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C668. This is a warning

Tang youyou bathes the two kids himself, but Ji Xiaohan wants to talk to Ji Shangqing.

Ji Shangqing is also leaning against the door outside the toy room at the moment. Looking at the happy and sweet appearance of the four members of the family, he is heartily jealous. He thinks that he has been working hard for a career, even a woman has not. This sense of loss really bothers Ji Shangqing.

Seeing Ji Xiaohan embracing his daughter, kissing and kissing, Ji Shangqing suddenly has a dream. As a man, who doesn't want a beautiful wife and both children?

If he had such a lovely couple of children and such a pure and sweet woman, life would be perfect.

After Ji Xiaohan puts down his daughter, he comes directly to Ji Shangqing.

Ji Shangqing hurriedly lowered his head to hide the envy in his eyes.

"How about two drinks downstairs with me?" Ji Xiaohan offers an invitation directly.

"Yes!" Ji Shangqing nodded.

Two people went downstairs one before and one after, and came to the private bar of Ji Xiaohan. Ji Xiaohan took a bottle of wine and opened it, poured two glasses.

"Big brother, it's a great honor for you to have so many good wines in your collection." Ji Shangqing looks at this elegant bar. All the good wine displayed in the cabinet above is precious. Each bottle is worth a lot. It's a rich man indeed.

"If you like, two bottles for you!" Season owl cold atmosphere said.

Ji Shangqing shook and laughed: "gentlemen don't take people's fancy. I don't have any research on wine, and I don't have any special hobbies!"

Ji Xiaohan takes a sip of wine and stares at Ji Shangqing with a pair of sharp eyes: "I heard that you have a company specializing in network technology, which is developing very well."

"Is big brother interested? Would you like to play a little bigger together? " Ji Shangqing immediately laughed.

Season owl cold but light way: "I have no interest, however, the network this kind of thing, played is to make money, played slant may be a crime, do you think you are taking the right path?"

Ji Shangqing's face changed for a moment, but soon he returned to smile: "elder brother, you are too proud of me, I just see others make money, so I just tried to dabble in the water. I haven't made money yet, really."

"I know. I'm just reminding you that the Internet is also a very dangerous thing. Don't play around easily." Ji Xiao's eyes are cold. He is reminding Ji Shangqing on purpose. He hopes that he can be more restrained. Don't easily want to enter his company system and spy on his secrets. Ji Shangqing, of course, heard the warning, so he had to smile: "brother, in your eyes, I've never been a rival? My father said from an early age that I am not qualified to be your opponent. You are born excellent, and my grandfather is more optimistic about you. I really

envy you very much. You are now successful in your career. You have such a beautiful and virtuous wife, as well as a pair of lovely children, elder brother. I feel that God has given you all the good things. "

Ji Xiaohan didn't expect that he would think so. He slightly mocked: "you only see the scenery on my surface. Do you know how much time I spend working in a day?" Ji Shangqing nodded: "I know, grandpa told me that when you took over the company, you didn't rest for three days and three nights. You regarded yourself as Superman. You are very sensitive to the market. You are a natural expansion talent. Brother, I admire you very much. I have been learning from you. Don't

dare to expect to be as good as you, but our starting point was one It's like that, isn't it? It's just that I try to catch up with you, but you still leave me far behind. "

Season owl cold sees him a strength from demote, he light way: "you are too modest."

Ji Shangqing turns around and leans on the bar, with his back to Ji Xiaohan. He doesn't see the resentment in his eyes.

But the voice, as usual, was self mocking: "elder brother, do you feel tired managing such a big company?"

"No!" The man's low and conceited voice rang: "not before, now, dare not!"

Ji Shangqing listened to the firm and powerful answer from Ji Xiaohan. His face changed. It seems that Ji Xiaohan didn't even want to let go.

"Why don't you and Miss Tang get married? I'm curious. " Ji Shangqing turned around again and asked with a faint smile.

Ji Xiaohan looks at him with a silent warning: "whether we are married or not, she is my woman."

This overbearing xuanzhan made Ji Shangqing's expression slightly stiff for a second.

"Big brother seems to be very confident. Miss Tang must love you very much. I can see that you love her too." Ji Shangqing said with a smile.

"Yes, we love each other!" Ji Xiaohan has no reservation. He must let Ji Shangqing know that he will not have any chance.

As a man, Ji Xiaohan feels Ji Shangqing's hidden purpose, like a greedy wolf, looking for prey all the time.

Other women, he can ignore, but Tang Youyou, can only belong to him.

Ji Shangqing nodded: "it's a happy family. I hope I can have it in the near future!"

Ji Xiaohan knows another meaning of this sentence. In the near future, he and his father will fight against him in a hostile position, right?

"Elder brother, thank you for your wine. It's time for me to go up and have a rest. You should have a rest earlier!" Ji Shanghan suddenly finds that he can't talk with Ji Xiaohan anymore, which will expose his more ideas, which is very dangerous.

Ji Xiaohan looks at Ji Shangqing's figure after he puts down his glass and turns to leave. He snorts coldly.

When Ji Xiaohan returned to the room, the two little guys had been comforted by Tang youyou and fell asleep on the small bed in the children's room.

Tang youyou walked out of the children's room and saw the man's tall body standing outside the door.

"Let's sleep, too!" Tang youyou lies lazily on his shoulder, and the man reaches out to hug her.

"Well, it's time for us to have a rest!" Season owl cold thin lips attached to her ear, said hoarse.

Tang youyou heard what he said, and his face turned red.

Ji Xiaohan went into the bathroom and took a bath. He came out with a long grey robe. The strap of the robe was not tied on purpose, revealing the man's wild and solid chest. ,

Tang youyou has been lying on the bed, holding the mobile phone, looking at the news of the web page, suddenly saw the man coming towards her, she couldn't help but stay, after the man took a bath, he was full of a lazy temperament.

"Don't look at your cell phone!" When the man came, he took away the mobile phone in her hand directly and put it beside her gently. A pair of quiet eyes were directly coagulating her shy eyes. Tang youyou only feels thirsty. She sips her lips. The next second, she feels that the man's hands are on her shoulders. The thin lips have come down.