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In the darkness, Tang You You did not know how much time had passed, but she felt a strong lack of oxygen in her brain.

His two small hands instinctively pushed the man on his body. It was a pity, why couldn't he use his full strength?

Immediately afterwards, she could feel the man's lips forcefully biting her neck. A numbing and itchy pain came. She gasped and pushed him away with all her strength in the next second.

Ji Xiao Han narrowed his dark eyes and said with a dangerous tone: "To prevent me from having too much trouble, why don't I take this opportunity to have you directly become my woman."

"Ai …" "Don't act recklessly!" Tang You You was still fuming with anger just now, but after hearing his words, she immediately cowered and raised her hands to stop him from rushing over: "Fine fine fine, it's yours, it's yours, don't be like a tyrant, go tough!"

Ji Xiao Han had only been trying to scare her, who asked this woman to be dishonest?

After being frightened for a moment, he became much more honest.

"So you were thinking more than me?" Ji Xiao Han's thin lips slightly rose as she spoke with an extremely unfriendly tone.

Tang You You's beautiful eyes went blank, and under the dim light, her small, pale face turned explosively red.

Then, not wanting to be outdone, she said, "You bullied me, a woman. Are you still a man?"

Ji Xiao Han immediately laughed out loud because of her words, low and deep, just like the deepest notes on a piano.

Tang You You realized that her thoughts seemed to be dirtier than his smile, and she became even more angry out of embarrassment.

"You're not allowed to laugh. If you do this, how am I supposed to meet people tomorrow?" When Tang You You thought about the red marks on her neck, she started to feel uncomfortable.

"Just use your eyes to meet people!"

"Ji Xiao Han..."

"En!" The man replied in a very satisfied manner.

"Come here!" Tang You You saw that this man did not even consider her feelings seriously, so she immediately crooked her finger at him.

Ji Xiao Han, who wasn't afraid of death, had actually directly come over, his handsome face leaning very close to her. "You've thought it through? You want to take revenge on me? "

"I want to hit you, okay?" Tang You You didn't directly slap him ruthlessly, she didn't know why she gave him such a soft slap. Logically speaking, since this man had offended her earlier, she should have happily slapped his face.

"No way!" Ji Xiao Han answered immediately: "But you can bite me if you want, and pick the place you want!"

"Aren't you afraid that I'll drink your blood?" Tang You You immediately threatened him.

"I'm healthy, if you want to drink it, then drink it!" Tang You You gave him a perfect score for his answer.

Madan would pick her up.

"I don't want to drink it, I don't have this special hobby!" Tang You You curled her lips, extremely disdainful. Then, she grabbed at his clothes with her small hand.

With a tug of her small hand, Ji Xiao Han's entire body came over following the direction she was tugging.

Tang You You glared into his eyes and said, "I'm warning you, next time don't bite me again, if you don't … "Just prepare to be a monk."

It was only then that Ji Xiao Han realized that the woman's face was very close to him. When she spoke, the hot air sprayed directly at his ears.

The numb and itchy feeling was like an electric current running directly under him.

"Alright, we will find another way!" Ji Xiao Han's voice was low and quiet. He liked the night very much, because he seemed to be able to smell the scent of love approaching in the air.

Tang You You suddenly released the small hand that was grabbing the front of his clothes, and pushed him backwards. "There's no other way, before I agree to go out with you, you are not allowed to offend me again."

"Then can you tell me when you want to date me?" Ji Xiao Han was pushed backwards by Tang You You, but he did not panic in the slightest, as he stood there gracefully, and asked her with a low voice.

"I don't want to talk about this right now. I want to sleep. Where are you going to take the kids tomorrow?" Tang You You's heart was in a mess at the moment. She felt a strange feeling in her body that made her feel like she was losing sleep tonight.

"Wanna take the kids to the zoo! They should be interested! " Ji Xiao Han did not force her to name a time limit. He felt that perhaps, this woman was already dating him.

"Indeed, they were born to like small animals." Tang You You replied indifferently.

"Then what do you like?" Ji Xiao Han took the chance to ask.

"I like money!" Tang You You's answer was very realistic.

"I have money!"

Tang You You shook his head: "I like money only by relying on my own ability!"

"I'll give you a promotion and a raise tomorrow!"

Tang You You turned his head, and looked at the man, only to realize that he had already laid back on the floor, her hands behind his head, and was looking at her.

"I don't want you to take special care of me. I want to climb up by myself." Tang You You shook her head and rejected.

"That would be very hard, and it would take a lot of effort." The man felt sorry for her.

Ji Xiao Han, I know you have money, but your money is not mine. I will not ask for it from you, you just need to be in charge of the lives of the children. Tang You You hoped that he would have some backbone, because she truly felt that he could not rely on Ji Xiao Han. Having grown up in the Tang Family, she clearly knew one thing, no matter what, to rely on himself was the safest way.

"If this is the way you want to live, then I will do as you say!" Although the man felt sorry for her, he knew that respecting her choice was the best way to love her.