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C543 sincerity can change sincerity

LAN ruona's words embarrassed the scene for a moment. Luo Jinyu was stunned for a second. Then he smiled and explained: "Auntie, you may have made a mistake. I'm not Mulin's boyfriend, my brother is!"

Lanruona listened, the expression moment some surprised, immediately turned to his daughter, with eyes in asking her.

Murin nodded, "yes, my boyfriend's name is lohnin, not his eldest brother."

Lanrona's expression suddenly became a bright spot. Obviously, this explanation made her a little unhappy.

However, in front of Luo Jinyu, she did not dare to show it, so she had to take the opportunity to scold: "when did you make a boyfriend? You didn't give me a psychological preparation. Go upstairs with me and make it clear to me. "

Murin's expression quietly followed her mother upstairs. In the bedroom on the second floor, lanruona looked unhappy: "I said Xiaolin, how do you find the second young master of Luo's family?"

"Why not him?" Mu Lin turned the corner of her mouth and said she was not happy with her mother's disgusting attitude.

"Don't get me wrong, I didn't say he didn't mean badly. Indeed, he and your brother are very close friends. Now that he wants to communicate with you, your brother will call his brother-in-law, which seems a little inappropriate." Lanona tries to show her position to her daughter.

Murin snorted, "what's wrong? Mom, do you think it's so easy to find a man who suits you? I'll tell you the truth. I like him! "

"He's younger than you. How can you find a younger boyfriend? Is it reliable? I think his brother is very suitable for you... "

Lanruona felt that if Luo Jinyu was her son-in-law, everything would be perfect.

Murin frowned and said unhappily, "you like Luo Jinyu, but I don't like him. You haven't contacted his brother in depth. How can you feel that he is not good?" Lanruona is choked by her daughter. Although lohnin is also a good man, there is no harm without comparison. As the second young master of lohnin's family, he is far inferior to his eldest brother, Luo Jinyu, in terms of working ability. Lohnin gives the impression of being smart and dignified Have a sense of dependence.

"Where did you go with him?" Lanona asked with a frown.

"What should have happened, what shouldn't have happened, all happened," mureen said faintly

"What? How can you be so casual with a man He did it? " Lanruona wanted to educate her daughter, and found that her daughter had grown up. She felt that it was not practical to talk about the conservative theory with her, so she had to ask who took the initiative angrily.

Mu Lin replied lazily, "I took the initiative, mom. You don't see how old I am. I'm going to be 28 years old. I'm five or six years old at my age. Aren't you afraid I can't get married?"

"What are you talking about? You are so outstanding and outstanding. Do you want to marry a large number of your men? I'm afraid you can't get married? It's a joke. " Although lanruona was not very interested in her daughter when she was young, she was very proud of her achievements. "Mom, I don't think you know the young people's view of love very well. It's not that I'm outstanding. People want to marry me. On the contrary, a strong woman like me will not choose to marry me. What they want is all those soft and weak little girls. They are so pitiful and protective Not good. " Murin had to give a lot of reasons to persuade her mother to agree to this.

Lanruona frowned. For a moment, she didn't know if her daughter's words were reasonable.

"Xiaolin, do you really choose the second young master of Luo family because you don't have pursuers?" Lanrona was worried when she heard her daughter's words.

Mu Lin knows her mother's character best. If she has many pursuers, she will definitely let herself choose another one.

"Mom, don't think too well of me. After a while, lohnin is here. Don't talk about it. If you still want your daughter to get married, you can think about it clearly." After murin finished, she turned and went downstairs.


Mu Shi night is entertaining Luo Jinyu. The relaxed mood that Luo Jinyu just came to is gone.

He also belongs to that kind of shrewd and sharp man. The expression of Mulin's mother just now shows the problem.

Is this disrespect for his brother?

Luo Jin immediately felt that he had come to the wrong place.

When is his pet brother's turn to be despised?

Of course, when murin is with her younger brother, he doesn't object. But if the elder generation of murin's family disagrees, Luo Jinyu can only let her younger brother pick other girls.

When I saw Luo Jinyu's face was a little tense at night, I immediately guessed that it must be her mother's expression, which made people unhappy.

"It's your daughter in your arms?" Luo Jinyu had heard from his younger brother that Mu shiye had a daughter with his younger sister Pei Anxin.

"Yes, her name is orange!" Moo said with a smile at night.

"It's lovely, but its eyes are like her mother, very beautiful." Luo Jinyu is praised by Zhongzhong, because he thinks Pei Anxin's eyes are really beautiful, so it's no wonder that he can make Mu shiye keep thinking about her.

Mu Shi's handsome face has drawn a touch of sadness. Pei Anxin has become a pain point in his heart. No matter when he mentions it, it will make him feel pain.

"I'm sorry. I heard from my brother. You and Anxin have made some misunderstandings." Luo Jinyu explained with a smile.

Mu shiye laughs at himself: "it doesn't matter. I know I'm sorry for her. She doesn't want to be with me now, and I accept it frankly."

"You have such a lovely daughter, you must have a chance to be together." Luo Jinyu can only comfort him like this.

Mu shiye chuckled: "I hope she has gone abroad to travel now. I hope she can accept me again when she comes back." "In my impression, you seem to be a very confident person. Why does a relationship make you so negative?" Luo Jinyu is also troubled by feelings. So, seeing the change of Mu Shi night makes him feel a little bit. He wants to know why a person who doesn't care about anything suddenly sees feelings as so important. Mu shiye also has a strong feeling: "in the past, self-confidence was because he felt that he wanted to get the heart of any woman, but it was a one sentence thing, but only after experiencing it, he found that if he wanted to get the sincerity of the other party, he could only exchange his sincerity. No matter how excellent you are, if you don't know how to pay, you can't get the love you want." Luo Jinyu's handsome face is slightly stiff, which makes sense.