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C1113 Ji Yueze's Revenge

Ji Yanhan looked at his brother's young and handsome face solemnly, and then whispered: "Ozawa, this is a trip to the water, I don't want you to participate, you can just do what you like to do, don't Political things. "

Ji Yueze listened to his brother's heavy tone and knew that this matter was not simple. On the contrary, it was complicated and even dangerous.

"Brother, then what about you? Why do you mix in? Can't you be a bystander?" Ji Yueze faced anxiously and couldn't help worrying about him. "

I have already entered it with one foot pedal, and it is impossible to retreat from the whole body, but rest assured, I will be careful, I must bet once for the safety of the entire Ji family. "Ji Yanhan's thin lips rose, showing a little helplessness."

Gong Gao Zhenzhu, a rich country, I believe they will not let you stay out of it, just, brother, you have to be careful about everything, your sister-in-law and two children need you, my grandparents and my mother will worry about you . Ji Yueze knows that politics and business cannot be divided too clearly, because it is like the wealth held by his brother, which has seriously threatened the political situation of this country.

"I know, I am very careful to play every move now. At present, the person behind me and the person behind me are trying to find a way to dig out the power of the opponent." Every sentence of Ji Yanhan has reservations, not Don't believe my brother, but rather don't want him to know too much.

"You support Ling Mofeng." Ji Yueze raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile.

"Since you know, don't talk outside." Ji Yanhan also laughed.

"Then I ask you, brother, is Cheng Jianhong on your side?" Ji Yueze suddenly proposed a name, and this name, obviously, made Ji Yanhan's eyes wink.

Cheng Jianhong is the mayor of this city. He has been re-elected for eight consecutive terms. He has deep roots and is one of the powerful confidants of the current president. In addition, he is also working hard for his future career. Character with headache.

Ji Hanhan frowned: "What do you mention him for?" "

I know he has a handle, brother, don't worry, I'm not trying to blend in with you, I just want to help you. "Ji Yueze saw his elder brother nervous about him and immediately flung his thin lips."

Do you know what he handles? Ji Yanhan really wanted to hear it. Ji

It was then that Ze Ze told Bai Yiyan everything to Ji Hanhan.

"You mean, Bai Yiyan is his biological daughter? Is there such a thing?" Ji Yanhan was surprised, why did he think that this Bai Yiyan seemed ordinary, but was full of surprising information? .

"It's really ironic to say that my own daughter. Bai Zhenzhen gave birth to Bai Yiyan. Cheng Jianhong because she was a daughter, he just threw it to Bai Zhenzhen. Do you think he deserves to be a father?" Ji Yue Ze said here, his palms clenched, and he wished he could punch this punch on Cheng Jianhong's fat face. "

If this is true, then Cheng Jianhong is not far from the downfall! "Ji Yanhan's eyes rose. Obviously, he was very happy to receive such news."

Brother, you can make good use of this matter. I believe Cheng Jianhong must have guessed Bai Yiyan's identity now. Maybe he is looking for Bai Yiyan at the moment and wants to suppress this matter. Ji Yueze said here, Jun Mo flashed his worry: "I have to send another person to protect her in the past, if the old fox Cheng Jianhong finds her, the consequences are unpredictable. "

"Did you not send someone over? You asked them to pay attention, once Cheng Jianhong knew the news, he would definitely find her." Ji Yanhan whispered a reminder. "

OK, then I'll take a step first, brother, I hope that old bastard gets the retribution he deserves, don't be soft to him! "Ji Yueze grunted his teeth."

Rest assured, once he falls, he will face jail time! Ji Jihan nodded. Ji

After Eizawa left, Ji Yanhan immediately contacted Ling Mofeng and talked about it directly. The people under Ling Mofeng immediately used the news to start operation.

When Cheng Jianhong returned home, he had no time to be intimate with his lovely son, and the servant aunt handed him an envelope. "

This was sent by someone, saying it was for Mr.! Cheng

Jianhong's face changed a bit, took the letter, patted his head against his son who was only nine years old, and let him hurry to play. He took the letter and went upstairs. Present

The political situation is tense, and she is tested almost every day. Her scalp is tense and numb, and she slacks off halfway. Cheng

Jianhong went upstairs and opened the letter. I didn't expect that there was nothing written in it, but a photo fell out. This

At first glance, the photo was cropped from a magazine. It was a sweet and beautiful figure.

"Bai Yiyan?" Cheng Jianhong just felt that there was a black hand on his chest, and choked his heart tightly, making him breathless and stopped, an old face became flushed, and he did not expect someone to send him Who actually did Bai Yiyan's photo? difficult

Does someone know his relationship with Bai Yiyan and wants to threaten him with this incident?

No matter who the other party is, this is not a good sign, Cheng Jianhong's head buzzed.

I hope the other person only has money. If only money is needed, that's okay to say, but ... Cheng Jianhong didn't dare to think about it. Once his reputation was destroyed and the trust of the people was lost, he would immediately become an abandoned person An abandon who knows many secrets will have a terrible end. Cheng Jianhong really can't imagine it. He has seen too many such tragic examples. "

Bai Yiyan, Bai Zhenzhen, how abominable! Cheng Jianhong tore the photo to pieces, and he managed to establish a career path, which was ruined in the hands of these two women, and he was not willing to die.

It seems that we must quickly find Bai Yiyan, and we cannot let this thing continue. season

Yue Ze made a call to Bai Yiyan, but if he didn't get through, he might still be on the plane and shut it down. season

Ozek had to compose a text message and sent it in the past, hoping that their party would pay attention to safety and not trust others. Cheng

Ying Ying recently took care of Yang Chuchu very strictly. She deliberately took a vacation for half a month to accompany Yang Chuchu. She even followed the crew directly. Yang Chuchu was filming. She stood by and watched. The acting ability is still very good. Sometimes, she secretly cheers for her daughter. She suddenly realized that her daughter doesn't have to be good for whom. As a mother, she will naturally protect her daughter for the rest of her life. She just needs to act in a show she likes and live a life she likes.