everything depends on her. Before, in Lanjia, she only fought with the same generation of people. Now, what she has to face is the dilemma of the two elders.

"I'll make you know me again."

LAN Yanxi mumbles to herself. She thinks that her two uncles must think that she is young and bullied. They think that she is too burdened with identity burden to fight easily. They are wrong. If LAN Yanxi is such a timid person, she can't go to today. She's dead at LAN's house.

Ling came back at more than 10 o'clock in the evening, with the color of tiredness, the pressure of work, everywhere, the pressure of people can't breathe, but also encourage people to keep moving forward, the scenery along the way is full of thorns, but also in the cracks of flowers.

Pushing open the bedroom door, Ling Mo Feng saw LAN Yanxi sleeping in bed and clothes.

She was still wearing a set of black professional clothes, white shirt, black A-line skirt, and even her hair was tied, so she fell asleep in the bed with her body sideways.

The man's eyes are slightly stunned, and his steps are unconsciously lightened. He goes to the bed, leans down, and looks at her sweet face.

The long curly eyelashes, thick as a fan, covered her clear and bright eyes, pretty nose, moist lips, as bright as petals.

Ling Mo Feng quietly appreciate her sleeping face, the heart can not say the pain.

She knew everything about her trip today, even in her busy schedule, and took the time to understand everything that happened to her today.

Those two uncles of the blue family are really deceiving. They have made it clear that they want to bully her.

Ling Mo Feng really wants to get rid of the people who are against her directly. However, when he is benevolent, he can't do it directly without any evidence to prove the other party's guilt.

He once abhorred the old president's actions. He also vowed that he would never go back to his old way. This country is full of hope. He will find a way to control the pressure and never let them go on rampant.

"Well..." In her sleep, LAN Yanxi didn't know if she had a nightmare. She shivered.