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Everyone is curious about why Lu xuanchen chose to marry Mao Rongrong. After all, he is also a popular male star in the entertainment circle. Even if he is not willing to find people in the circle, countless famous women are willing to tangle with him. If he wants to choose a daughter with a good family background and a hard background, isn't it more helpful to his future?

In fact, since Lu xuanchen announced his association with Mao Rongrong, many rich ladies who adored him have come to hint at him. However, Lu xuanchen is an actor after all, and he has a good ability of playing fool. After a long time of flirting with him, he pretends that he is not good at pure love. He has no wrong thoughts, which leads to his disappointment and leaving.

In fact, Lu xuanchen really only wants to have the simplest family life. Even if it's firewood, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea, he is willing to do it himself. He doesn't like the complicated family relationship of the powerful.

Once upon a time, Mao Rongrong was also troubled by this. Several times when she went out to do business, she was able to meet several rich ladies blocking the way. Many of them made it clear that they wanted her to let go, but Mao Rongrong was not frightened. Those women did not get any benefit from her trouble. After all, she was a lawyer and had a strong mouth.

In the eyes of outsiders, the development of the relationship between the two people is very successful, but they don't know privately how many women Lu xuanchen refused to give up her arms, even Mao Rongrong. She always thought that Lu xuanchen's life circle is very simple, it's just that this man is simple, and the circle has always been complex. After eating

lunch, Mao Rongrong asked Lu xuanchen to go back to have a rest. Of course, Lu xuanchen also knew that she attached importance to her work, was not a lazy person, and was not easy to disturb her, so she had to leave.

Lu xuanchen drives a car, received a phone call suddenly, it is a famous guide that he cooperates, invite him to drink afternoon tea.

Lu xuanchen is also serious about his work. The director, please have tea. Of course, he will pass. Only

Yes, when he drove there, he found that there was a beautiful girl drinking tea with a rich middle-aged man sitting next to him. "

come here, xuanchen. I'd like to introduce you to you. This is the investor of our next play. Please say hello to Mr. Zhang, and this is Mr. Zhang's only daughter Xiaochen!" When the director saw him push the door in, he quickly walked towards him, pulled his arm and hurriedly introduced him. At the sight of this scene, Lu's face suddenly changed. After all, he was too experienced in this field. Moreover, when he saw that girl, he seemed to be familiar with her. Several times when he made a scene, she would come to visit the class and ask for a picture with him and send flowers.

"Lu xuanchen, do you remember me?" Zhang Chenchen immediately stood up and smiled at him and asked, "I'm your loyal fan. Every time you finish, I'm on the spot. You should have an impression on me." Of course, xuanchen remembers her, but at the moment, he would rather not. "

it's you. Why are you here?" Lu xuanchen immediately pretended to be smiling and asked.

"I I was invited to tea by my father. " Zhang Chenchen's eyes did not dare to look at him. He lowered his head and said shyly.

When the director saw that the two people actually knew each other, he was immediately surprised: "it's an old acquaintance. That's very kind of you. Come here and sit down for tea!"

"Mr. Lu, I want to talk to you about something. Sit down!" The middle-aged man pointed to the position next to him.

Lu xuanchen went over and sat down. His brow was twisted. "

dad, you'd better not say it!" Zhang Chenchen bit her lower lip, and looked straight at Lu xuanchen with beautiful eyes. She begged to run to grab her father's arm. "

in the morning, you have loved him for so many years. Your dream is to be his girlfriend one day. Now, when your father makes this decision for you, what are you embarrassed about?" President Zhang clapped his daughter's arm with a spoiled face, and then turned to Lu xuanchen and said, "do you know? I invested five billion yuan in your next play, and my daughter asked me to invest it in you. You are the leading actor, and this is also a very good IP drama. However, I don't know why I want to give you such an opportunity, if you are an outsider to me. "

When Lu xuanchen entered the door, he felt that the situation was not good. But at the moment, when he heard Zhang's words, he didn't treat him as an outsider. He had something to say, and what he said was embarrassing.

"Xuanchen, the total money of Zhang is not from gale. He has spent a lot of money to build your future. He must not treat you as an outsider. Look, Miss Chenchen is lovely and beautiful. If you marry her..." "

I won't take the play!" Lu xuanchen doesn't wait for the director to finish saying, but directly throws down two words and gets up to leave. "

Lu xuanchen!" Zhang Chenchen's face was stunned. I didn't expect that the other side would refuse so mercilessly.

Lu xuanchen looked at the father and daughter with a gloomy expression: "before, I didn't know there was such a factor. Now, since it's your father and daughter who work together to calculate me, it's OK. There are many actors who can take over. I'm sure you can find satisfactory candidates." "

xuanchen, you are stupid. What a good relationship you have..." The director also feels sorry for him. "

I'll get married next week. If I'm free, I can come and have a drink!" Said Lu xuanchen, going forward.

"Lu xuanchen, stop for me!" President Zhang was angry and scolded: "my daughter has been sad for you for several months. Where are you so lucky that my daughter can never forget you? Now, I invest in you to make movies. I can not even ask you a dowry. I just hope you can fulfill my daughter's dream. Can you really refuse it?" "

dad, stop it, please stop it!" Zhang Chenchen wept beside her. She was very sad. Lu

xuanchen's face is still ugly: "thank you very much for your daughter's love for me, but I want to make my own decision on marriage matters, and I love my wife very much!" Hearing the words "to his wife", Zhang Chenchen almost cried and fainted. His father was furious: "Lu xuanchen, to put it bluntly, you are just a performer. What's the score? My daughter can look up to you. It's a blessing you've cultivated for several years. If you hurt my daughter's heart today, I will make your future dim. Don't try to get up again. " "

yes? How big is president Zhang's palm, can it cover this day? If not, please keep a low profile! " Lu xuanchen thinks it's ridiculous. How excellent the father and daughter are, they even forced marriage. "

xuanchen, you need to say a few words less. This is a big name in the industry. You offended him. There is no good fruit to eat!" The director also turned pale with fright and hurriedly came to advise.

Lu xuanchen snorted: "you know I'm going to get married next month. I've given you all my wedding stickers, but you've come to destroy my marriage. How do you care?" Director

said: "I can't help it. Other girls like you so much. If you don't marry me, I just think that if you climb such an old man, you will surely go further in the future. I'm for you!" "

thank you. In the future, you can keep this benefit. I don't need it!" Lu xuanchen is really angry. He didn't expect that people he trusted, teachers and friends, would do such a thing.

"Lu xuanchen, will you not leave?" Zhang Chenchen immediately ran to stop her, but was grabbed by his father: "don't lose face, let him go, I see how far he can go, tomorrow I will find someone to let him hide." "

don't be angry, Mr. Zhang. He just doesn't know what to do. I'm afraid it's too late to be happy." The director rushed forward to comfort him. "

I don't want anyone else. I want him, Dad. I really love him. I want to marry him!" Zhang Chenchen is crying.

"Well, I must make him pay for my daughter's grief!" Mr. Zhang put in his waist and said angrily.

When Lu xuanchen returned to the car, he was still angry. He hit the steering wheel heavily. He didn't believe it. Why can't his fate decide by himself? He will marry whoever he wants. No one else can stand in his way.

In fact, Lu xuanchen is not afraid of being threatened at all. The entertainment industry is not dominated by Zhang Zong's father and daughter. It all depends on Ji Yueze, the boss of Tianyu group. Lu

xuanchen also has some knowledge of Ji Yueze. In terms of management, he is fair.